Warm Thoughts on A Winter Night

A Tehran street vendor's tray of piping hot red beets (laboo), January 1, 2007. Photo by Halat.
On my request, my wonderful reader, Halat, who is a blogger and an artist in Tehran has taken this photograph for me. Isn't it just beautiful? I cannot think about Tehran winters without remembering the look, the aroma, and the taste of laboo on street corners. Simply gorgeous! Thank you very much to Halat who is unique and is not at all Yeki mese hameh!
So, this was the last day of my winter break. I must return to work tomorrow and start on a few of those wishes and resolutions I shared with you yesterday. I will again have less time to spend on blogging, and you'll be somewhat rid of me, though not entirely! It has been a very exciting and relaxing couple of weeks, spent with family and friends both online and in real life, proving how the line in between the two lives becomes invisible at times. I took part in many gatherings and a wedding as you know. Warm memories of these days will be with me for the cold months ahead. I'm not sure I'm ready to go back (postham bad joori baad khordeh!), but I must try. Thank you all for being such good and generous readers, keeping me company through this holiday season with Yalda, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. Be good y'all.


Assal said...

I was sitting here, refreshing the page on your blog at midnight when I should be asleep and preparing to return to work tomorrow and my eyes were suddenly greeted by the new picture~ It made me feel warmth in my heart...I can't explain it...

Thank you...

Heather Rastovac said...

Thank YOU, Nazy, for being such the good and generous person that YOU are! My time spent with you in the recent days has deeply fed my soul. Bless your heart dooste aziz.

Nazy said...

Thank you Assal Jan. I hope you had an energetic start to the new year and to your week. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Be happy azizam.

Nazy said...

Beautiful Heather:

I am honored you came and left me a comment! It was a pleasure seeing you and talking with you as usual. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

masoud said...

زمستان ست و باتو
خاطرات گرم
می نشیند برف
نرمانرم و رقصان
برتن خشک درختان
ژاله بر روی چمن
فرش سپید افکنده
زمین یخ بسته
راهی نیست
یاد این ایام
گرم می دارد دلت را
می گشاید پیش رویت
راه ها
راهی از آن گوشه دنیا
به قلب هر که دارد
مهر تو در دل

Nazy said...

Masoud Jan:

Beautiful! Did you write that poem? It's really beautiful. Thank you.

masoud said...

سلام نازی خانم
من از زمان حضور در جشنواره زمستان به اینطرف یه چیزیم شده
مرتکب همچین چیزایی میشم
قابل شما رو نداره