A Sunday In Solitude

Snow in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, January 2008.
صدای ترس
در گرمیِ يک چای تازه،
و محبّتی دوستانه،
و لحظه های خالی از کلمه،
حسّی لبريز از احتياج به انفجار،
قلبم را از پنجره
پرتاب می کند
تا دورترين عطر گل سرخ،
در بعد از ظهر باغی تنها
تا دختر کوچکی
که ابرها را می شمارد
در آسمانی آبی،
و صورتش را می فشارد
روی علفهای داغ،
دور از نگاه بزرگترها
حسّی لبريز از احتياج به انفجار
می خواهد
دور از صدای ترس
روی علفهای داغ
در بعد از ظهر باغی تنها
فريده فرجام
آمستردام – ژوئن ۲۰۰۱
This poem and this poet have something do do with the story I will tell soon. I will be back tomorrow to write a longer post. Be good y'all.


يكي مثه همه said...

my dear friend Nazy,
today while I was reviewing your posts and pix I appreciated this opportunity (internet)which often is not noticed ...thank God
I made new friends and I found my old friends by that, Its a real chance to live in this time with this opportunity, being all over the world at the same time and making new friends so easy!
take care

jeerjeerak said...

I wanted to call you tonight nazy joonam but it was already too late even in PST! tomorrow:)

jeerjeerak said...

I love this photo btw. what is this tree?

نیلوفر said...

مرسی نازی جانم ..مرسی هم بخاطر ویدیو کلیپ هم بخاطر این شعر زیبا

Shahrzad said...

This picture is so beautiful. So calm. Beautiful combination of colours...
I am eager to hear the story : )

bayramali said...

considering jeerjeerak's question: this tree (or mostly bushes) is called PIRACANTA ( ZALZALEK VAHSHI) , and if you wanna my advice. never eat that beautiful fruits!!!!
I apologize for my fozoli and ezhar fazl nazy jan :)

Nasim said...

beautiful poem and a great picture! I had not seen Zalzalak vahshi (ref. Bayramali) in Iran before. I am waiting for your story :)

I also got your message Nazy jan. please don't worry about last week. Just let me know whenever you wanna grab lunch together.

Nazy said...


Yes, you are so right! I, too, have found truly wonderful friends through the internet, some of whom I feel so close to, as though I have known them all my life. I'm so glad you come and you like what you see and read. I enjoy reading your sweet blogs, too. Take care my kind friend.

Nazy said...

Jeerjeerak Joonam, Birthday Girl:

Happy Birthday and Happy Year my friend! It was a pleasure talking with you tonight. Thank you for putting up with my story!

I guess Bayramali answered your question perfectly. He should know, as plants and landscape are his specialty! Lovely to hear from you girl!

Nazy said...

Niloofar Joonam:

You are so very welcome my poet friend. Thank you so very much for coming and for your supportive comment. You rock my friend!

Nazy said...

Salam Shahrzad Jan:

Thank you! Hee Hee, I said a little bit of the story tonight. It is a very beautiful and very important story and I'm honored to be able to tell it. Soon, I hope.

Take care and be good (are you studying hard now?). Good luck on everything. Come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Dear Ba Savad Bayramali:

Ha Ha, I am so glad you came along and saved me! I was going to call them Holly Berries! Yes, they are highly poisonous and one of those things in life we can only look at, but never eat. Be good Bayram Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Nasim Jan:

Thank you for coming back and for your compliment. Iran is so vast and has so many different types of climate, I am sure there are quite a few surprises yet left there for us to discover! I will write to you tomorrow to reschedule our lunch. I can't wait! Be good azizam.

آدم گلابی said...

چه حس خوبی بود این صدای دور ترس و این دخترک توی شعر
‌ُBTW I know a little cry here and there is actually good but here is an apology for my last post i was thinking about amoo Siros when i wrote it

Nazy said...

Salam Golabi Jan:

It is a beautiful poem by a very accomplished, but little-known poet. Ms. Farjam writes of my childhood, my fears, and my hopes.

I loved your post and it made me cry. I would like to borrow it. Please drop me an email so we can talk about it. Take care aziz-e-delam and thank you for coming.