A Thinking Saturday

Shabestan of Nasirolmolk Mosque, Shiraz, Photo by Parviz Forgahani (I cropped this photo).
I am working on a music review. This is a tough project, as I know I am not qualified to do an artistic review of anything! As a spectator and observer of the arts, however, I do have a lot of heart and passion for music, especially music of the type I am reviewing. All morning my home was filled with beautiful music and something felt very satisfying in all that. Anyhow, it is a hard project. I will share when it's ready.
We had sunshine today and it felt so good to have the birds back, singing on the now completely leafless trees outside. They didn't seem to care at all or missing the leaves, though! I spent my afternoon thinking and reflecting and sorting things out upstairs! You know, "living a mostly regretfree life" becomes a challenge somedays, and I have to occasionally remind myself to let go of some things and be kinder to myself. Nothing is more futile than living in the past. I have found that on the days I don't feel terribly agile and good at handling my present life, I delve into the past and wallow a little bit. Most unbecoming and useless, I would say! On a more positive note, we are saying goodbye to my sister who is the last one to leave after the family reunion, returning to Iran this week. I took my own advice and went to confess my love for her and her family and confess I did! It felt good.


بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

نازي جانم
با نور اين تصوير ، نوري را که در خانه ات پاشيده است ، مي بينم و حظ و شادي را در چهره هميشه مهربان ات

masoud said...

سلام نازی خانم
فقط آب زلال نیست که بقول سهراب رخ زیبا را دو برابر می کند،انعکاس نور در سایه هم زیبایی رنگها را دو برابر کرده است.
درست فهمیده ام؟پرندگان بدون توجه به لخت و بی برگ بودن درختان بر شاخه های خالی آواز میخوانند؟
همینست که باید در حال زندگی کرد و گذشته ها را وانهاد،گر چه خوب بوده باشد.
شاد و سر خوش باش
همین حالا

saat-sheni said...

Hi dear Nazy,
After reading each of your post, I keep telling myself I want to comment on this one, but it always takes me so long from making a decision to actually doing it, yes, even writing a short comment! In fact, it takes much longer than it supposed to, and of course by that time there are new posts there, so, instead of commenting on the older post, I start reading the new ones! I wanted to comment on "Perplexity" and tell you that I really like your amusing stories as well as that nice and tasty(!) picture; and on "Gratitude" I wanted to say how I love the way you answer every single comment passionately, which is something I will never be able to do. I must confess whenever I comment on one of your posts, I keep refreshing the page afterwards hoping to see your reply soon. I find it so exciting!
I wish you a happy Sunday, and good luck on your project.
I love you,

Amir Hossein said...

spending some time a day for thinking is good. you can identify your position in this big play but it should be about today, and tomorrow not last year. So if we think every day or every week we dont need to go back a year but if we dont think at all once we want to make a decision we should review a log time.

Be happy

Daisy said...

Ba Salam, Occasionally thinking about the past isn't that bad at all- as long as we don't live in it. If you're thinking about good memories, it brings a smile in your face and if you're thinking about sad ones, it helps you to appreciate the life you have now. I spent several years living in the past. But I'm happy now that I've recognized my mistake. I wish you all the happiness anytime, anywhere.

P.S.I've printed out my wish list and pinned it on the board in front of my desk so I look at it everyday.

Nazy said...

Salam Nedaye Azizam:

Thank you for that poetic description. My house does not have such beautiful windows (or orsi's), but it does let the light in, and that suits me just fine! Today is an even more beautiul day and my mood is so much less serious than yesterdy, too! So, your good wishes worked for me my friend! Thank you.

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Thank you for all that thoughtful insight in your comment. Thank you also for reading me better than myself! It took me a long time to write that post last night, simply because I was so full of thoughts and feelings and words, but I wasn't ready to write any of them (writing and deleting, that's what I was doing!), until the end, where it became a short post, saying little! I'm touched you read more than I wrote!

Yes, we must live in the here and now and move right along. Past, as the new American expression says, is: "Been there, done that!" Thanks again.

Nazy said...

Sheni, Sheni, where have you been?

Salam, Salam. How are you? Did you have a good holiday? Are you back? Have your classes started? Are your family (and your motealleghat!) well? See, this is what happens when you disappear for several weeks!

I'm so glad to know that you have been coming to read me and my ramblings! I'm not smart enough to know who is coming to read me, and therefore I'm always surprised when someone pipes up and says that they have been keeping up with my blog!

You are so kind with your comments about those posts. Thank you and they have been taken to heart. I love reading the comments and always try to be in a good frame of mind when I reply, hoping that we could get some good dialogue going. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but all the same, my life becomes richer as a result. You are a good egg, Sheni! Come back and visit and read all you want, and occasionally tell me something about yourself my beautiful young friend. (We are on pins and needles about those admission letters, too, so if you ever want to commiserate, just drop me a line.)

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Amir Hossein-e Aziz:

I'm so glad to see you back here again. I should first apologize to you, because there may have been a misunderstanding on my part,(and maybe not, I don't know!). I received a comment from Amir Hossein on one of my Yalda Story posts, and I just assumed it was from my nephew, Amir Hossein, who is 20 and goes to Stanford. So I replied kiddingly and in a "Khaleh" way to the comment. Later, he wouldn't admit that it was him! So, that leaves you! Was it you? If it was you,I'm sorry if I spoke in a condescending way to you. You are one of the most intelligent and sensitive young bloggers I have come to know recently, and I certainly wouldn't want to say something inappropriate to you! If it wasn't you, then it must have been that devil Amir Hossein, who is not fessing up, always teasing me mercilessly!

Thank you for your advic about learning from the past and moving forward. It is a very good recipe for enjoying life, as Sohrab also suggested: "Zendegi abtani kardan dar howzcheye aknoon ast.." It is a very good standard practice for me, too, which is why I am so taken aback when I'm randomly hit with those waves I described. Oh well, I guess when someone has lived as long as I have, thinking about the past might become inevitable occasionally.

Thanks again for coming my friend. Good luck to you with all that you do.

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Joonam:

Good memories for me are my stories! You hear about them occasionally. Bad memories or sad memories or angry memories are the ones I don't want to remember or wallow in, nor will I ever share. Those are the ones I want to keep in the past. Today I feel I can again.

My list is still with me, too. So far, I have managed to take good steps towards staying on my diet, and paying better attention to my career. I'm keeping at it for now. Be good and have a superb Sunday Daisy Jan. I'm running out to go visit my sister, return to finish an assignment and leave to go out with a friend later. So I thought I would reply to my comments sooner than later. Be good azizam.

Neghneghoo said...

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Nazy said...

Dear Parviz:

I am touched and honored you came to visit! Of course I love your photographs which you so lovingly took of your Shiraz, so using them is my pleasure. I will definitely come to visit your photos and "borrow" some soon. Thank you very much for your kind words.