Happy Valentine's Day!

My gift to you for Valentine's Day: A "Dessert Menu" in a restaurant in La Jolla, California. Photo by Sara Zahabioun.
So, it's Valentine's Day. As you all know, I talk about love, understanding, friendship, embraces, kisses, and expression of emotions for each other all year round, and especially on Fridays. I think there isn't much to be added to what I usually say on this particular day. This Valentine's Day, how about if you guys talk about love with me? Please leave a comment and say what you think. Tell me what your plans are or how you will celebrate or not. I am all ears. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


آدم گلابی said...

Nazi JAn
I asked Babak to leave a comment for this post and here is what he said: "we have decided not to celebrate Valentine but try to make everyday a Valentine." so there you go, he is not much of a talker and I was surprised by his philosophical comment on Valentine!
Happy Valentine to you too and may your everyday be filled with peace, tranquility and love

Helaleh said...

Nazi Joon, Happy Valentine's Day! I miss you and wish were closer and could go out with you tonight!You are somehow a living symbol of love! :)

نیلوفر said...

Happy valentine to you too :-)

Helaleh said...

Nazy joon, Statistics say 20% of women have sent flowers for themselves at work!...:) some say about 8,000,000 people have done that! I don't know if these are only numbers that media comes up with or what! it's interesting!

Nazy said...

Salam Golabi Jan:

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Babak! Everyday IS Valentine's Day to those who truly love each other, I agree! I like that Babak already! Enjoy your beautiful young family, Golabi Jan, and abig smacking kiss on your baby Bardia's head, too!

Nazy said...

Salam Helaleh Jan:

Hee Hee, yes, you should have been here tonight to go out with me! I am tending to a project I have had outstanding for a long time, monitoring my dancer story on Iranian.com, and answering my comments!

Valentine's Day has never been a terribly important day on my calendar. I think it's over-publicized and it's a real strain on relationships. The best things in life are FREE, Helaleh Jan. Showing someone attention, love, devotion, and affection is a FREE activity which should be done spontaneously and when least expected.

Women sending themselves flowers! That sounds amazing. Well, amazingly intelligent if it's done on any other day but on Valentine's Day, that is if those women are "pretending" that a man sent those flowers to them! Pretending is never good for anything. I buy myself flowers around my house all the time. They are so uplifting.

I received some anonymous flowers today. I didn't like it one bit! I hate surprises and I hate anonymous gestures of any kind, period! I like brave people who come forward and say their piece.

As my co-workers went around, winking and joking with me, I felt really terrible, wanting to get rid of the flowers. If the flowers were from a man (I have no idea who sent them, none whatsoever), he would have done better for himself, just talking to me--for free! Now, if it's a he, he better make sure I won't know who it is, because he has not endeared himself to me one iota!

Hee Hee, this is what happens when people try to play games with grumpy old ladies! Things backfire easily!

Happy Valentine's Day sweet Helaleh! I'll see you on Saturday night.

Nazy said...

Niloofar, Niloofar, I missed you! How are you? Happy Valentine's Day my friend! I have been so busy, working so many many hours recently, I have hardly been able to go visit my friends' blogs and I am ashamed of that.

I hope your every day is filled with joy, love, and understanding. You are really wonderful Niloofar Jan.

! said...

خوب ولنتینز دی شما هم هپی باشد !!
راستی چه آمار جالبی رو هلاله بیان کرده خیلی عجیب و جالب بود ...
وای نازی جونم عجب ولنتینز دی خوش مزه ای !!
و چه هدیه ی اعجاب انگیزی :)

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan:

Are you better? Happy Valentine's Day my friend! I'm glad you liked the desserts! Did you read the story yet? I really want to know your reaction. I know it is a really loooooooong piece (6 pages single-spaced), so tell me when you have actually read it. If you can go to Iranian.com (many people in Iran can't), don't miss the fantastic pictures posted there and the videoclip, too.

Be good Farshad Jan. I hope your day and week and year is filled with love and joy.

Assal said...

Oh My Lord. Here I am, sitting here and bitching to Parham that he didn't get me flowers...and you're not liking your anonymous delivery!

Well, I have nothing to show for Valentine's Day...but I'm so tired tonight coming home from work that a holiday like this doesn't seem like such a big deal to pass by. I made us a nice healthy dinner (with Valentine's shirinis for dessert).

When I was young and alone, I would lose myself in soap opera love stories and wish for a Valentine's Day to share with a special someone. Now that I am grown and have that special someone to look at and live with, 24/7, it's not a big deal anymore.

WHYYYYY? Why can't we have some balance in this world? Why can't we have those romantic soap operaish lives where every day really is Valentine's Day!?

I am just feeling frustrated tonight. Tomorrow, I will come back here and type a rational comment.


Nazy said...

Assal Jan:

The best Valentine's Day gift is the man or woman who walks by our side, who shares in our every joy and every pain, and who accepts you just as you are. Flowers and gifts are truly overrated when compared to the peace of mind we feel living next to someone who loves and trusts and respects us.

I was once in a marriage where some of those elements were missing, but I received flowers and jewlery on many occasions. It is my personal experience that nothing, NOTHING, can replace love, trust, and respect. These are things partnerships are made of. Yes, it would be nice if all of those things are present AND we get flowers, too! But in the overall scheme of things, and though I call them FREE, knowing fully well how much trust and commitment is really worth, there are some things no money can buy. There are some things that only our hearts and souls can afford and give to each other. Those on the receiving end, my friend, are rich beyond words and any standards of wealth. You, my friend, are rich beyond words! Happy Valentine's Day Assal Joonam.

! said...

hatman ...
hamin rooza minevisam rajebesh barat ...

Anonymous said...

Nazi joon

you've definitely hared about Sepandarmazgan, a day some are trying to celebrate in Iran as a national Valentine's day. it's 4 days after valentine's, and it's called to be Women's Eid in ancient Iran's Calendar. would you write about it on your weblog?


Nazy said...

Salam Fariba Joonam!

Boy, am I glad you came to visit me! How are you? I have missed you so much.

I will have to do some research on the subject you suggest if I am to write about it. I am translating the Mofid piece for publication in a Farsi media, and really overwhelmed right now, but if I can, I will write about it.

Please come back again soon my sweet friend.