Painting by Parviz Kalantari, who is a master Iranian painter, and who has also written sweet and funny books. I met him during a display of his works in Tehran three years ago. A memorable artist and an interesting man, that Parviz-e-Kalantari.
Have you ever had friends and family who say they can do extraordinary things? Do you believe them? I had a co-worker in Tehran who meditated and said that he was a Flying Sidhi. I have a close relative who believes she has healing powers, always attempting to heal people around her of their pains and ailments by using some healing techniques. A high school friend and a distant relative of mine are now famous fortunetellers who have a large following. I believe and accept all of them. Though I might never want to learn about what they do, I never feel the urge to question or examine their claims, either. I just accept them as they say.
I remember when I went on a work training trip with the "Flying Sidhi," (they are supposed to be able to "levitate," or rise and suspend in the air during their yoga meditation), another co-worker accompanying us kept arguing with this guy, trying to prove that he was lying. Several times I had to follow this other guy into the backyard of the place we were staying and haul him back inside when he tried to watch the other guy through the window, so that he might prove that the guy was lying! I wouldn't let him tease and insult the other guy, all the time telling him to be respectful. To this day, if anyone tells me a "miracle" happened to him or her, or some supernatural event took place in his or her life, I tend to believe and respect him, never doubting or ridiculing my friend, and honestly never wanting to challenge the notion. Is that normal? Not having any curiosity about the accuracy of a claim someone I know makes? Is it gullible? I thought I would ask.
Before I go, though, I should tell you of a memory. A friend of mine who was very close to me, an artist, suffered a massive heart attack in Tehran a few years ago. My friend was a darvish and often told me about his "encounters" with spirits. I always believed him, though others around us were skeptical. The day he was taken to the hospital, I learned the news and rushed to his side in CCU. He was lucid and recognized me, telling me: "Chera zahmat keshidin?" The nurses were preparing him to hook him up to CCU instruments, so his wife and I left the room. His wife went to get his medicine. Several minutes later I heard him talking. I went in and found him alone. I asked him: "Reza Jan, are you talking to me? Do you need anything?" He said: "Na Nazy Khanoom, I was talking to the others. They are talking to me." My friend died that night, so I never got to ask him who they were and what they were talking about. But I believed him as I always did.


jeerjeerak said...

Some time past, i so desperately prayed for a miracle, days and nights, i lost my faith as i lost my friend. I guess that's how we grow up...

Shahrzad said...

I think it is so acceptable and out of respect that you believe them and infact that is the reason they all easily tell you what they feel.
My aunt also always claim she has energy power. Though she several times failed in front of others, I believe the best way to keep her happy and encourage her is to believe her. Though sometimes I really pretend! : )

masoud said...

سلام نازی خانم
منهم در این قبیل موارد نفی کننده نیستم یعنی می پذیرم که چیزی هست،ولو من ندانم
مردم از پیامبر راجع به روح می پرسیدند و خداوند فرمود :به اینان بگو روح مربوط به خداست.
همین و نه بیشتر
حالا البته حساب کسانیکه دوز و کلک می کنند جداست
مطلبی از یکی از معلمین قدیمی تهران خوانده ام که چه روح بزرگی داشت کمی طولانیست
موفق باشی

Mersedeh said...

Nazy Khanoom Aziz,
I'm thinking I may need some "Supernatural" powers of my own to be able to get a hold of you these days!, that is of course, outside of the "Bloggesphere".

It is interesting how 2 posts ago, you raised the topic of whether or not the world of blogging and the Internet/Blog world is 'real' or not. I think not only is it REAL but sometimes it can become SO engaging and SO powerful that it has the power to pull and absorb us from the outside world which runs at an entirely different pace. The trick then becomes, how do "we" living outside of the bloggesphere (not by choice) compete with the exciting world within?...hmmm, it's tough!

As for my "Supernatural" powers, I have experienced it personally, and it is something that runs in the women in my family, so I am a believer as well. (Watch out now!...I see you invisible lady!)

Take good care; I miss you my friend!

Anonymous said...

