Monday's Riches

Flower bush on the sidewalk, Sunday, February 3, 2008.
My co-worker, Darnell, tapped on my closed door this morning and came in. In his hands he had $75 which he extended to me. I looked at him confused until I remembered that I had participated in the office football pool for yesterday's Superbowl game. Hee Hee. The box with my name in it had the final score's numbers on it! Darnell said to me: "You are so lucky, Nazy!" I smiled to myself thinking of a thousand more reasons for which I am lucky, which Darnell doesn't know. Later in the afternoon I went out and bought a huge cranberry tart for $25, and treated the office to some of their own money! I could afford it, for I was a rich girl today!
On the drive home, I was thinking about luck. I was thinking that sometimes when I am not particularly looking for miracles, for good news, or for surprises, I somehow unexpectedly stumble over them. I suppose that makes me lucky. Take a look at one of the pictures I took on my walk yesterday. Isn't it just a beautiful flower? Isn't that color just so vibrant and full of life? It is a beautiful picture, if I may say so myself! But the beautiful flower is not the most important thing about this picture. Take a look at the small blossom to the left of the flower. Do you see that tiny speck of yellow on it? It is a brand new flower petal, trying to get out! It's as though it is impatient and can't wait to bloom and get out to look at the world! It's as though this one tiny fragile petal is trying to peek and see the world and go tell its other friends its observations about it! I am so lucky, because I took that picture, and I saw that tiny speck of a yellow petal in it! You know, this probably means that the chaos and deadlines and commitments and obligations which comprise my daily life haven't deprived me of the power to see things like that yet! I can still see. I am lucky. I am rich.


jeerjeerak said...

i sometimes adore the way you look at your surroundings. This look is the very essence that makes living "happy":)

Anonymous said...

Dear Nazy,
I'm fascinated by the power of positivity and the uplifting energy that exude from the words you pick. I like the rich content of your blog. I wish greater luck and prosperity. I would like to introduce to you this interesting blog ( just in case you don't know it yet ) and I hope you like it:
Thank you for the wonderful writings! and for being such a gracious Persian.
Kind regadrds,
Mohammad, 32, an in-bound tour guide from Tehran.

Mohammad said...

Dear Nazy,
I'm fascinated by the power of positivity and the uplifting energy that exude from the words you pick. I like the rich content of your blog. I wish greater luck and prosperity. I would like to introduce to you this interesting blog ( just in case you don't know it yet ) and I hope you like it:
Thank you for the wonderful writings! and for being such a gracious Persian.
Kind regadrds,
Mohammad, 32, an in-bound tour guide from Tehran.

خانم شین said...

فوق العاده و انرژی بخش. واقعا که ثروت درونی همینهایی که تو نوشتی. توانایی دیدن زیباییها. توانایی لذت بردن از آنها.... چه خوب که می تونی اینها رو توی وجود خودت ببینی و ازش لذت ببری. ثروتی داری که هر روز بیشتر می شه و هیچ چیزی در اون نقصان ایجاد نمی کنه... موفق باشی عزیزم

! said...

نازی جونم سلام
عجب عکسی ...
می دونی واقعا این طریقه ی نگاه کردن زیبای تو در اکثر اوقات موجب تعجب من میشه و خیلی قلبا شادم می کنه ...
می دونی من شایدم بهتر باشه بگیم ما ! چه طرحی داریم ؟؟
من شایدم بهتر باشه بگم ما بنیان گذار طرح گردن بند شکر گزاری هستیم !!! می دونی یعنی چی یعنی یه چیزی رو که خیلی زیاد در روز می بینم اون رو وسیله قرار می دیم که فکر کنیم به خوش بختی ها و خوش شانسی هایی که داریم و به تمام نعمت هایی که هر روز از کنارشون بدون توجه رد میشیم و برامون خیلی عادی جلوه می کنن
نازی جونم تو به من ساعتی خوش رو هدیه کردی من هم به تو یک شعر هدیه می کنم ...
شعری معروف از حافظ

دانی که چنگ و عود چه تقریر می کنند
پنهان خورید باده که تکفیر می کنند
ناموس عشق و رونق عشاق می برند
منع جوان و سرزنش پیر می کنند
جز قلب تیره هیچ نشد حاصل و هنوز
باطل در این خیال که اکسیر می کنند
گویند رمز عشق مگویید و مشنوید
مشکل حکایتی است که تقریر می کنند
تشویش وقت پیر مغان می دهند باز
این سالکان نگر که چه با پیر می کنند
صد ملک دل به نیم نظر می توان خرید
خوبان در این معامله تقصیر می کنند
ما از برون در شده مغرور صد فریب
تا خود درون پرده چه تقدیر می کنند
قومی به جد و جهد نهادند وصل دوست
قومی دگر حواله به تقدیر می کنند
فی الجمله اعتماد مکن بر ثبات دهر
کاین کارخانه ایست که تغییر می کند
می خور که شیخ و حافظ و مفتی و محتسب
چون نیک بنگری همه تزویر می کنند

راستی نازی جونم من امروز صبح رو با یک لیوان بزرگ آب سیب دست افشان خودم که سیب هاشم از برای باغ طالقان بود و بدون سم و کود رشد کرده بود شروع کردم و خیلی شادم ..
کاش شما هم بودید و از آن نوش جان می کردید و لذت بسیار همی می بردید
شب خوش برای شما و روز خوش برای من !!
خوب بخوابی عزیزم

nasim said...

