Scattered Thoughts of a Scattered Mind...

.....I have been working on complicated projects at work--things that have to do with numbers and budgets and planning. I am starting to deliver my projects one by one this week, relieving myself of the stress, but by the time I finally go home every night, my brain is fried and I sit there in a more or less vegetative state (more so than usual!)
.....I am writing something about the university students who were arrested in Tehran. It is hard for me and it has made me break into sobs several times, abandoning writing it temporarily. Those beautiful young people should not be in prison. What kind of government intimidates, beats, arrests, imprisons and tortures their brightest, most passionate citizens? I am heartsick.
.....The Comcast guy came and my modem is finally fixed. I had to take another whole morning off for this, as last week's was a no-show, but at least I seem to have reliable internet service again. The technician was a kid, I swear, no more than 17! Good for him, as the last two Comcast technicians I had seen were complete inepts. I will call his supervisor to say something nice about him.
.....My son has officially started "borrowing" my car to go places. God help us all.
.....I am going to another Kiarostami movie tonight. Last Saturday's film, Bad Ma Ra Ba Khod Khahad Bord (The Wind Will Take Us Away), was interesting. I was late and managed to get the very last seat way in the front, where my neck hurt for the duration, but it was worth it. I love the simplicity in his movies. I love the children who play in his movies. It was touching. I laughed a bit, too. I'll go to as many as I can.
.....I might take a few days off work next week to visit with my brothers and sisters who are coming for a family reunion. We will try to go somewhere together. This is no small feat, I assure you, as some 30 people will have to be mobilized to "go" anywhere, even for a cup of coffee!


Nazzy said...

Hi dear,
Don’t you fill proud when you can call about 30 people your family :)

Although close relatives have their own stress and problems, no one can be more precious than them in your life. I hope you enjoy the family reunion.

Nazy said...

Dear Nazzy: Thanks for coming back and thanks for you sweet comment. Your observations about the positive and negative sides of our families are astute and accurate. Right now I'm thinking about the joyful part of having a family, and next week by this time, I might be thinking about the other, more stressful part! Thank you for your good wishes my friend. I'll be sure to report on it. Be good Nazzy Jan.

P.S. How is your vegetable garden coming along?

SERENDIP said...

Nazy jan: Nazzy is right. You're blessed in so many ways, even ironing your son's shirt.LOL

مانا said...

نازی جون.چقدر خوبه وقتی از کار کسی خوشتون میاد به محل کارش خبر میدی که از کارش راضی بودی.این هم از اون کارهای خوبیه که من از شما یاد گرفتم و حتما انجامش میدم.پر انرژی باشید

Nazy said...

Salam Serendip! Khasteh nabashi! Blessed I am. I don't know about ironing the shirts (I doubt I will be convinced of that one!). Did 2 more this morning! Be good my friend.

Nazy said...

Mana Jan, you are too kind to me. The young chap was so confident, so I told him: "You seem to know what you're doing!" And he said: "Not everybody thinks that." I asked: "Why not?" He said: "Because I'm young, some of the older technicians don't approve of me." He was punctual, tidy, smart, and competent, the way I could see! He might be able to use the results of a positive feedback which he deserved. Be good Mana.

Mina said...

Dear Nazy,
I also really like Kiarostami movie but i have not seen this movie yet may be becuase it is forbidden in iran(as you know most of them are).simplicity is a specialty for his movie and i like that!Like an oldman in "Tame Gilas" who talked about Life as his simple point of view.I cannot understand why they forbid his movie in Iran but I'm happy you have chances to see them and blog it here for us... have a nice time with your relatives.

Nazy said...

Salam Mina Jan! The movie was "The Traveler," which was made in the 1970's pre-Revolution. I don't understand why it would be banned--it had no bi-hejab women in it! It was sweet and simple. The story of a boy from Malayer who loved football and wanted to attend a Persepolis Team game in Tehran. It is in black and white but that just helped the simplicity, too. They also showed two short films, both from his earlier works for Kanoon-e-Parvaresh-e-Fekri-e-Koodakah-va-Nojavanan.

I leave you with the link to one, which is my favorite! Do Rahe Hal Baraye Yek Masaleh: it is pure Kiarostami joy at its best if you ask me! Enjoy! Be good Mina Jan.

mina said...

Dear Nazzy,
Thanks so much for your attention and usefull information.I'm really eager to watch "Do Rahe Hal Baraye Yek Masaleh" but unfortunately some isp filtered youtube website.I'll tried to watch it as soon as i can use an anti-filter.

مانا said...

نازی جون.هروقت به کامنت دونی من سر میزنید احساس می کنم زندگی پر از رنگ های قشنگ و مناظر زیبا و دوستای خوبه.بازم مرسی