A Relatively Good Tuesday

Photo By Ben Bagheri, Two Weeks in Iran, Iranian.com, January 2008.
It rained and rained and rained today, but the dreary weather and the miserable cold could do nothing to bring my spirits down. I had such a happy, energetic day, accomplishing things at work and thinking good thoughts. I am hoping to be finally coming out of the sickness and fatigue which has slowed me down for a few days now. I felt lighter and better than I had in a long time, hoping not to have a relapse tomorrow.
I did receive some sad news today. My friend at work says her husband finally told her yesterday that he wants a divorce. Was it my imagination or did she look relieved? I think she looked like she finally knew what was staring her in the eyes, and the not-knowing, the hoping, the struggle, had finally come to an end, and at least she knew what she was seeing. It is a shame, because it is a twenty-some year marriage with two grown children in it, but it appears that her husband has made up his mind. You know, most people don't wake up one day and announce "I think this is a good day to go talk about a divorce." The decision, unfortunately, is a process which for the most part happens in a couple's heads and hearts for a long time before it finds its way to their lips. That's why it is so hard for us to "talk people out of a divorce." In most cases the decision is not a spontaneous one and has taken years to be made. I am so sorry that while the decision was brewing in at least one of their heads, prompt action wasn't taken to avoid it. So, that was today's sad news. It is never a good day to see breakups and not be able to help. I wished everybody would fall in love and stay in love forever.
So, my sons have now each called me separately to see "what's cooking" for dinner! And I have no dinner, yet! I should run and make something now, and then sit down to my dancer story. If I can, I will come online and answer your kind comments later. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner wherever on this planet you live! We will go very American tonight and have steaks and peas and potatoes! Bon appetit!


Assal said...

Steaks and peas and potatoes sounds wonderful! We went "American" tonight, too, with a whole roasted mini-chicken and salad! Jayeh shoma khali!

I am so happy you are feeling back on the upside of life!

Miss you!

jeerjeerak said...

A good dinner idea is Roja's meatloaf. It is now part of my menu. I make it very often. It's relatively easy to make and it takes small time to prepare, clean up, ...
I use a trick though to make it even faster, instead of boiled eggs, i just put a whole carrot in! Oh, and i also wrap my oven dish in foil so that i don't have to wash it;)

! said...

سلام نازی جونم
هنوزم سرت شلوغه عزیزم ؟؟
راستی خرمالو دیدم یاد چیزی افتادم
ما تو حیاط خونه یه درخت خرمالو داریم که هر سال بیش از 200 کیلو خرمالو میده ، همونطور که می دونی خرمالو از میوه های معروف تهرانه و در تهران خیلی خوب عمل میاد ، خلاصه این خرمالو ها اوایل دی رسیدند و ما هم نوش جان کردیم و یاد شما کردیم
شاد باشی عزیزم

Nazy said...

Salam Assal Jan.

Your food sounds absolutely devine! I like chicken a lot more than steak, but steak is all I had ready to go!

Yes, my "up" continues through the evening and I'm feeling really good. Thank you for your sweet presence in my space Assal Jan.


Nazy said...

Salam Jeerjeerak Joonam:

Yes, that Roja's meatloaf was out of this world! When I brought some back from my birthday potluck lunch at Mehran's house last October, and they had given me a huge helping, even my finicky children loved it and ate it for a few days!

I don't have her recipe (I think she liked you more), so if you forward it, I'll try it. I make small meatloaves myself, which are good even as appetizers. Share, share!

Be good azizam and goodnight.

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan:

Saram sholoogh hast, amma mariz ham boodam!

I missed you Uni-Far Jan. I love persimons (khormaloo). In Tavazo nut shop, they even have the dried variety which I absolutely love.

We get good khormaloo's here, too. Some of them are entirely edible, and some of them you have to bit like an apple, they are so hard. Delicious. May I ask that next year you send me a picture of your khormaloo tree when the fruits are still on it? I remember I used to cut entire branches from our tree in the backyard, and I would put the branch in the middle of the dining table instead of flowers. It was gorgeous.

Be happy Farshad Jan.

! said...

راستی نازی جونم من برات یه اینویتیشن تو یاهو مسنجر فرستادم
حتما نازی جونم خواهم فرستاد
از امسالش هم عکس هایی دارم خواهم فرستاد بزودی
راستی من دارم می رم جنوب کشور امروز و البته فردا هم بر می گردم
هم عکس می گیرم و هم می فرستم
پس این دو روز رو نیستم

! said...

