Sunday With Friends

I had lunch with my friends today. Bayramali had made a fabulous Abgoosht for all of us, and we decided it wouldn't do to eat it at a table, hence the beautiful nostalgic Iranian spread, Sofreh on the floor! It was a wonderful day spent in the company of people I really love. My diet forgotten and nostalgia in full operation, I ate all I wanted and made fun of my friends' eating even more than me! We watched the Oscars together and were collectively bummed out that Satrapi's Persepolis didn't win. It was a day spent in Bayramali's impeccable pad, which felt like heaven to me for a few hours. A most memorable Sunday!
Photo by Vahid


henmen said...

food looks good here.

يكي مثه همه said...

dear dear Nazy
Im back but Im still busy I have changed my office and I have lots of things to do!
thanks for your kind comment, I miss you too but Im back (albatte na be sheddate ghabl;))
take care
Abgoosht nooshe jan

Leila said...

mmm, it is so tempting.It is great you've had such a wonderful time and pity that Satrapi couldn't win the prize.

leila said...

one more thing.Your weblog is now one of my favorite weblogs and I am gonna add it to my linkdooni :)

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joona

Your writings alone can make me to die of Nostalgia, Now I should suffer from Vahid's more picturesque presentation of Abgoosht and Sofreh!

I've missed you all!

Nazy said...

Dear Henmen:

Welcome to my humble blogs and thank you for your comment! Hee Hee, do you approve of our very traditional Iranian spread? It tasted really good, too!

So, I came and visited your blogs. You sound so interesting! Are you from Pakistan? I loved the way you described your feelings about Ghalib's poetry, and how hard it is to explain those feelings to people who cannot read and feel and appreciate it. Poetry in one's mother tongue sits on one's heart, and is rather difficult for it to travel to one's translated tongue keeping the same value and importance.

As emmigrants, we need to assimilate and integrate into our new environment, an environment we chose in which to live. But there is a constant battle inside all of us at the same time to hold on to our native tongue, our heritage, and our memories. That battle can get a bit schetzophrenic at times! Sounds like you're doing an admirable job of winning it! I keep trying.

Thanks again for coming to visit and for saying something. Please come back soon.

Nazy said...

Salam Halat Jan:

Whenever you come and whatever you say is always important to me. I wish you the best of luck with your new endeavors.

The Abghoosht was out of this world!

Nazy said...

Leila Jan:

Thank you so very much for your kind words. Jaye shoma khali, that Abgoosht was out of this world. Since I only eat Abgoosht about once a year, it was a pleasure making a friendship celebration around it this time.

Say, was that your article I saw in Zamaneh recently? You are a very interesting woman, indeed, and I am honored you consider my humble blogs worthy.

Nazy said...

Tameshk Jan:

We missed you so very much! Hee Hee, if only you could see some of these guys eating a whole onion with their food, you would appreciat the distance between you and them!

I'm so glad I'll be seeing you again soon. Please come and stay this time. Santa Cruz is a great place to live, and I am already so excited about all the trips I plan to take there to visit you and look at that gorgeous nature! My son has also applied to Santa Cruz, so I might have more reasons that one to visit soon! Love you Tameshk and my best to Hossein.

Anonymous said...

vay maaaaaaadar che post abgooshti bamazeiiiiiiiiii.I love it. noussssssssssh nounetoon bashe hamegi.


Leila said...

Yes, it was my work. I am still learning:) It is my honor to have you in my friends' list.

jeerjeerak said...

i so crave for that Doogh in the middle of the Sofreh:)
Glad you guys had a good Sunday.

Daisy said...

baz ham salam,

Silly me. When I saw the photo at first, I thought that doogh in the middle of sofre was milk. I told to myself, abgosht and milk, bizarre combination ;)

I'm happy that you enjoyed your Sunday. I hope you have recharged you battery for a new week.

ا. ش. said...

چه قدر از احساس شادی شما من هم شاد شدم! عمیقاً می توانم درک کنم آن با هم بودن در کنار سفره ای ایرانی چه حال و هوایی داشته. برای همه ی شما قلبی روشن و گرم آرزومندم.ء

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
دیگه چی؟
رژیمو بی خیال.آره؟
ولی این رژیم آدماشو ول نمی کنه.اون پیاز مردافکن رو کی قاچ کرده؟ پس خود دیزی کو؟ گوشت کوب کجاس؟
مگه گوشت و نخود و اینهارو نکوبیدید؟
نشد.اینارو که جواب بدی خودش میشه یه پست آبگوشتی.بایرام عزیز هم یه بار دیگه پا شه اما با رسومات کامل.ضمنا با رنگ شیش و هشت ایرونی خلص نه با مراسم اسکار!
خوش باشین همیشه

Nazy said...

Thank you Marzieh Jan:

Jaye doostan hamegi khali bood! It was delicious and the company was fabulous!

Nazy said...

Leila, Leila!

Good for you my friend! I enjoyed reading you! Writing is a wonderful activity, hobby, and a good way to share humanity. You're fabulous!

Nazy said...

Jeerjeerak Jan:

Jat khali bood azizam! When you come here next, we can make Bayramali make the Abgoosht again! I stay away from doogh (you do remember the Dooghi Terrorists story, right?!) but those who got into the act couldn't keep their eyes open after lunch, and some of them actually took a good nap sitting in their chairs afterwars!

Be happy Jeer Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

Milk and Abgoosht! Sounds interesting and bizarre at the same time!