زندگی جلوه همین رابطه هاست.خصوصا ارتباط کلامی و بطور اخص کلام مکتوب.یادت باشد:کلمه نزد خدا و کلمه خداست.هر کلمه به مثابه معلولیست که از هستی علت خود خبر می دهد و تو به نیکوترین وجه هستی خودرا عرضه می داری
به پاس مهربانی ها،میهمان نوازی ها،همدردیها و همرنگی هایت همه بر می خیزیم و یکصدا سلامت می کنیم
که سلام کلمه خداست


با اجازه آقا مسعود
این نظر را چند بار خوندم و خیلی اثر گذار بود و لذت بردم
من هم تکرار میکنم...

به پاس مهربانی ها،میهمان نوازی ها،همدردیها و همرنگی هایت همه بر می خیزیم و یکصدا سلامت می کنیم
که سلام کلمه خداست

سپاس گزارم مسعود عزیز

Marzieh said...

سلام دوباره
من هم معتقدم به نیروهای ماورا طبیعی
و مطمئنم که وجود دارند و ایمان دارم که انسا ن هم مینواندبه این نیرو ها دست یابد حالا چگونه اش را درست نمی دانم.
جریان آن دوست مرحوم شماولی فرق دارد.
ایشان در حال وفات در حال دیدار با کسانی بودند و بسیار دیده شده در مورد انسان های خوب مخصوصاکه در زمان رفتن با کسانی صحبت می کردند
در عین حال میدونم که بعضی ها دکان باز می کنند و مردم را سر کیسه !
به خصوص با پیشگوئی و فال قهوه که به نظر من در حد فان است!!.

Marzieh said...

خواستم اضافه کنم که با آن رقص دختر من سعی کرد با ملافه! و چیزهای دیگر برای خودش لباسی شبیه ساری درست کند و خلاصه خیلی تفریح کرد!
در همان زمان هم دوست هندی من زنگ زد و آهنگ را شنید و براو ترجمه کردو ایشان فارسی صحبت می کنه چون همسر ایرانی داره و دختر هامون هم کلاسی هسنتد.
جالب بود این رقص و این همه یادآوری خاطرات.مرسی نازی عزیزم.
باز هم یگم که از خوندن بعضی از
کامنت های دوستان خیلی یه وجد میام و می خوام بگم که جان کلام را اونها می گن مثل همین کامنت مرسده
خوش به حالشون که این قدرت را دارند...:)

khanoomi said...

نازی عزیزم سلام
چقدر خوشحالم که بالاخره این صفحه کامنت تو برایم باز شد.
ما در ولز ساکن هستیم.

کامیاب باشی عزیز مهربانم

Nazy said...

Salam Jeerjeerak-e-Mehraban:

Oh, I am soooo much older than you my friend, and I have never lost my hope in miracles! Praying and waiting for them might not be a prudent thing, because if they were attainable through wishing, they wouldn't be called a miracle. In practical everyday life, we have to plan and improvise, I agree. I think miracles only happen when we least expect them. Have a glorious weekend my friend!

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Shahrzad-e-Azizam:

Hee Hee, you really think so? I do respect my friends, but I really believe them, too! I remember the day my relative tried to give my brother who had a headache "healing energy!" She moved her hands above his head for a long time. I asked him if he was feeling better afterwards, and he said "Even if my headache hasn't stopped, I feel good for the attention!" You are a sweet soul, Shahrzad. Have a good weekend in UAE my friend!

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Thank you. Your comment was very interesting. There is something, even if we don't know what it is or understand it. You know that I always enjoy reading your comments and wise contributions. Whatever you feel like sharing with us is quite welcome, when you feel like writing it. Have a good day.

Nazy said...

Marzieh Jan:

Thank you so much for your kind and sweet and funny comments! I am grateful to Masoud for those kind words and to you for repeating them. I loved imagining your daughter's dancing! How wonderful is a home that has a little girl in it. Enjoy your beautiful life my friend and have a good weeknd.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Khanoomi-e-Azizam:

I'm so happy you are united with your husband. Welcome home. Wales. Are you in Cardiff? You sound so happy and content in your blogs these days and I am so very happy for you. If I can make it to UK next summer, I'll be sure to call on you to visit you. Be happy "Lucky Heart" Jan.

Nazy said...

Mersedeh Joonam, Salam:

Hee Hee! So, the part about not being able to find me is resolved, I guess! It was chatting with you as usual. As you know by now, I had gone to take care of my "real" responsibilities for a few days at the end of this week, and I ignored my "virtual" responsibilities! But I agree with you. There is definitely a very real aspect to blogging which has really attracted me over the past year.

I can't wait to her about the supernatural! I love it, do tell!