That Love Seems Easy At First

In Zanjan's Sahrain Wildlife Sancturay, a park ranger offers a suger cube (so Iranian!) to a squirrel, February 2008.
I started replying to your kind comments and got most of them done, but not all. I was tired and decided to stop and come back when I can do a good job of this, the best part of blogging in my opinion. It has been a crazy week for me, full of commitments and running around, feeling stressed for looming deadines. It looks like I am almost caught up with most of my commitments. I am exhausted and in need of some solid sleep. I will make another post later in the day.
My friend, Mina, of IranWrites, who is a very sensitive and articulate writer, has written a beautiful post about her pets, three dogs, which is really sweet to read. She has also generously dedicated that post to me. I feel honored. I have had many pets in my life, but I will never forget my sweet dog, Gorgi, and my beautiful cat, Oscar (his Iranian name is Asghar). When I moved to US two years ago, I had to leave my cat with a kind man in Karaj who has been taking care of him since. Animals bring joy and love to our lives, and become our families. I think Mina's description of her special relationship with her dogs is indicative of just how important animals can become in our lives. I found it touching that among the many political and literary reviews Mina writes, she wrote a very personal post about her pets. If you can find the time, go take a look and read her piece. The woman knows how to write! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her dogs, bill clinton, Mercutio, and Ginger.


Anonymous said...

نازی جان چقددددددددر جواب هایت دلچسب و شیرین است ولی عزیزم
این همه مهربانی تو خیلی وقت گیره! من که دلگیر نمی شم اگه جواب ندی فقط از یک لذت بزرگ محروم می شم ! :(
راستی فارسی ات هم مثل انگلیسی ات شیرینه...خیلی شیرین و در عین حال با نمکککککککک جوابت به بایرامعلی هم مثل کامنت ایشان نمکین بود.
پایدار باشی و شاد شاد

Anonymous said...

نازی جان تازه نوشته قشنگت رو خوندم.امیدوارم که روزهای آینده برات شادی و آرامش داشته باشه.از اسم گربه ات خیلی خوشم اومددد تا حالا نشنیده بودم. حال اصغر خان خوبه حالا؟ آخی جان من هم بچگی گربه داشتم و هنوز هم عاشق حیوونام و از یاسمین بیشتر احساسات نشون می دم.خنده داره شاید برای بعضی ها.
وبلاگ دوستتون رو هم دیدم .ولی هنوز نخوندم.غیر از اسامی سگ هاش! ها ها
کلیتون طفلکی..........:))
پر از انرزی باشی و آرامش نازی گلم

آدم گلابی said...

dearest Nazi
I was and am amazed at how committed you are to replying to your comments which I know how time taking can be, I had a dog too and I left him with my mum when I came to Canada I still dream of him!
wish you a great weekend full of love, harmony, peace and a lot of sleep!

Anonymous said...

Love you Nazy jan. You're truly one of a kind. I wish I could clone you.

Hugs and kisses,


Nazy said...

Marzieh Jan:

I LOVE reading and replying to comments. This is the best part of blogging for me.

در مورد فارسی نوشتن من هم باید بگویم که من همیشه با نمک نیستم. نمیدانم چرا وقتی به این بایرامعلی میرسم مضحک می شوم (لوا و مهران هم همیشه مرا سر این قضیه دست می اندازند)! شاد و خوشحال باش مرضیة مهربان و با وفا.

Nazy said...

