Voting Tuesday

Today was California Primary Elections Day. I went to vote in the polling station near my house. Earlier, I had received a notice in the mail, telling me where to go. So, before I went in to work, I went and voted. Any elections day has always been a very exciting day for me, whether in Iran or in the US. The right to vote is a right of which many nations in the world are still deprived. Many people in the world continue to struggle for the right to vote, sometimes giving this struggle their lives. To vote is to be heard and counted. Today was a day when my voice was heard and counted. The Recreation Room of a housing complex near my house had been turned into a polling station.
These people are volunteers who work at the polling station. I always thank them for their time and for the help they give the State during elections. Each time I say "I will volunteer next time," but I never get around to it. So I have utmost respect for those who give the important task their time and attention without "khalibandi!"
They checked my name on the list, gave me a ballot in a folder (Democratic and Republican and I suppose Independent ballots are printed separately, and because when I had registered as a California Voter I had declared that I vote Democratic, they gave me the Democratic ballot in that blue folder.)
I could choose to vote on a machine or by pen on paper. I chose to do it with a pen, so I was guided to this "booth."
This is Leo, a disabled American on a wheelchair who volunteers to work at the polling station. Last time I went to vote, I had met him. He monitors the ballot box to his right, making sure the ballot is fed properly into the machine. When I submitted my ballot, Leo gave me a sticker which said: "I Voted." I thanked the volunteers and left. It took under 10 minutes, even with taking the pictures and all.
By law, each individual can take up to two hours of paid leave to go vote. I was at my desk a lot sooner, even though I did stop to pick up my double cappuccino and three Madeline cookies, my daily breakfast.
At noontime in downtown Berkeley, as in everywhere, there were people encouraging others to go vote for their candidate of choice. This woman's recommendaion was Barack Obama.
The polling stations are open until 8:00 p.m. today. So it was no surprise to see this older lady advertising for Obama on a busy street corner at 6:00 p.m. tonight. This is probably one of the most exciting elections in years. Everyone I knew voted today.
My afternoon was spent in a large unit-wide staff meeting, which was interesting and exciting in its own way. I may write about that some other time. Tonight I will continue on final changes on my story and go to bed early, if I can help it. I'm around, if you leave me messages, I will reply quickly tonight. Take care everyone and have a good one y'all.


بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

عجيب ست بشر
ناظر هلهله باد و علف

Nazy said...

Salam Neda Jan!

How are you? Thank you for the poem! I'm so glad to see here again.

bayramali said...

Good job nazy jan.
you know, this election can be called the most important election in the world. we cross fingers for better future. even though I become disapponited when I see some conditions.

Nazy said...

Salam Bayram Jan:

Chetori doostam? I have missed you. Indeed, these are important times. A few years ago, when the whole world had gone crazy and one conservative president after another was sworn into office, it was so clear that our world was heading towards some hard times. Thankfully, their terms were limited and people can vote again, choosing better candidates this time.

These are important times, and everyone everywhere will have to stay vigillant and careful about who takes control of their destiny. Everyone has suffered enough. I think it's time for change.

Be good Bayram Jan.

Assal said...

It is time to change. And I'm proud to say I voted today as well. I voted for the person who repeated Maria Shriver's words so forcefully tonight when he said, "WE ARE THE CHANGE THAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR."

I hope everyone is having a nice evening. I wonder why I didn't get paid leave to go vote. I spent up my lunch time racing about and my boss didn't even point out the law to me (even though he is a lawyer!).

Sheida said...

Nazy Janam:

I did not get to vote today, but am glad that you and Assal and many others did.

Hope to see you soon!

Nazy said...

Salam Asal Jan:

I'm so glad you voted! Hee Hee, don't expect lawyers to follow the law to a tee!

It was a really good day, with everyone very excited. I did vote for Obama, but I just read on the news that Clinton won California. Good for her. It was a tight race. As Mehran says, the "Dream Ticket" is one where one of them runs for President and the other for Vice President. Let the good times to roll.

Be happy wise Assal.

Nazy said...

