Is The Grass Greener On The Other Side?

This week in Tehran, Mohammad Kheirkhah, a talented young Iranian photographer, has a showing of several of his works, entitled "Iranian Woman" (Zane Irani). Look at this touching picture. Does it make you sad?


Assal said...

Dearest Nazy Joon:

I looked at the link you provided and the other pictures in this series made me very sad. This one is two-fold, and I can't really explain it.

On the one hand, I am happy they are even there, and I know that those women sitting there must be sooooo excited to even be there to be seeing their "Teemeh Melli" up close. On the other hand, the bars are depressing, but maybe that's just the way that stadium was built (I mean, I am glad to know the handsome players are protected behind bars and they don't have to worry about bottles being thrown and such)!!

And, I am sorry, because I know this isn't the point of this post or this collection of pictures: BUT...I am SAD that they lost to South Korea!!! Soo sad! Sooo, teary-eyed, red-nosed SAD!!

Nazy said...

Salam Assal Jan: Thank you for your comments. Men always tell me that it is a good thing that women are kept out of the stadium, because men behave so badly there. I have to remind them that a) freedom is about having choices you exercise, and b) part of the reason those men behave so badly is precisely because there are no women around. Iranian men are raised to love and respect their mothers, their sisters, their wives, and their daughters. When their women are around, Iranian men become polite, tender, and protective. They really should let those women who want to go, have the choice to go. As for me, I would rather do something else with my time than to go watch a live football game.

Yes, I am sad our guys lost, too. Losing is bitter, but necessary for reminding everyone how delicious it is to win, when they win.

I was in a bowling league with my co-workers for many years a long time ago. My boss who was an avid sportsman was also on our team. One night our lane was ablaze with how well I was bowling, hitting strike after strike! My boss, our team captain, was so distraught and unhappy with me! I couldn't understand this. After I finished with the best score I had ever made in my life, I asked him the reason for his unhappiness with my performance. He said in competitive sports (if you could call bowling a sport!), "consistency" is the key, not occasional excellence, and invariably, occasional demise. He said if you are an average player, it is best for you to keep playing your average game consistently, to maintain your team handicap and to deliver the expected result every time. Our soccer team, unfortunately, suffers from continual inconsistency. Sometimes they play like European soccer players, and sometimes they play so poorly, any 10th rate team can beat them. The reasons for this inconsistency are known to the experts (of which I am not one), and it is a fixable problem. Why it never gets fixed I don't know and I don't understand. Take care Assal Jan.

Anonymous said...


SERENDIP said...

Nazy jan: the picture speaks voluem on so many levels.

Where are you. Hope all is well.

Nazy said...

Dear Anon: Please elaborate on your question! Thanks for coming.

Nazy said...

Dear Serendip: I am right here! Yes, volumes in that picture. I think the most profound thing about it is that the bars (really, the fence) are around the soccer players, but in the way those women sit there, holding their heads, it appears that the bars are around them, looking at men playing soccer outside!

Be good Serendip.