The Boy Who Loved The Mountains

A handmade post card he sent to his mother in Europe.

He started attending the Conservatory (Honarestan-e-Ali-Moosighi) with his uncle and his aunt who went on to become a famous stage actor and director.

Living with his grandparents, his paternal grandfather, a teacher, an actor, the innovator and director of Shahnameh plays (Teatr-e-hemasi), an expert in Shahnameh recitation (Naghali), a calligrapher, and an avid sportsman and hunter, became his role model. His best times were spent hiking and hunting with his grandfather. When he was advised to stay away from football, hiking, and any physical activities which might lead to injuries threatening his ballet career, he was resentful, telling his father that he wished to quit ballet school, and each year at his father’s urging and insistence, he would go back to a higher class at the Conservatory.


Leila Mouri said...

Well,I am still looking forward to more story about him and waiting to find out when you will release his name.
Weldone Nazi, I think I am getting addicted to your posts.

Nazy said...

Salam Leila Jan:

Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comment! It's done, and now you know! He is an amazing man, with a story that had to be told. I am honored his grandmother made me look for him to tell that story. I have another subject I will write about when I have rested a bit. This one is also an amazing character in her own way.

If nothing else, I am delighted to have found a friend in the fabulous Afshin Mofid. He is a friend for keeps. Take care Leila Jan and come back again soon.

آدم گلابی said...

well done Nazi jan, and thanks a million, I am going to the next one!