I have actually come down with a horrible cold (no, I didn't get it from anyone yesterday), and had to stay home with aches and fever. But physical maladies aside, yes, it was a very wonderful weekend.

I see that your recommendation has received good reception. Thank you for your gift of friendship to all. Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

Dear Kind Alef Shin:

I'm glad you approve of the Iranian spread! As we have discussed before, sharing food with each other has a very special meaning in certain cultures and ours is one of them. It matters not what we eat (though the Abgoosht WAS heavenly!), so long as we eat it together.

Jaye shoma va sayre doostan-e Kayhani ham khali bood. I hope you are having a good Tuesday in Tehran.

Nazy said...

Masoud Jan:

By the time Ala Hazrat and I arrived, having gotten lost on the freeway for over an hour, the food was ready, so I don't know who cut those onions! Yes, there was a goosht-koob, and a whole pot of goosht-koobideh, too! It was the second course. The picture shows just the first course. Rest assured that this was a very "authentic" Iranian fare!

No shish-o-hasht, but when I got there, everyone was watching Mehran Modiri's "Pavarchin."

Jaye shoma kheili khali bood. I hope you have a good Tuesday Masoud Jan.

bayramali said...

Dear Nazy
Thank you for your coming. you guys made my day yesterday. I really appreciate your lovely post and your beautiful gift . It is always great to be with you . your encouragement makes me to continue my way for cooking !!
I hope see you in my small and green cottage again :D

Assal said...

I, too, was hoping for Persepolis to take home the prize...but it was up against Ratatouille, so I wasn't keeping my hopes up!

On a happy note: I loved that No Country for Old Men took home the main prizes, because it was the best film I've seen this year, although I feel like I need to see it a couple more times to fully get it.

Your ab goosht looks yummy. I wish I had it in front of me right now!

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Ashpaz Bashi Bayramali!

You are a true "kadbanoo" (can we sa "kadagha?")! Your sofreh was colorful and your food was delicious. I am impressed! Aghajon digeh vaghtesheh ha! Thank you for the memories Bayram Jan. Good going! Afarin!

Nazy said...

Assal Joonam:

Marjan Satrapi told the New York Times reporter just before the Oscars "I am competing against a rat!" I believe she had a very good sense of humor and proportion about her chances. I adored her movie and I think she has enough awards to her credit now not to be too bummed out about her loss.

I just love the grandeur of Oscars. It was fun to watch, though I hadn't seen most of the movies. I'll try and do better this year by seeing more movies so I will have more than just three favorites next year!

I wished I knew how to make Abgoosht and I would make it for you and Parham one of these days. I know some other dishes, though, and if you let me I'll cook for the two of you soon.

Have a good Tuesday sweet Assal.

آدم گلابی said...

how wonderful that there is this group of like minded Abgoosht lover friends there! I loved the Sofreh, that's what I do too when I am nostolgic! I throw Sofreh. I am so happy that you had a great weekend with friends you deserve it
love to you and your warm hearted friends especially Sir Bayram khan

Nazy said...

Salam Golabi Jan:

I agree with you about having good friends with things in common. It does make life easier and happier. Yes, it was a very good time indeed. As is the tradition with me, I managed to get myself and Mehran lost on the way to Bayramali's house. We were lost for a long time, all the time talking and laughing. By the time we arrived, my face hurt from all that silly laughing (for 2 hours!). The rest I have described in the post. It really was a beautiful day, jaye shoma khali. Be good Golabi-e-Azizam.

! said...

چه خوشمزه بنظر میرسه همه چیز !!
راستی ببینم تو آبگوشتش دنبه هم ریخته بودین ؟؟؟

Anonymous said...

Dear Nazi,
Noosh Jaan,
Next time when you are having next Abgoosht party, remind brother Baayraam about 2 important traditions:
1- In order to be juicy and authentic, onion should be punched not cut by knife.
2- "Liteh" and "Sabzi Khordan+ are missing.
Please tell Baayraam these unconventional innovations will cause Ali Bighams sole to vibrate in the grave

jeerjeerak said...

of course i remember. your Dooghi Terrorists2 is one of my all time favorite stories;)

Nazy said...

Salam Uni-Far Jan:

Jat kheili khali bood, doostam.

Yes, there was donbeh, too! It won't be a proper Abgoosht without donbeh now, would it?

Nazy said...

Salam NeghNeghoo Jan:

Thanks for coming back! I come and read you and laugh a lot. You are really funny!

Yes, I know about مشت تو پیاز a la Ali Bigham! Bayram had a really good spread. He had shoor instead of liteh. I think the ladies helping in the kitchen may have cut the onions; otherwise Mr. Nostalgia himself, the movie buff, knows how to prepare the onions, I am sure!

Say, NeghNeghoo Jan, do you remember those Chelokabab home deliveries? When I was a child, I remember Chelokabab being delivered to homes and offices in huge round trays (majmaeh), with each Chelokabab serving on a plate, with a cone-shaped aluminum cover. Were you around when that was all the rage? The delivery guys would carry that heavy tray on top of their heads from the restaurant to their destinations on foot! Now, that is food nostalgia for me!

Be good and happy Parviz Jan.

Nazy said...

Jeer Jan,

I eat my yogurt and my water separately now! Dough is like a Valium, anyway, putting everyone to sleep before their lunch is over!

! said...

nope the proper Abgoosht should have Donbeh !!!