مرضیه جان. اصغر حالا در کرج زندگی می کند و اخبار واصله از سلامتی و خوشحالیش خبر می دهند. من عکس های او را به زودی اسکن می کنم و به شما نشان می دهم. من خاطرات خیلی جالبی از همزیستی خودم و این گربة حنایی دارم. بچه های من این گربه را از کسی وقتی به اندازة کف دست بود گرفته بودند و به منزل پدرشان برده بودند. او هم که اصلا اهل نگهداری حیوان نبود (من خیلی خوب این را می دانستم، اما بچه هایم هنوز نه) ابتدا پیش بچه ها حاتم طاعی شده بود و قبول کرده بود. اما پس از گذشت یک ماه با غر و لند گربه را از خانه اش اخراج کرد و من ماندم و دوتا پسر بچة گریان که نمیخواستند از گربه شان دور شوند، پس او بعد از آن چندین سال مهمان من شد. وقتی کوچک تر بود یک بار از بالکن طبقة چهارم به قصد گرفتن یک گنجشک از روی شاخه های درخت بیرون بالکن، از طبقة چهارم به داخل پارکینگ سقوط آزاد کرده بود. وقتی رسیدیم او را نالان و خونین پیدا کردیم. او را به اورژانس حیوانات در ونک بردیم. گفتند باید عکسبرداری شود. معلوم شد جمجمه اش ترک خورده و دماغش هم شکسته،که طی مراتب خاصی اصغر آقا تحت درمان قرار گرفتند و بالاخره خوب شدند، اما ماجراهای من با او تمام نشدنی بود. همیشه در می رفت و به منزل همسایة پایین که یک خانم جلسه ای بود می رفت و می پرید داخل منزل آن خانم "بشور و واشور" وسواسی. آن خانم خیلی از ما به مدیریت ساختمان شکایت می کرد. من یک بار گربه را بغل کردم و رفتم زنگ خانم جلسه ای را زدم و وقتی در را باز کرد با دیدن من و اصغر خانم از وحشت داشت می مرد. گفتم خانم می خواستم این گربه را بیاورم و رسما و از نزدیک به شما معرفی کنم که دیگر از او نترسید. خانم جلسه ای هم در را روی من و گربه بست! یک بار دیگر هم اصغر گم شده بود و چند روز پیدایش نشد. بعد معلوم شد با استفاده از پنجرة باز یک همسایة بخت برگشته که به سفر رفته بود، اصغر آقای هم چند روزی را در آپارتمان آن خانم اطراق کرده و در رختخواب ایشان خوابیده، و منزل ایشان را کن فیکون کرده است. خوشبختانه سرایدار منزل کلید خانة خانم را داشت و توانستیم برویم و جمع و جور و نظافت کنیم تا باعث سکتة آن همسایة دیگر هم نشویم. خوب خیلی حرف زدم. شب بخیر مرضیة زیبا.

Nazy said...

Salam Golabi Jan:

Not to worry. Time spent on comments is really time spent on pleasure for me. I am going to reduce the other volunteer work I do, just so I can spend sufficient time with the comments.

What was your dog's name? My dog actually had two names: Gorgi Dexter. He was a German Shepherd/Husky, so he was HUGE! I remember when I took him on walks, if he bolted, he would be pulling me into the air at 50 miles per hour! I will talk about my dog stories some other time. They are just as funny as my cat stories! In the past I have talked about my parrot stories, too! Pets are really wonderful, bona fide members of our families in the end.

Be good Golabi Jan.

Nazy said...


Look at who's calling me one-of-a-kind! I am so very happy to see you back, or did I say that already!! You were missed beyond words. This has been a very good week, indeed!

Daisy said...

I loved this phrase:

"a park ranger offers a suger cube (so Iranian!) to a squirrel"

So true and so funny!!

آدم گلابی said...

my dog's name is Ci Chi! well being a little neat freak I never wanted to have any pet at home then one night Babak's friend brought this gorgeous dog saying that he found him on the street he had the leash with a name tag and the most beautiful eyes and that was it! I fell in love with him! later I found out that his owner had left him on the street because he got married and his wife did not like having pets at home. When Babak saw him for the first time, he started talking to him and asked him: Ci Chi velet kardan too khiaboon pesar jaan? (Babak is half from Shiraz!) and thats where the name came from!
he is a Terrier and a medium size one day I will put a picture of him one day AND you are a true animal lover aren't you?

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

I'm glad you approve! Hee Hee, I go "photo hunting" several times a week and when I saw those whole series of pictures, I smiled for a long time. Here, take a look for yourself. They are fairly amazing. I love those Iranian park rangers!


Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

Golabi Jan:

Ci Chi sounds absolutely dreamy! Babak is a Shirazi? How fabulous! I miss my Shirazi reader, Pardis. Marzieh is also a Shirazi. Give Kakoo my best regards!

Yes, I do love animals. I have always had my pets in reaction to situations, never choosing deliberately to own a pet, but when they have entered my life, much like you, I have embraced and loved them endlessly.

My kids wanted us to have a dog in our house. I have resisted it, as having any pet would mean another load of responsibilitie for me, as they just love to hold and play with animals, oblivious to their maintenance and care. I think when they grow older and move to their own homes, they can adopt as many pets as they like. I will then go and visit them and play with their pets!

Take care my wonderful friend and have a great weekend.