So, O.K. It might appear that I’m having entirely too much fun in my life! All I can say is that yes, that’s partly true! I am blessed to be living in a place where so much can be seen and done if you only make a small effort, like step out to lunch at 12:00 noon! But I should also like to add (in a whining, whimpering voice) that I could either be lazy and skip these events, or just go see them and never report them! These days I carry a camera in my purse all the time, and try to have some level of discipline about writing my short reports quickly, before I forget what happened! So, I should get some credit for my effort and for sharing with you!
Yesterday at lunchtime I watched the first of a series of performances taking place in downtown Berkeley on the sidewalk throughout the month of July. The Downtown Berkeley Association is sponsoring the event, and each week there will be a different appearance by groups playing a variety of different music, from jazz and blues to Latin American. Yesterday’s event was performed by United Capoeira Artists, who provided an exciting performance of Capoeira and Brazilian folklore music, directed by Mestre Acordeón. This was an interesting performance. The participants, who were of all ages, were doing a special kind of martial art in a very peaceful and playful way (smiling all the time!), to the beat of a beautiful and exciting music played by a large group of musicians who would take turns to play music, sing, and dance the martial art dance of Capoeira. It was amazing! You can go look at their site here, and watch a short clip of the Berkeley Capoeira Cafe here, and once inside you will also hear a bit of their music. I think someday I will go check them out, as their martial art/dance seemed to be a very joyful way to exercise and concentrate.
I wish you all a very relaxing and happy weekend. Be good to yourselves and to those around you.


SERENDIP said...

Excellent round up. Keep having fun.

Nazy said...

Thanks Serendip! Have a good weekend.

Assal said...

I have witnessed this kind of martial art in person, and it is beautiful. Thank you for your post; I wish I was there to see it!

Nazy said...

Assal, jato khali kardam!