Name That Tune

The boys get in the car very early this morning and decide to play a game with me (again!). The younger one pulls out a CD, puts it in the CD player, and says: “Mom, let’s see if you know what song this is.” I am dreading being quizzed first thing in the morning, having woken up from only three hours of sleep, feeling really grouchy. I don’t say anything to encourage this game, but I guess I have no choice. The song starts and with the first couple of notes of the song, I say “It’s Billy Joel’s Piano Man.” The two of them are so surprised. Their surprise at my recognizing the song is nothing compared to their shock when I start to sing along at the top of my lungs every single word of the song; a song I knew when I “wore a younger woman’s clothes!”* The song ends and the three of us keep quiet for the rest of the drive. It’s been a complete week of trips down memory lane, and this day seems to be no exception! Suddenly I am not grouchy anymore.
*Listen to the song here. Read the beautiful lyrics here. It is Billy Joel’s best song ever, in my opinion. “He says, son, can you play me a memory?/ I’m not really sure how it goes/ But it’s sad and it’s sweet and I knew it complete;/ When I wore a younger man’s clothes.”


siamak said...

fabulous song, I guess you have to challenge them back by a rap or hip hop song in a strong afro-american dialect , I recommend "The way I are" by Timbaland, and if the knew the song don't worry they are not doing drugs they are keeping up with their pals :)

here is the music video


SERENDIP said...

My dear you're such a masterful story teller. You even make the mundane electric.

Anonymous said...

wowww, what nice song. Ihavn't heard it befor, it's kind of old slow rock , I like it.
So the young men decide to challaeng with thier mother!! it is complicated business, because she knows alot about music.
next time ,when I see them , I will give them some good advise ;)
have fun nazy jan

Nazy said...

Salam Siamak. Thanks for coming. I liked the song you recommended. I'll be sure to use it and if there is a story in it, I will tell it soon enough! Take care.

Nazy said...

Serendip Jan, you are too kind to me. Before I started writing again, people around me knew I was in a good mood if I told them stories. I have never been able to help myself! People seem to enjoy it, and if they don't, I guess they are kind enough not to tell me to my face! I think there is a story in everything and everybody. I look to see it and then to retell it. Since I have started blogging, the syndrome has worsened, as I go around all day, writing stories in my head and writing them as soon as I see a keyboard! These days I am working on a sweet and important story which I will tell you soon. I am really excited about this one. It is a story that must be told about a very significant Iranian. Be good my friend.

Nazy said...

Bayram Jan: The two characters in question are continually amusing themselves at my expense! I am sure they don't need any more help in being the troublemakers that they are. You know all too well that the games they play with their mother is just a small part of their lives. Most of the other things they do is pretty much a mystery to me; I would only know about it if they want to tell me about it. Since you yourslef are a music aficionado, I fear that the advice you give them will make it even harder for me to keep up with them! Have mercy on me!

serendip said...

Nazy jan: don't ever stop. I want to see you write a book someday. Pretty please!!lol