Free Ali Farahbakhsh

Once a month now since April, I pull out his picture and talk about him. This is so sad, and it feels so inadequate. Can you for a moment imagine yourself in his place? A young journalist in the area of economics, returning from a workshop abroad, being arrested at the airport and sent to solitary confinement, wrongly accused, tried, sentenced and imprisoned for over seven months, deprived of basic human rights. His elderly parents are going crazy with worry (his father served as a judge himself for 30 years) and his young wife and toddler son are fending for themselves. Last month there was news of his deteriorating physical and mental health in prison. I can do nothing for him, but to remember him, and to remind the few people who come to visit me here that Ali Farahbakhsh is a prisoner of conscience, and must not be forgotten. This is something I wrote about him in April. Photo From Hanif Mazrooee’s Blog

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