Nazy jan,

I really like they way you at the world.
In fact being fortunate is not something you are born into or a particular life style or an achievement.. it is simply a state of mind.. and you have that state of mind. Best of luck to you in everything!

Anonymous said...

نازی جونم چند وقته که نتونستم بیام این ورا..
خواستم بگم دلم برات تنگ شده...وبرای نوشته های قشنگ و انرژی بخشت

Shahin said...

...and you have a rich blog as well!

قلب خوشبخت said...

Dear Nazy
the words which you pick, is very facsinating for me, I adore your positive way of thinking and such a hopeful approach toward life,
I read this post 5 times and really immerse my self in its bright outlook.
I am a a rich person too, because I have you and your fantastic approach towards life.

آدم گلابی said...

just see what beautiful impression you have on anyone who reads your post, lucky you and lucky us. I loved the picture that little blossom and the yellow flower reminds me of the whole circle of life...
thanks Nazi joon for being the messenger of love and beauty

Nazy said...

Salam Jeerjeerak Jan:

Thank you so much for your kind words! And I always adore you! Hee Hee, yes, I lead a happy life, mostly because of choice, but also because I just don't know how else to live! Not too long ago, I wrote a post about "waiting to grow up!" There is so much joy, so many good things, so much fun to be had, the way I see it!

Mind you, let me also tell you that I do cry a lot. I do get sad. I do sit by myself and cry real tears many times. But once done, I go back to the better parts of life, because they are a lot more interesting than the sad parts! No excitement happens in tears, it happens in parties and gathering and flower bushes and family and friends. Aah o naleh might be therapeutic, but it lacks the substance of joy and excitement, so it gets boring fast!

Be good aziz-e-delam.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Mohammad:

Hello and welcome to my humble weblog. How very kind of you to come, read, and leave this very sweet and kind message. Thank you for your compliments, too. I went and visited the blog you recommended. It sounds very interesting. I will be sure and go visit it to pick up "positive thoughts" for myself!

I love Iran, Mohammad Jan. What I do comes from my heart. Your job sounds so interesting! Do tell us more about it if you can. I am sure you can add so much to our tales of Iran and its many fantastic sites and people.

Please come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Shin Jan, Shin Jan, I am so glad you came to see me! Thank you for your kind complements. Coming from you, they mean something really special to me.

Hee Hee, I did look at your last post, talking about looking for positive thinking in other people's blogs. Boy, am I glad you came to visit me on a good day! Thank you for being my friend and for being so sensitive, special Shin. You are the best.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Farshad-e-Azizam:

First, let me tell you Noosh-e-Jan! Organic and chemical-free apple juice, how delicious!

Next, I want to thank you for your very sweet words and your beautiful poem. I L O V E that poem! It is very considerate and kind of you to give me such a valuable gift. Thank you.

Please come back soon.

Nazy said...

Marzieh, Marzieh, baba kojaee?

I have missed you my friend. I hope this is all temporary and that you will be back to your nightly visits to me, soon.

Jat kheili khali boodeh azizam. Come back soon.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Shahin:

A new friend! How exciting! Welcome my friend. Thank you for your complimentary comment. Please come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Salam Khanoomi Jan:

Yes, yes, you are rich! Very, very rich! I always read your sweet posts, so full of joy of life, in anything and everything that you do. I loved your posts about visiting your family, and the times when you took such pleasure in really simple things, like cooking and entertaining family.

You are entirely too kind to me, my young friend. I hope your spirits are sunny in rainy Cardiff.

Take care and come back again, zood-e-zood.

Nazy said...

Salam Golabi Jan:

You and your beautiful baby are messengers of circle of life and joy and beauty! Thank you for your kind words. The best kind of writing for me is one that comes from my heart, and feels no inhibition about talking about the joys of life. I am glad you enjoyed it. I love reading you, too! Take care Golabi Jan.

Assal said...

This post reminded me of a beautiful movie I just saw called "Into the Wild". It is based on a true story and really teaches you and inspires you to seek happiness in the simplest things in life, to moments in nature, and moments shared with people who cross your path. I highly recommend it...it's even Oscar-worthy in my opinion!

And on a final note: Go Giants!!

Nazy said...

Assal Joonam:

I saw that movie. Unfortunately, it depressed me more than I can say. I felt so bereft and sad during the movie, because I knew the inevitable ending, and for days afterwards. I think it was hard on me as a mother, thinking that a beautiful, intelligent, and loved young man would abandon real life in search of meanings he felt his parents had failed to show him. What if that were my son?

I know it is an Oscar hopeful, which is part of why I saw it, and it was a beautifully-made movie, but without any entertainment value for me. Sorry to disagree with you my wonderful friend!

On a happier note, YES, GO GIANTS!

Assal said...

No hard feelings for disagreeing over the movie. But, this movie didn't sadden me. I am sorry he died, but he died actually having lived. He went searching for something and it wasn't really for Alaska...it was for truth. And he found it before death. Maybe when I am a mother, I will see it in a different light.

Love you.

! said...

بابا این چه حرفیه
شعر که قابل تو رو نداره ...