Children of Adam

Nina Pari Aghabeikzadeh, a young Iranian-American woman (born to an Iranian father and an American mother), has made a five minute film about Iran and protesting potential plans to attack Iran . It is called "Children of Adam," based on Saadi's poem, Bani adam azaye yek peykarand... I have seen the movie and find it sweet and uplifting. Too bad it’s only five minutes, though!
Nina has entered her film on an online film festival with the theme: “Muslims in America : Stories Not Stereotypes.” I would like to invite you to go see it and vote for it if you can before midnight tomorrow night, which is the deadline for voting. Here’s what you have to do:
  1. You have to join Link TV to be able to vote. So, go to this link: http://www.linktv.org/community/join , fill out your information and click submit (it doesn’t cost anything to join).
  2. Go to your email to receive the registration verification email from Link TV. Click on the link they give you.
  3. Go to this link: http://www.linktv.org/onenation/films/view/224, watch the movie, and vote for it. Please note that you will have to watch the five minute movie before you can vote or it will get a negative vote value.
  4. Enjoy and share your thoughts here, in the comments section under the movie in Link TV, or directly with Nina at ninapa_film@yahoo.com.


! said...

سلام نازی جونم
این ویدیو من رو خیلی تحت تاثیر قرار داد واقعا خیلی عالی کار شده ...
ممنمونم بخاطرش
امروز اومدم و همه ی آنچه را عقب بودم خواندم
برایت چند تا هم ایمیل زدم
hope you enjoy !

Mina said...

Nazy Jan Salam.
This was a very nice film, though I think she took more than just a simple guidance from his father! I think it is all right. I hope in her next trip to Iran she would learn that if Iranian were free to demonstrate against the government, they would do it almost everyday. I agree that life in Iran is very different than what we get through American media, but so much joy and happiness? well, I think one needs to spend one year to collect five minutes of it.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Farshad-e-Azizam:

Thank you for taking the time to see the clip. Thank you also for coming and reading me. I did reply to your kind email. Thank you for that Forough slideshow. It was very beautiful and made my day. I hope your day is glorious!

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Mina-ye Azizam:

I am honored to see you here today! This was a pleasant coincidence, as I am putting the finishing touches on a short post I will be writing about you and your wonderful weblog tomorrow night.

I liked Nina's clip because of the love and effort she obviously put into it while searching her roots and her heritage. For what she had in mind in producing her movie, which was to show that people of Iran are real and have lives and hopes and dreams, I believe her movie did a good job.

I agree that Iran and Iranians are multi-dimensional entities with joys and sorrows, impediments and opportunities. No movie, even in full length, can ever sufficiently cover the life, arts, geography, history, and politics of Iran. As Iranians in diaspora, when describing Iran we walk a tightrope of going overboard with tales of sadness and oppression (as some of our fellow countrymen and women have) or stories of joy and cultural accomplishment (as some others have chosen). The real Iran is somewhere in between, and only through conscience representation on our part and dilligent learning through our audiences can the whole picture of Iran emerge.

One of the reasons I keep my blogs and my writings in English, talking about my daily life and even its mundane details is to chronicle the life of an ordinary average Iranian who loves both countries and shares her reflections, joys, and pains with anyone who wants to know it. I talk about many things, some of which are the bright spots of our culture and current state of affairs and some which are the darkest parts of it, hoping that reading it regularly, the audience might find that spot of reality in-between more easily.

You, yourself, in your impeccable blogs do the same thing in much better form and with much deeper thought and energy. We are all trying to show our beautiful young nation as real people worthy of attention and development, not cockroaches or unspecified anonymous beings who can be bombed and destroyed as past year's propaganda in favor of an attack on Iran was escalating.

I thank you again for visiting me. I'll be in touch soon. All my love,