Sheida Jan:

Thanks for coming again! The real important elections are yet to come! You'll make up for this then. Have a great evening.

يكي مثه همه said...

dear Nazy
I've missed you a lot!
I'm so busy these days at my office works...
I hope peace and happiness for people all over the world, this election may make this wish come true!!!

Marzieh said...

سلام نازی مهربانم
مرسی از جواب قشنگت..یه لبخند به پهنای صورتم زدم و شاد شاد شدم
آخه خودمم دلتنگ می شم و خیلی چیزا روازدست میدم.
امیدوارم که جنگ طلب ها پیروز نشن... نگرانم ولی.
عکسهای خیلی خوب و گویائی بود ممنونننننننن
فدات مرضیه

Mehran said...

I am proud of you Nazy jonam

farnice said...

My Dear Nazy,

i think it's so cool to be there in US these days! here they talk about the supper tuesday all the time. even in their children-program .
i have never been in US, but in 2 occasions, i'm always as excited as the americans : president election and Oscar! ;) the second one is comming soon too, i'm waitinnnnng :)

i left u a message in Orkut dear. hope u excuse me for being such a bad girl cuz of answering u so late and not showing up here so often. life is hard in the montains but not hopeless.... ;)
be good and have fun.
hope your candidate wins ;)

Shobeir said...

This suffrage is of no use for me :D
Let me tell you a story :D
When president Khatami was elected (the first time)I was about 13 year old ( a guidance school student)!
My teachers were all happy and one of them asks me about the event and how I feel!
I can't forget my answer!
I told him (with an indifferent tone): "Daran Paloon-ha ro mishmaran!"
He couldn't believe what he had heard! ( and even nowadays I can't find out why I had such a feeling in those days, I guess it was as a result of reading history...)
He talked with me about 2 hours (he was about 55 year old and he used to work in US embassy!)...
All in all, on those days I've found out that I don't like to do any political activity!
I like your photos and the excitement of the society :D
BTW: Your Offer (about sisters) seems seductive for gallant boys :))

Shaad ziid

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

بدينوسيله از تمامي دوستان دعوت مي شود تا ساعت 12 ظهر پنجشنبه به وقت ايران در راي گيري آقاي شبير (به نفع بانوي جشنواره زمستان!)شرکت نمايند.

! said...

ha ha !
بانوی چشنواره ی و شبیر
nice ...
من که حتما شرکت خواهم کرد ...

Nazy said...

Halat, Halat, I missed you! You don't come by anymore, and jat khalieh!

Yes, it's time for change, and for peace. I agree. That's why I take participation so seriously. Everyone must "do" something for change before they "expect" change. I pray for peace, too.

Please come back again soon!

Nazy said...

Marzieh Jan:

I have missed you so much. I'm glad you're back and writing to me again. Hee Hee, your heart heard the words of my heart and put a smile on your face! That's how things work, really!

Please come back again soon. Kisses to your little girl.

Nazy said...

Dear Sweet Mehran:

You came back! I'm glad I finally posted something you liked enough to comment on! Hee Hee, I'm proud of you, too, though your choice won California and mine didn't! Here's hoping for the "Dream Ticket!"

Nazy said...

Salam Shobeir Jan:

Hee Hee, a good story! You were sarcastic even when you were 13! I do believe everybody should vote, unless boycotting an election is a group decision. To be apathetic to elections usually gets some weirdo conservatives in, the actions of whom will change the landscape of lifestyle and peace in the world. Everyone must vote. That's what I think!

Be good and happy Shobeir Jan.

Nazy said...

Sweet Sweet FarNice! I have missed you! I know you have been busy and I'm glad to know that it has all been for very exciting changes in your life. That's super and wonderful, and no need for explaining your absence. I'm glad you are writing again. I will be by to visit you soon. Thank you also for your other kind message. You rock!

Nazy said...

Neda Jan:

I cast my vote and submitted my questions, too! Have a brilliant week ahead my friend!

Nazy said...

Farshad Jan, I'll go see the "election" result soon to see what questions you asked!