Speechless in Fooman

Koloocheh shop in Fooman. Photo by Mr. Zeighami. I'm so embarrassed I can't remember where I got this picture. I promise to look for the source and fix this oversight soon. In the meantime, you should know that Koloocheh Tafazzoli is the best in Fooman. I used to stop by and buy them fresh and piping hot. Fooman is a lovely little town in Gilan with breathtaking nature surrounding it.
On a Sizdah-Be-Dar several years ago, I went for a day trip to Gilan's Fooman. All over the Fooman marketplace, there were piles of lettuce, vinegar, and sekanjebin (sweet mint syrup, an accompaniment to raw lettuce), presented to the public. I entered a handicrafts shop. I looked around. There were many items from Isfahan and Shiraz and Zanjan on display, but I couldn't identify any authentic Gilani or Foomani items. I asked the gentleman store owner whether there were any Fooman handicrafts available. He pointed behind him to row after row of colorful handmade lofah's (leef) on display. He said in his sweet Gilak accent: "Dokhtara ina ro dorost mikonan (The girls make these.)." I asked him to show me which ones his daughters, the girls, had made. He looked at me confused. He said: "My daughters?" I said: "Yes, you said 'the girls' made these." He said: "I said 'the girls' made these; I didn't say my daughters made these. My daughters are studying medicine and political science in Germany and US." I was so embarrassed. I bought two blue lofah's and left quietly. I still have them. I miss Fooman today.


بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

عاشقنه شاملو که سرشار از خاطره و دلتنگي ست براي من ، به نازي عزيزم که امشب دلش تنگ است

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...


در فراسوي ِ مرزهاي ِ تن‌ات تو را دوست مي‌دارم.
آينه‌ها و شب‌پره‌هاي ِ مشتاق را به من بده
روشني و شراب را
آسمان ِ بلند و کمان ِ گشاده‌ي ِ پُل
پرنده‌ها و قوس و قزح را به من بده
و راه ِ آخرين را
در پرده‌ئي که مي‌زني مکرر کن.
در فراسوي ِ مرزهاي ِ تن‌ام
تو را دوست مي‌دارم.
در آن دوردست ِ بعيد
که رسالت ِ اندام‌ها پايان مي‌پذيرد
و شعله و شور ِ تپش‌ها و خواهش‌ها
و هر معنا قالب ِ لفظ را وامي‌گذارد
چنان‌چون روحي
که جسد را در پايان ِ سفر،
تا به هجوم ِ کرکس‌هاي ِ پايان‌اش وانهد
در فراسوهاي ِ عشق
تو را دوست مي‌دارم،
در فراسوهاي ِ پرده و رنگ.
در فراسوهاي ِ پيکرهاي ِمان
با من وعده‌ي ِ ديداري بده.

Farideh said...

Seems "yeki-dar-mian" I have and have not access to your comments page. Anyway, The photo is simply great! And those girls and his girls? Haha, funny & touching. Lucky his girls and poor those girls or... maybe it is vise versa, who knows? Keep well & keep writing.

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

واين دو قسمت از آيدا در آينه :
و چشمان‌ات راز ِ آتش است.
و عشق‌ات پيروزي‌ي ِ آدمي‌ست
هنگامي که به جنگ ِ تقدير مي‌شتابد.
و آغوش‌ات
اندک جائي براي ِ زيستن
اندک جائي براي ِ مردن
تا در آئينه پديدار آئي
عمري دراز در آن نگريستم
من برکه‌ها و درياها را گريستم
اي پري‌وار ِ در قالب ِ آدمي
که پيکرت جز در خُلواره‌ي ِ ناراستي نمي‌سوزد! ــ
حضورت بهشتي‌ست
که گريز ِ از جهنم را توجيه مي‌کند،
دريائي که مرا در خود غرق مي‌کند
تا از همه گناهان و دروغ
شسته شوم.

Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jonam. I loved the picture. I wish I could eat those Koloocheh right now. They look so yummy.
So how long we've to wait for your story. I can't wait anymore. Reading the first paragraph just made me more eager to read the whole thing:)

Mohammad said...

Dear Nazy,
Fooman , to me , is reminiscent of all the fabulous Caspian tours of the Northern Iran. Situated on the way to Massooleh from Rasht, this green township is where we usually stop by to have some delicioius local pies and enjoy some chitchatting with the hospitable sweet Foomanis, ( I came across this link:
http://doostdashtani-2.blogfa.com/post-14.aspx )
Thank you for sharing this nostalgic piece of your stories with us.

آدم گلابی said...

نازی جون می دونم دلتنگیت از چه جنسیه یک بغل گرم گنده برای یک نازی عزیز مهربون
راستی چه عکس خوشمزه ای

Nazy said...

Nedaye Azizam:

How appropriate and how beautiful your gifts to me were. I LOVE Shamloo, though I am not very good at reading him aloud, so I refrain. Beautiful, beautiful, thank you very much my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Farideh Jan:

How absolutely grand to have you be able to leave your comment here, so everyone else can read it,too! It is a hilarious story only in retrospect as I was so embarrassed that day! Ha Ha, good for Foomani girls who are studying to become professionals!

Please come back again soon my articulate friend. You are a joy to hear from. Take care.

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

The thing about those Koloocheh's is that they must be eaten immediately after they leave the oven, or they become hard and not as much fun to eat! In Lahijan, I had piping hot Koloocheh and Lahijan tea one time in someone's house. It was a dream! Lahijan tea is incredible, the best in the world if you ask me!

So, I am not able to do my story yet, while I wait to figure out what to do with the DVD. :( Sorry. I don't want to post the story without you guys' being able to see him, too. I'm sure you understand. Forgive me.

Have a fabulous weekend my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Mohammad Jan:

Thank you so much for that almost poetic reflection on Fooman! Yes, it's beautiful. Have you been to Siamizgi Mountain? I haven't but I have seen photos and I have heard it is absolutely beautiful (though I have had Siamizgi cheese, which is so delicious, but that doesn't count!).

Thanks fo sharing that link with me. I went and read about Fooman and Masooleh and listened to the music, too. Fun!

Come back again soon my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Golabi Jan:

Thank you my friend! Those Koloocheh's are out of this world!

The Mazandarani variety of Koloocheh is also very nice. I remember we used to go to Alamdeh's Ramin bakery and buy the best of them there.

Ummm. I miss them! Come back soon Golabi Jan.