A New Memory Made In Downtown Berkeley

So, O.K. My kids “borrowed” my car to go to work after they dropped me off in Berkeley this morning. Five minutes later I got a call from my younger son, telling me that they had been in an accident. I ran over, took one look at the two of them standing there, then at the middle-aged man standing next to them, and took a sigh of relief. I then looked at the guy’s car, and last I looked at my poor poor Shabdiz. We have not been a very good family for poor Shabdiz, have we?! It will have to go into the shop again for weeks, it seems. As I watched the two of them on the sidewalk waiting for me, talking to the other guy, I was so happy to see them healthy and in once piece. Of course I kept that serious face on, looking kind of mean, as I casually glanced at the two of them standing on the sidewalk, looking sheepish and embarrassed. I think I’m completely crazy, because watching this dramatic scene, all of a sudden I was laughing inside at how equally “responsible” and “guilty” my younger son looked, even though he was only in the passenger seat! I tell you, those two are thick as thieves! All the while, though, I was thanking God for continuing to be kind to me. Now I’m going to have to frown all weekend.


Leva said...

Well, I guess they took driving lesson from a great teacher! wasnt it a few months ago that you send another car to junkyard my friend?

I am happy both of them are O.K now and it happens all the time.

I sent my dad's car to junkyard in the first day I got my DL in thy US, and nobody, including fire fighters and police, could not beleive that nothing happend for me after that accident.
Just for the record, I went to a bar, but by my dad's car!!

talk to you soon.

Nazy said...

Leva Jan. I'm glad you seem to be in better spirits today.

Yes, I did teach them how to drive! No, the car is not totalled, but the front is completely crunched up again. It was painful looking at the car, but delightful looking at healthy people. Leva, sounds like you were a handful for your poor Mom and Dad! If only the had blogs, what they would say about you!

Assal said...

I have been in two "accidents" (fender benders), and both times consisted of the following: Bang! Brake! Get out of the car. Cry my eyes out like my favorite soap characters from General Hospital. Then...they tell me everything will be ok and I should just get back in the car and go home~ I smile!

I am glad your boys are ok, and hopefully the car will be in ship shape soon!! Tell them that if this happens again (khodayee nakardeh), they MUST cry! It works every time!

Nazy said...

Assal Jan: The crying bit might work for a beautiful young woman like you, but I'm afraid my sons might be a little too gruff for the act! They were on their best behavior, though, I must report!