راستی نازی جونم من برات یه اینویتیشن تو یاهو مسنجر فرستادم
حتما نازی جونم خواهم فرستاد
از امسالش هم عکس هایی دارم خواهم فرستاد بزودی
راستی من دارم می رم جنوب کشور امروز و البته فردا هم بر می گردم
هم عکس می گیرم و هم می فرستم
پس این دو روز رو نیستم

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan. I look forward to chatting with you.

Have a good, safe trip and come back soon.

! said...

مرسی نازی جونم
منم خیلی دوست دارم با تو چت کنم
خوب بخوابی

! said...

راستی نازی جونم نوشته ی جیرجیرک من رو یاد چیزی انداخت
البته این که گفته بود من ظرفم رو فویل می کشم که نخوام بشورمش !
من مدت 4 سال و خرده ای در ماهشهر زندگی می کردم (تنها) و یه خونه ی کاملا مستقل ( حیاط ) داره بزرگ داشتم اول این رو بگم که وسایل زندگیم کامل بود هم هچیز داشتم حتی ظروف چینی دست و کلی رخت خواب ( فکر کنم برای حداقل 8 نفر رخت خواب کامل داشتم ) و همیشه از بازار مواد غذایی رو عمده می گرفتم و پاک می کردم و فریز می کردم
مثلا مرغ رو کامل و درسته می گرفتم و پاک می کردم و فریز می کردم ، مثلا برای راحتی کار از سینه ی مرغ ها شنیتسل کوبیده درست می کردم و می گذاشتم فریزر ...
خلاصه با وجود حجم زیاد کاریم هر شب غذای گرم درست می کردم و می خوردم و تازه بعدش از 8 تا 11 شب هم تدریس داشتم ...
ولی نازی جونم خواهر من مدت کوتاهی فکر کنم حدود 1 سال یزد زندگی کرد و خونه ی دانشجویی داشت ..
اولا غذا که اغلب حاضری بود ، اگرم گاهی اوقات غذایی درست می شد از ترس ظرف شستن ! تو ظرف یک بار مصرف می خوردن ( او و دوستانش ) که خیلی برای من عجیب بود و همش بهش ایراد می گرفتن !!!
خلاصه نازی جونم دور دور تنبلی است
به جیر جیرک عزیز هم توصیه می کنم دست از تنبلی برداره و با فویل غذا نخوره !
بابا آخه غذا که تو فویل مزه نمیده !!!
راستی می دونستی عده ای از هندی ها تو اعتقاداتشون به این معتقدند که نباید فلزی به غذا برخرد کنه ؟
و اینو میدونستی که خیلی از هندی ها برای اینکه با تمام احساس غذا بخورن معتقدند باید غذا رو با دست خورد ؟؟
من مدتها با هندی ها کار کردم
نازی جونم نمی تونی تصور کنی توی غذا خوری ویژه ی مدیران مجتمع پتروشیمی هندی ها با دست غذا می خوردن ، من اوایل خندم می گرفت ولی بعد ها بهش رسیده بودم خودم!!!َ
شاد باشی نازی عزیزم

مانا said...

سلام نازی عزیز.من هم به جای اینکه برم آشپزی کنم و حداقل در روز تولد شوهرم یک غذای خوشمزه براش درست کنم نشستم اینجا و پست های قشنگ شما را می خونم

farideh said...

Translate "alkheyro fel mavagha" for your divorced friend. Also tell her that MY life started AFTER my divorce. Hope hers will too.

shobeir said...

Dear Nazy jan,
I was about to leave a comment for you but I've seen that your comment box has an spamer called Nilu-Far (or Uni-Far):D
The sad news, hmm.. what can I say...
I cant hide my fear... I affraid from reaching this stage in my life...
But if such a thing happens, who knows... I will still be happy becuz as u'r friend Farideh said "alkheyro fi ma vagha!" :D
Wishing u a dance-full time!

shobeir said...

I'm afraid to reach such stage in my life*

احسان said...

Glad to know that you are happy and healthy Nazy jan. Be good.

jeerjeerak said...


آدم گلابی said...

hope you get well completely & soon Nazi jAn & your everyday be filled with joy and love.
I love steak n potatoes and ur post was so tempting that i had my husband get some from the grocery store will make it tonite!
i sent you a second email, hope you got it

Nazy said...


Ha Ha, just think--someday you will make someone a very lucky woman! I'm sure your sister will also meet a man like you who will take care of her. I don't know of any young man or woman who starved after marriage because they didn't know how to cook!

