Sleep Walking Thursday

Lunch at my desk on a rainy Thursday.
So, I got caught up in a social gathering last night, coming home really late, and having to deliver on a promise I had made my friend to do something for him. I didn't get a chance to write a post or do anything else, going to bed at 4:00 a.m. All day today I sleep walked, suppressing yawns and fighting stupidity, a common side effect of sleep deprivation for me. Honestly, I don't know how successful I was! Right about now it's all a moot point, don't you think? I want to thank those of you who noticed my absence and kindly wrote to find out what happened to me last night. It's so nice to be missed!
My friend John and his partner adopted three orphaned brothers last year. I got a chance today to go visit him in his cubicle, asking after the boys and how they are doing. I adore this man. Can you imagine the immensity and importance of what they have done? Just like any doting father, he reached in his wallet and showed me his kids' school pictures and told me about the challenges of raising them, going from having no children one day to having three the next. I thought to myself that to find role models in our lifetime, sometimes all we have to do is walk over to the cubicle down the hall. He said to me that sometimes the thing that keeps him going is the hope that 20 years from now, one day he would find out that their decisions and actions would have mattered and would have been effective in those children's lives. I told him that I'm going through just such stage in my life with my children, and I can assure him that a lot of joy and satisfaction will await him then.
I am really tired now. I will go rest some and come back later to work on my dance story, post my final installment of Khosrow and Shirin on Iranian, and reply to your kind comments. Be good y'all.


Mohammad said...

Dar morede gorooh e shams search mikardam ke blogetoon ro didam,MozooAatesh,kheili jazzab bood baram, eshteraakaat e ziaD ro Ddam dar shoma va khodam!

قلب خوشبخت said...

Nazy janam, salam
I hope you will be better now, Thanks alot for your nice and nostalgic picture in previous post.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Mohammad-e-Honar Doost:

Man ham kheili khosh-hal hastam keh shoma be didan-e man amadid. Omidvaram ancheh ra keh mikhastid peida kardeh bashid.

Any Iranian anywhere is welcome to come and join me and my friends in a space that is built around friendship and love for Iran. Come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Khanoomi Jan:

Thank you so much for coming and visiting again. I hope you are enjoying your life in Wales and that you are finding your way around your new home and environment. I wish you and your husband the best of luck and joy always.

آدم گلابی said...

Nazi jAn
you are right, sometimes we just need to look around at the ordinary people to see and find love and joy. it is hard enough to make the decision to have your own child so one imagine what big heart people who adopt children, must have.
thanks for the inspiring post

Nazy said...

Thank you Golabi Jan:

I wrote something on that subject last year. You might find it interesting.


Yes, John and those like him are extremely special people in this world, I agree. Be happy azizam.