Stepping Away

Sunset from my balcony today, February 29, 2008.
It's Friday. This was a hard week for me, feeling under the weather and a little sad about some stuff that's going on in my life. I am glad to report that despite some tears I cried this week, there were also some pretty big smiles, caused by some good news from friends and family near and far. Some writing I did made me laugh, too. Consider the woman who spent several days since last Friday in her pajamas, with her shawl around her, and a small blanket on her lap for good measure, with messed up hair and her Kleenex box at hand, sitting at her computer typing and laughing, sometimes so hard she was slapping her knee! I wonder what my kids (and now Iden, too!) think about me! When they move around the house, these days they never know whether they will find me contemplative and serious-looking, crying my eyes out, or laughing to myself like a crazy woman! It has been that kind of week for me.
I was touched by the love and friendship of several people this week; my friends from all walks of life were extra attentive and kind to me, calling me, visiting me, and sending good vibrations my way. Looking as unglamorous as I did, this was also my week to receive calls and visits from my artist friends Rojan, who is a singer from Kurdistan, Vaaleh, who is a singer specializing in spiritual fusion music, and Hamed who is a composer, a singer, and a multi-instrumentalist. Hee Hee, though I didn't look the part for hanging out with local celebrities, I did think again for the millionth time how very fortunate I am for having such good friends! O.K. Enough showing off. I better get on with this post!
I want to tell you another story about my years of coming of age. It is a story about my first male best friend, Mehrdad. I will say it in a separate post soon. Tomorrow will be a good day for me, as I will take a trip to Sacramento with my sisters and niece to visit my younger sister. I am so ready for stepping away for a few hours, where I can put my routine activities aside and hang out with my family. Sacramento is about two hours' drive away from where I live, so it will be a long day trip for me, returning late tomorrow night. Wherever on this planet you live, I urge you to step away from your routine, and to do something a little different this weekend. See your loved ones and let them wrap you in their arms and their love, and do the same for them. Step out and recreate, re-configue, and re-format! Leave your desks, your computers, and your "corners" to step into your friends' and families' corners. Be a little different this weekend, unpredictable and ready to express your love and affection. I'm ready. Have a good weekend everybody and be good y'all.


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
این پست را می شود : اشک ها و لبخند ها نامید. ما از این پنجره "نگران" شما هستیم-از مصدر نگریستن- و می مانیم منتظر-یعنی توقع داریم- ببینیم چه برای ما می آوریداز این سفر.
سفر انفسی و نه آفاقی
خدا نگهدار

نیلوفر said...

اول از همه یک بغل گنده و محکم برای نازی جونم و روزای پیژاما
بعد اینکه من هرچی به این اطرافیانم گفتم بیاین منو در اغوش عشقتون بگیرین...هی بهم خندیدن گفتن برو بچه دیگه گنده شدی.....خودت را لوس نکن....حالام که من را ازخونه انداختن بیرون
جاست کیدینگ
امروز اسباب کشی دارم به خونه جدید....قراره برم با یک خانم مسن همخونه بشم
خلاصه اینکه حتما بعد از اینکه جابه جا شدم میام و قصه دوست قدیمی را میخونم....باید برم خونه خانم مهربون را به شبکه جهانی و عزیزتر از جان ِ اینترنت مجهز کنم
امیدوارم سکرمنتو خوش بگذره

Anonymous said...

Nazy jan,
How are you?
Thanks for the reply. I have missed you so much too. I am still a very professional daydreamer!;)
I am fine but I was soooo busy recently and now even worse...many new things has happened...
I wish being busy would be temporary cause I really
need some time to rest and be relaxed and not thinking of any think.
Sometimes I feel I have a lot on my mind that I need to buy a fan for the processor of my brain!! ;) :))
I will write you later Nazy jan.
You write awesome as always. I love your writings. I feel great when I visit your blog.

Take care and have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy Khanoom!
Another beautiful picture and that shows how a wonderful view you have from your balcony.
You are right and these occasional breaks are so useful to both soul and body. I am glad you are going to have a lot of fun : )
By the way, I am not that Shahrzad who talked about 300! I am the other one used to visit before and live in the UAE.
I wish you an excellent trip

Anonymous said...

Nazyjoon, I am in Michigan! Too far away for a cup of coffee. :^( I am sorry you had such a hard time these past few days. When we don't feel great physically, the emotions are so much nearer the surface. It's important to cry when you need to cry and laugh even in the midst of tears. I think it's a sign of maturity that you could do both without thinking you were nuts. Life is such a paradox, isn't it?

I hope that your day with your family was lovely. I must go do something exciting now: Vacuum and do dishes. (Don't be too jealous of the fun I am about to have!)
Zan Amrikai

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Yes, life is a mixture of tears and laughter! Don't worry about me, my friend (I know that you aren't REALLY worried for me!). I am tough! Thanks so much for your good wishes and kind words.

Nazy said...

Salam Niloofar Jan:

Happy New Home! I hope you have settled in nicely and that you feel comfortable in your new environment. Hee Hee, I laughed a lot about your "request for hugs!" Cheh bad saligheh boodan dor o bari hat! Nobody is ever too old to be hugged and loved!

Have a good evening and a good Wednesday sweet Niloofar.

Nazy said...

Sweet, Sweet Pardis:

I am so glad you came back. I know what you mean by "overheating" sometimes with the different complications of life!

I hope all changes in your life have been "kheir" and that you are continuing to grow and flourish.

Take good care of yourself, fabulous Pardis, and come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Ay Vay Shahrzad Jan:

I am so sorry for mixing you up with the 300 Shahrzad! Please forgive me. Sometimes I can detect the writing styles and know the readers apart, but sometimes I mess up. I messed up twice in one day recently, it seems!

Are you finished with your graduate school entrance exams Shahrzad Jan? Are you less burdened with responsibilities these days? I have missed you and your insightful comments very much. I hope everything is "bar vefgh-e morad" for you, my kind friend. Please come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Salam Zan Amrikaii Joon:

I hope you are well. To tell you the truth, your comment gives me the feeling that you might be a little better, as you appear mischievous and light. Good for you! I vacuum and I clean after myself, my two boys, and my young house guest, whenever I have time. They do clean-up sometimes, after I push them for a long time, but never to my standard, so I let it go most of the time, doing things myself. It's not exciting, but it is therapeutic during the work, and rewarding to observe afterwards (well, for the few hours that the effect lasts!).

I am still wishing we could have coffee together! Michigan, huh? I have a brother who lives in Ann Arbor with his family. We might have a family reunion there this summer. Are you far from there? I hope you are having a good week Amrikaii Jan. Be happy my friend.