Tomato harvest in Boushehr's Sana Village, February 2008 (I have cropped this picture).
Another beautiful, sunny day is here, and my work on neglected affairs around me continues. A burst of energy has turned me into a whirlwind of activity, and it seems I can't stop myself, not just yet! The thoughts in my head seem to be fueling the burst of energy with good, happy, hopeful thoughts and some not so happy ones, the result having some type of fusion effect inside me, making me get up and do things to shoo away thoughts and feelings I don't like. I welcome the effect. It beats sitting down and smoking and feeling down. I passed out so tired last night and woke up late this morning, obviously having needed the sleep that had been illusive all last week. I have many more things on my list today, and I'm crossing things out as they get done. Later this evening, I will come back and say some more. Have a good Sunday you all, wherever on this tiny speck in the universe you are. Think good thoughts.


احسان said...

This is the best time of the year in Busher area. The weather is so gorgeous.
I hope you finally got to finish all the wok that you had on your list for Sunday (talk about a busy person... Sunday and a task list!)

Nazy said...

Salam Ehsan Jan:

Akhay...I didn't mean to make you homesick for your beautiful Boushehr, Ehsan Jan!

Working Saturdays and Sundays are few and far in between for me! I don't usually like to do ANYTHING, except if I'm entertaining! Now, that's work I love to do! I will be relaxing for several weekends to come, I assure you, until it's time for Khooneh Takooni just before Nowrooz! Safe for now!