Celebrating Life

A carpet in progress in Arak, Iran, December 2007.
And so, it's Friday. I have been running around like a mad woman for several weeks, trying to get my dancer piece published. It was published yesterday, and thanks to you and my other readers on Iranian.com, it received spectacular reception. In just under 24 hours, it received some 4,000 visits.
Afshin Mofid is an extraordinary man with an amazing life's story. What did I tell you? Was I right? The truth is that I know I am not even an "average" writer; I am a volunteer writer who likes to experiment with words, writing from her heart. If ever I receive a good reception, it is because of the subjects I cover; they deserve all the credit. From arts and artists to social issues and ordinary people, it is never about me; it is about the people and stories in the center of the story. He was a perfect subject about whom to write. I am so delighted that he is happy and that he approves. That was my mission, and my mission has been accomplished. Afshin tells me that his family have seen the piece all over the world and are very happy for him for finally being reconized for his accomplishments. The only other Mofid I would like to see satisfied with the effort is my beautiful old neighbor, Mrs. Mofid, who is no doubt looking down at all of this with a smile from heaven.
I am tired now. It is a good thing we are entering a three-day weekend in the US, when America celebrates Presidents' Day on Monday. I am going to see my dear friends, trying to recover not just from the story business, but from some other stuff that have had me stumped for a few weeks. I am going to hang on to my friends like dear life and talk, laugh, and dance with them. I am going to spend time with my poor, neglected sisters, nieces, and nephews and let us all cover each other in love, getting spoilt! I am going to spend time with my boys, if they have time for me, to catch up on some of their doings. I am going to live this weekend. Just for me--live like I was just born, and live like there is no tomorrow. I am going to give the biggest, tightest, warmest hugs I have ever given to those I love, kiss the biggest kisses I have ever kissed, and laugh the loudest I have in a while. I don't need flowers, for I buy the most beautiful flowers for myself all the time. I am past needing and appreciating jewlery and nice clothes, for I have owned the very best and I have all that I need now. I am not going to dream of vacations in resorts, as I have done it all. I just want the one thing that has ever meant anything to me in my life, and I have it in my hands and in my heart already, the love and acceptance and trust of those I love and who love me. Wherever they are, I'll be thinking about them and sending them good wishes (including you), or if they are nearby, big smackaroo's on their faces! I am getting ready to celebrate life this weekend. I invite you to do the same. No gifts, no flowers, and no isolated celebrations can ever take the place of a real relationship and a true friendship. Have a good weekend and be good y'all.


Ahmad said...

Well, I couldn't pass this without commenting. You are right: you are not an average writer, you are a great one. Your writing is inspiring and heart-warming. I personally enjoy your posts because of the subject and English writing both.

I read the amazing story of Afshin Mofid. It is indeed a journey of life; to be an accomplished ballet dancer by about 25, to have the courage of taking refuge in nature for a couple of years, and to become a professional.

I could not stop until I finished it, and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your great job!

jeerjeerak said...

i disagree, you are a way above average writer. You have style and you inspire your readers, and that's all that counts:)

آدم گلابی said...

you put your heart into what you write and that is what makes your writings far away from average one can feel all the love and warmth you put into your work even in your simplest daily writings Nazi jan,
have a great great weekend and enjoy the warm presence of your loved one

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Ahmad:

Boy, I should write more things to make you speak up!

Thank you so much for your comment, and for your support. Thank you also for leaving a comment on the post in Iranian.com.

Yes, I believe Afshin Mofid to be very brave, too. When I listen to him talk, he is so at ease and at peace with himself and his life, it is hard to remember that like his colleagues, he, too, could have stayed in Ballet all these years. (Many of the dancers who danced with him are now Ballet teachers post retirement from stage, a few in the same School of American Ballet.)

He said he had felt like a minority all his life; a boy wearing leotards and doing ballet in Iran, the first Iranian and Middle Easterner ever at the NYCB, the only ballet dancer who read hunting magazines in the locker room, the only ballet dancer who was hanging out with those tough guys in the wilderness, etc. That couldn't have been easy for any ordinary indivdual to handle, I believe. He must have a very strong character to have dealt with all those situations smoothly and successfully.

Thanks for your support. I'm glad you liked the story Ahmad Jan. Happy Sunday!

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Beautiful Jeerjeerak:

Hee Hee,thank you for your sweet words! Though they won't go to my head (I promise!), they were sweet to hear. Thanks Jeer Jan.

Nazy said...

Thanks so much Golabi Jan. You guys are entirely too kind to me. Yes, my heart beats in my writings even if they are average. Be good aziz-e delam.

Anonymous said...

Now that we are on the topic of your writing skills, I want to say that it’s always a pleasure to read your work. I love the way that you can persuade words to convey your feeling. It is always possible to feel the presence of the writer in what they write, but more often than not as background noises. With your writing noise becomes a clear signal.
I read your photo-essay on Iranian.com thanks for a superb, informative work.


Nazy said...

Beautiful Shahireh:

Thank you so very much for coming back and for your very kind comment. As an artist whose work I really love and appreciate, your words of encouragemen really mean something special to me.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Mofid piece. I was talking to him again on the phone last night. He says people have been writing and calling him, giving him their good wishes. That's really superb! He was the perfect subject to write about, and his humble way of telling his story and answering questions, with 0 ego factor (!) kept energizing me to tell his story as best as I could.

Thank you again my friend for reading my scribblings. You are a joy to have in these parts.