Vartan Sahakian

Ostad Vartan Sahakian, a composer, and a piano master and teacher in Tehran.
My reader, Mohammad, who is a tour guide in Tehran, in one of his excursions in Shahrestanak, near Tehran.
Mohammad would like to introduce his friend, Vartan Sahakian to us. It is best if I just let you read what he has to say about his special friend:
"ِThank you for giving us this chance to communicate our thoughts with you and your readers on what friendship is and who represents to us a good example of a great friendship. I'm so much pleased to say that I have been honored and privileged to have Mr. Vartan Sahakian as the "closest friend" of mine. (My formal tone employed to describe him simply reflects the high regard and the kind of special respect I hold for him ). Herewith, I would like to express my appreciation for the very great person he is to, not only me, but to a whole lot of others who have the complete privilege of knowing him. He is a treasure, an angel of kindness, and a real friend.
I can't simply put all my sense of appreciation for him in this note. He is a great source of inspiration for me, he is a man who stands by you at all times, who “thinks of you when you think he may not be thinking of you”, who is always there to "listen" to you and “identify” with you , who shares so sincerely with you his experiences of life and work and puts his best foot into solving your biggest puzzles and problems of life. I can't simply thank him enough for all he has been to me. I hope I can prove at all times that I deserve his friendship. Dear Nazy, I would like to know if there is anyone among your readers in this blog who are from Tehran AND who have a “piano” AND play it AND who don't know Vartan Sahakian or haven't heard of his name? I'm sure EVERYBODY who has been his student at some point of their lives either in the past or present , would testify to my claim that he is a unique treasure."
Thank you Mohammad Jan, for speaking so honestly about your friend, who seems to be a really decent and wonderful man. I am sure many of my other readers who are active in music in Tehran will recognize him. I recognize him because of his good heart. He is my friend now, too. Thank you for being so generous in sharing a friend and a friendship which is obviously very important to you. Thank you.
P.S. I am a bit embarrassed here! After I created this post, I actually went to do my own research on Vartan Sahakian. What I found was amazing! He is a composer who has written scores for Bahram Baizaee's Sag Koshi (Killing Mad Dogs), and other movies. Here is an interview Radio Zamaneh did with him just recently. Many Iranian singers, such as Homayoun Shajarian, list their training with Mr. Sahakian as a credit to their background. In fact, my own musician friend who lives in the area, Hamed Nikpay, lists his training with Mr. Sahakian as a point of great honor for himself. Mr. Sahakian has also translated several music books into Farsi. My hat's off to this extraordinary Iranian.


Mohammad said...

Dear Nazy,
Thank you for this special coverage and the spotlight you put me and my friend in.
I'm eagerly looking forward to reading the posts by other friends in this blog about their exemplary friends. I'm positive that any development of the subject ( friendship)in here and among our verbal exchanges and daily communications can lead to the enrichment in us of a very important quality and principle of life. Holding friends cherished at all times will make our own lives and ourselves cherished at all times.However, prior to cherishing our friends, I believe it is of paramount importance for each and every one of us that we learn to love and cherish ourselves properly.
Dear Nazy,
Thank you again so much (as always) for raising this interesting topic! I wish you and all the friends in this blog a wonderful rest of the weekend.

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
خوشبختانه مشکل برطرف شد.مستجاب الدعوه هم هستی که! ما نمیدونستیم
با دوستان همیشه ذکر خیر دوستان است
دیروز با ندا شمه ای رفت از اوصاف جمیل شما. او هم گویا مشکل فنی دارد وگر نه به این آسانی دست از دامان پر مهر شما نمی دارد

اوقات خوش آن بودکه با دوست به سر شد
باقی همه بی حاصلی و بیخبری بود
برقرار باشی

Anonymous said...

سلام نازی عزیز
ممنون از این پست پراحساس وعشق
دوست داشتنی بود.ممنون برای اطلاع رسانی.چشمهای استاد نشانها از مهربانی دارد.شاد و سر بلند باشید.

! said...

سلام به همه
استاد واقعا موسیقی قوی ای دارند ، من سالهاست ایشون رو میشناسم ...
فضا سازی و محیط موسیقی ایشان واقعا زیبا و دلنشین است ..
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من پیشنهاد می کنم به سایت ایشان هم سری بزنید البته اشاره می کنم که سایت ظاهرا هنوز کامل نیست و لینکهای آن کار نمی کند ...
نمی دونم چرا به آن در صفحه اصلی لینک داده نشده ، هر چند سایت کامل نیست ولی آشنایی با اساتید هنر و سایت آنها حتی در صورت نا کاملی خالی از لطف نیست ...

! said...

راستی نازی جونم من یادم رفت این رو بگم ...
در واقع تایید کنم که حقیقتا چهره ی استاد و چشمان ایشون بیانگر مهربانی و پاک سرشتی و بزرگی ایشون است در واقع مهربانی چهره ی ایشون من رو خیلی جذب کرد

راستی از محمد عزیز هم کمال تشکر رو دارم که ایشون رو به جمع خوانندگان از جمله بنده معرفی کردند ...

Nazy said...

Mohammad Jan. You are welcome my friend. Your extraordinary friend is also an extraordinary artist, and I am personally honored to have found him.

You did very very well in introducing him to us. Thanks for being such a generous soul.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Masoud-e-Aziz:

Boy, I am so glad your technical difficulties have been solved! It is always a good day when I hear from you. I miss Neda so much. My best regards to her. Thanks so much for visiting. Be happy in Ahvaz Masoud Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Marzieh Jan:

How are you? You are so right about those kind eyes. He has to be a very special man to have moved his friend to praise him as Mohammad has. My Armenian friends have always been among my very best of friends, so generous in their hearts, and so dedicated to their families, professions, and friends. It is an honor to have "met" this man through the heart of his friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan:

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you recognize Mr. Sahakian for his contributions to Iranian music.

Yes, he does seem like a very kind-hearted man as Mohammad says. Lucky for his close friends and companions.

Thank YOU for being MY friend.

Mohammad said...

همه مخاطبین بسیار محترم این سایت !
از صمیم قلب از همه شما دوستانی که این پست را مورد توجه خودتون قرار دادید و علی الخصوص از نازی عزیز به خاطر لطف سرشار و بذل توجهشون در نشر ودرج نوشته من در این سایت محبوب و بسیار خواندنی و همینطور از جناب "...گفت " بابت حسن نظر و محبتشون بسیار ممنون و سپاسگزار هستم