In My Pink Sweater

Nasim Arbabi plays the Kamancheh at Fajr Music Festival, December 2007.
It's Friday. So, I hope I didn't worry you too much with my "spicy" story! Judging from your kind comments and the sweet emails sent my way today, it looks like I might have! I'm good as new and back to the business of life! What did I tell you? True, a part of me still aches for something that was important to me, and will need a bit of time yet to develop its spice (!), but on we go.
I was all set to roll out my story beginning tonight, finishing my posts by Sunday, and publishing it on Monday. Some small things have been delayed, and alas I can't do it this weekend. I'm so sorry for disappointing you. You see, there were no pictures nor videoclips of this dancer's amazing works. We have had to scan photos, apply for copyright permissions and VHS to DVD conversions, and now that I have the DVD, I can't upload the clips, because it hasn't been saved in tracks, and I don't have film editing software (yes, he and I have had to do all of that by ourselves--I told you, we are "uncovering" a gem!). While I run around, enlisting assistance to get it done, we will have to wait. Sorry. I usually try to keep my promises, but I was unsuccessful this time.
I know this will not make up for it at all, but I want to share a videoclip of Nava Aharoni, an Israeli dancer (I believe she is of Iranian descent), who dances a Persian dance. It is called Miniature, and in it she depicts Persian Miniatures in different poses. Watch it on YouTube here and if you can't access YouTube, watch it here. It is interesting in that it is choreographed a little differently. Take a look.
All of their own accord, my children fed me dinner tonight, made me tea, washed the dishes, took out the garbage, and were super affectionate to me. Honestly, I don't know where that surge of affection came from! I even got compliments on my pink sweater and a few kisses on the head, most unusual! I think it is a very good day when some unsolicited and unexpected kindnesses come our way. This weekend, you might wish to try it, too. Make dinner for your parents and kiss them whichever way feels good to you and to them! Treat the kids around you to unexpected ice cream and kisses, too! Wash a loved one's car of the grime of recent rain and snow. Be random and be unexpected, but do show your love to a few this weekend. I am sitting here in my pink sweater, smiling and typing, feeling super special! So rest assured, it works! Have a good weekend and be good y'all.


Daisy said...

Nazy jon, I had to work tonight (I'm not sure how productive I was- but that is beside the point). Anyway I kept checking for your Friday night post. Your silence made me very anxious. Then, I was so relieved to see your new post that I didn't really care if it wasn't your story (I still can't wait to read it). What I'm trying to say is that as long as I know you are ok I can wait for ever. So take it easy and don't rush to get the story out. We are all waiting patiently :)

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

Khasteh nabashi azizam! I'm well and kicking. Thanks for your sweet comment and your kind sentiments. I will tell some side stories tomorrow, while looking for some technical assistance.

Thank you for being my friend, Daisy.

FarNice said...

ooooh! i was lateee. i've read your both posts right now. glad that you doin better . about your kids , it's soooooo sweet. my mom has sent me a little book today with a little note an that, at the end she wrote : wish u having a girl just like yourself. ;)
it is soooo sweet to have somebody who loves you so purely...

cheer up dear,

Nazy said...

Salam FarNice Jan:

Thank you for coming and thank you for your sweet comment. I can most certainly understand your mother's sentiments about having a daughter like you!

Aaah, that unconditional and pure love of parents to their children! It is something that really spoils us as children and for the rest of our lives, we look for a similar love, without expectations and conditions, and by now at least I know that it is not to be found outside of parent/child relationship. Your mother sounds like a writer, too!

Be good and thrive sweet Farnaz.