My friend, Hadi, outside my office today at noon.
It's Friday. As usual, I will talk about friendships tonight. Before I talk about them too generally, however, I want to talk about them a little more specifically. I would like you all to meet my friend, Hadi. Hadi was the first "new friend" I met in the new life I have been living over the past two years. He and I met in Dr. Taheri's Persian Literature class on "Adabiat-e-Mashrooteh." He works on campus, so he and I see each other regularly, talk on the phone, or have lunch together. He is from Mashad, but came to US when he was only 14, so there was a lot he still hadn't learned about Iran and being an Iranian. Hadi has taught himself how to be a good Iranian. For example, he takes pride and immense discipline in teaching himself advanced Farsi literature, memorizing poems and discovering new poets. He is an engineer during the day and teaches private Farsi classes to his friends' kids on some evenings. Hadi is kind and generous and extremely ba marefat. Three times over the past two years I was stuck somewhere with an emergency or dilemma, and didn't know whom to call. Hadi is the one I called, and he came and "rescued" me! When I had that horrible accident on Highway 24, I called him all shaken up and more than a little disoriented. He came and got me and talked to the police officer and the tow truck driver. He is a very good man, a good Iranian, and a wonderful friend. Though usually silent, I know he reads me all the time, because when I ask him where he has been, he says "I know you have been O.K." When I jumped out of my office today to take a picture of him, he wouldn't stand still, and it took several tries to get this photo. It is very descriptive of his character, I think.
My kids' friend, Shervin, is here from Iran. My kids are so excited. Shervin has a girlfriend he loves in Iran, so it's hard for him to stay here long enough to get used to his American life. Every so few months he gets in a plane and goes to Iran to be near her. He is 22, and has already gone to her khastegari three times, each time hearing a big, fat NO from her parents. We will see how long he lasts here this time. When I see him I'll talk to him about the importance of an education, patience, and doing things at the right time. I'm sure my kids will not appreciate my fozooli, but I will do it, because I have my own friendship with this young guy.
Remember, appreciate, and honor your friends this week if you can. Many times in our lives, when we are too desperate to brave explaining things to our families, we reach out for our friends, the ones who are there to listen, to come, and to help. Take pictures of your friends, call them, invite them to your home and make them some tea. Take comfort in remembering that adult friends are a big asset in an individual's life--the ones who will tell you things the way they are, braving your anger and anguish, but staying by your side, doing you a service. If you like, send me your photographs of your friends and I will post them to honor them. My friends have saved me from insanity more than once. It's true, they have danced, eaten, and partied with me a thousand times. But they came to my parents' funerals, to visit me in hospitals, to Vozara Complex to pick up my son, to collect me from an airport all broken and desolate, or rushed to my side when I called them in the middle of the night, sobbing and telling my incoherent tale of sorrow. Friends are important. Without them, we would be lonely and short of an important piece of ourselves and our identities. Call them, see them, kiss and hug them, surprise and photograph them, and show them your love. Have a fabulous weekend and be good y'all.


Leva said...

Hadi is a great friend. I saw him first time when he saved you in Highway 24 and he was warm and charming enough to remember his name and be excited seeing him in your home again and again. Last time we talked about our specialty in Iranian Food. I talked about my Mirzaghasemi and I want invite him one day. The most wonderful about him, since he is here since he was 14, is he is trying to be update about Iran. It is hard to find people like him. We talked about our dream also. He told me about his dream of being an anthropologist in African instead of being in Berkeley and I know one day he will be there. May not be as and anthropologist, but as an observer. It is good to have dream and follow them.
Inspired by your post, I m going to email and call some old friends tonight and tomorrow. I may need to make some long distance call too and forget that I promise myself that no more call from me. J
I wish you a weekend full of joy and rest.

Nasim said...

your writing is very inspiring!

Aida said...

Salaam Nazy Aziz,
Just say hi to a good cyber-friend and wish you a wonderful weekend,whatever the weather.
Here is extremely cold these days.
Stay warm,

آدم گلابی said...

Viva Hadi and good for you to have a friend like him, having a friend like him also tells something about you.
OK! you tempted me to make steak the other nite n encouraged me to send an email with pesarak's pictures attached to it to my friends. bless your heart my good friend

Nazy said...

Salam Leva Jan:

Yes, Hadi is great! He has shared some music from Khorasan with me, which is absolutely fantastic. Remind me to play it for you next time I see you. This guy plays the "do-tar" and sings in the most amazing voice for 15 minutes!

I'm glad I jogged your memory about friends! Tomorrow I will make some calls, too. Have a great weekend sweet Leva.

Nazy said...

Nasim Jan:

And your visits and your kind attention are really inspiring to me! Have a brilliant Sunday Nasim Jan.

Nazy said...

Aida, Aida, where have you been?

I am so glad you came back to visit with me my friend. I really want you to tune in for the dance story soon. As a dance lover, I think you will like that story. Thank you for thinking of me, for coming back, and for leaving me your good vibes. Have a good weekend my friend!

Nazy said...

Golabi Jan:

Your beautiful baby is ADORABLE! How sweet and how content he looks. You give him everything he needs in the world right now, and he gives you what you never knew you were missing until now. This is why I call a home with a baby in it blessed.

Thanks for coming back my friend. I'm going to come read you soon. Have a good Sunday.

S said...

I am glad again I have the chance to read your new posts. Same as always they are great.

Shahrzad said...

The previous one is me! What happened?!

shawhin said...

What a great picture! دمتون گرم! wow - must've been a great little moment in life. به به!

Nazy said...


I missed you! I hope you are well and happy in sunny Dubai, getting ready for your tests. I am sending you good vibrations and am hoping that you succeed in your tests and in anything else you set your mind to, my friend. Happy Monday!

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Sweet Shawhin:

And where exactly have you been? I have missed you so much! Yes, you do remember sweet Hadi from our Farsi literature class of last summer! Stop by and have lunch with us one of these days Shawhin, if you can. My best to your lovely wife.