Life's Celebrations

Jason is the one sitting in the back. From an article in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle.
Since I showed up to a job interview in Berkeley’s top administrative office in 1987, I have had a friend who is one of the most interesting and remarkable people I have ever known. Nancy is a a very sharp and experienced analyst, with the uncanny ability to step back (at least 10 steps) to look at the same situation we are all experiencing, seeing new things and making suggestions nobody else could see! She is open-minded and generous, and a perfect friend to have. She has been a teacher and a mentor to me for the duration of our friendship in matters professional and personal. Nancy’s son, Jason, who is an accomplished architect in San Francisco, was featured in San Francisco Chronicle yesterday. As one of my readers reminded me this morning, I am obviously getting older, but how come I remember Jason in high school and the next thing I know he is a dedicated professional, showing up in the paper and getting married this October? On the upside (!), I am delighted to observe yet again, that life does go on, and only if we pay attention, each day will bring us hundreds of reasons to be happy and celebrative; especially when we love others enough to see their accomplishments, their celebrations, and their victories as our very own.


serendip said...

Sounds like a remarkable woman, your mentor. Beauty and joy surrounds us every day. We just have to open our eyes.

Nazy said...

Salam Serendip! Indeed she is. You are so right about life. There is so much to embrace and do, all for our asking.