I loved reading about you interest in domestic affairs. She will be lucky, indeed!

Nazy said...

Salam Farideh Jan:

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. I have already conveyed the message to my friend, and she is grateful.

I understand your sentiment. Though I have utmost and deep respect for families and commitments, I have certainly personally experienced a time when it was better to end than to continue. My friend is still really shocked about the situation, but I think in time she will find her path and will learn to be happy in this new phase of life. Thanks so much for coming back Farideh Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Shobeir Jan:

Ha Ha, Farshad is the centerpiece of my blog! I don't know what to do when he disppears and I'm always so happy when he shows up.

Speaking of disappearances, I'm glad your is over with! Don't think those thoughts, Shobeir. Think positive thoughts and keep hope for relationships in your heart. Do your best, love as much as you can, and give yourself to any woman who is lucky enough to be your partner. Keep talking, talking, and talking, through all the years of change, through all the growth experiences, throgh all the learnings, and I doubt you will ever need to worry about separations and divorces. I think people who stop talking are more prone to breakups than others.

Be good and happy Shobeir-e-Azizam.

Nazy said...

Mana, Joon-e-Del:

I'm so glad you are feeling better and that you came to visit me! Happy birthday to Manoochehr Jan. I hope you guys had a good celebration, and I'm sure whatever you made him was heavenly, because it was spiced with your love.

Come back again soon my friend.

Nazy said...

Ehsan, I miss you and Maryam so much. Let's do something really soon.

Nazy said...

Thank you Jeerjeerak Jan! I'll try it soon and report back.

Nazy said...

Thank you Golabi Jan:

I hope you guys enjoyed your dinner and your wonderful life in a home that has a one-month-old baby in it. Baby boys are magic. I had two of them in my house and I should know. Enjoy the magic my friend.

Shobeir said...

Dear Nazy thanks for lessons you teach me...

Shahrzad said...

Sorry to hear that. Really the increase in number of divorces is alarming everywhere... I cant understand how they think when they come up to this conclusion. My friend is 26 and he also got divorced a year ago after being married for 5 years and having a 4 years old daughter

Nazy said...

Salam Shobeir Jan:

And thank YOU for listening to my goings on! You rule.

Nazy said...

Shahrzad Joonam:

I agree with you in how sad and devastating it is to see families, sepecially when they have young children, break up.

As I mentioned, however, if there aren't other people involved in the story (you know, where one of the two people have decided to leave the union for a third person), I doubt anyone makes a decision to divorce his/her spouse spontaneously. These decisions usually brew for a long time before they surface. It is sad in any way, shape, or form it takes, I agree. I always say a special prayer to God to save those in love and to preserve their love for each other, because love is the most important gift he ever gives any of us.

Take care Shahrzad Joonam.

! said...

سلام نازی جونم
خوبی ؟
خیلی ممنونم بخاطر کلمات محبت آمیزت
راستش نازی جونم من غیب نمیشم و پدیدار نمیشم
من همیشه ی همیشه اینجا هستم
بعضی وقت ها تمام روز پشت لپ تاپ یا پی سی هستم و به اینترنت وصلم و تو وبلاگت آن لاینم و مرتب اتفاقات رو کنترل می کنم ...
و بعضی روزها هم که خیلی سرم شلوغه میام و سر میزنم و میرم ...
اگر گزیرش ها در اولین سعی باز بشه در اینجور مواقع گزیرش هم میذارم ولی اگر باز نشه که اغلب هم اینطوره بدون گزیرش رد میشم ...
که خیلی هم سخته
راستی این چند روز من رفته بودم جنوب و به همین خاطر اینترنت که اونجا نداشتم و بعد از برگشت هم اینترنت پر سرعتم قطع شده بود به دلیل عدم پرداخت شارژ که امروز وصلش کردم و درست شد ...
و دوباره بعد از مدتها گزیرشهای وبلاگت باز شد
آخه می دونی گزیرش هات حتی تو شریف هم بد باز میشن ...
خوب خوش باشی

Nazy said...

Farshad Jan:

I'm so glad you could get into the comments section to leave me this kind message. O.K. Now I know that you are always there. I can't help it when I miss you!

I'm so sorry I missed your kind call. I don't know what happened there. It's always a pleasure to hear from you and other Universal Dimensions friends, Uni-Far Jan.

! said...

خیلی ممنونم از پیام محبت آمیزت عزیزم