Dance With Me

Nouvelle Vage Sings Dance With Me.

It's Friday. My week went by in a whirlwind of activities, minor accomplishments, and a pleasant event. I want to tell you about stories tonight. Those who know me, know to always expect me to tell them stories. I would often start many conversations by telling my friends: "Let me tell you a story," or "bezarin baratoon yek ghesseh begam." My stories don't surprise my friends anymore, but they are polite enough to endure (really, what choice do they have?!).

I believe there is a story in everything. Some of us never see it. Some of us see it but can never tell it. Some of us see it and tell it. Simple as that. Sometimes there isn't just one story, but several, all in the same seemingly mundane thing. So, take this videoclip, for example. The story about this videoclip is that my friend, Jahanshah, has a small corner on his website, Iranian.com, called "Stuff." He posts videoclips of things he likes, music he enjoys, and things he finds amusing there. With hundreds of article and news bits on the site, nowhere else on Iranian.com is more about Jahanshah himself than this small column. Last night he had posted this videoclip there. It is a song called "Dance With Me," by a French band, named Nouvelle Vague. It is ovelapped on a dance scene from the 1964 French movie, Bande A Part. It is a sweet song which has been perfectly rythmed on top of the movie scene, and the result is lovely.

The story of Bande A Part (or Band of Outsiders) is that it is a comedy classic by the great Jean-Luc Godard, the famous French director. Here's what the original dance scene looked like. The story on top of this is that American film director, Quentin Tarantino was so impressed by this movie that he named his movie production company, "A Band Apart" after the film and referenced it in his movie, Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction became an instant classic in the world of cinema in 1994. I even remember in Kamal Tabrizi's movie, Marmulak, in one scene Quentin Tarantino and Pulp Fiction were referenced and that was hilarious! So, how many stories did I just tell you?
I wish you all a very good weekend, full of joy and relaxation. I hope all of you who have a special person in your lives, would make time to go out and do something really special with him or her alone. Go out for a nice long walk, go to dinner for two, or go see a movie together. Those of you who really like someone but have never found the courage to do something about it should probably also do something about that soon, and why not this weekend? Try it, it might work! Those of you still looking for someone, please don't give up, keep on looking. Life can be so full of surprises when you least expect them. Be bold, be brave, and confess your love for all those who matter most to you in your life. You won't regret it, I gurantee it. Be good y'all.
P.S. The spacing on this post doesn't seem to work and I'm too tired to keep working on it! Bebakhshid!


بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

آخر هفته هيجان انگيزي داشته باشي

Nazy said...

Merci Banoo Jan! And I hope the same for a good week for you in Tehran. I heard the sun came out finally. I am so sorry for all those lives lost in the freezing cold of Iran. I hope it warms up a bit for life to resume as usual soon. Take care azizam.

FarNice said...

Hi Nazy joon,
i've waited and waited waited for an Email, which i didn't get it ;)
just want u to know everything was perfect and cool :)
about the mail, i'm just kiddin, i wished for a warm "nazy-talk", but with or without answering to my email i'm always mokhlesim! ;)
wish u a gr8 weekend. have fun :*

مانا said...

نازی عزیز من مشتاقانه منتظر داستانهاتون هستم.از همه داستانهاتون هم می آموزم.درس زندگی را.شاد باشی

masoud said...

یه قصه دیگم هس
حکایت یه دوسته
کدوم دوست؟
همون که اسمش نازیه
یه کمی ناز نازیه
نازش ولی نیازه
که با همه می سازه
دنبال چی میگرده؟
دنبال یه نشونه
نشون خونه دوست
کدوم دوست؟
اونی که براش مهمه
باش بگه و بخنده
هرجا بره بگرده
وقتی که خسته میشه
کنار اون بشینه
دستشو بده بدستش
خداوند به حق این روزها و صاحب این روزها حوائج همه رو ختم به خیر بگرداند

Nazy said...

Salam Bar FarNice-e-Azizam:

You are right and I apologize for my tardiness. But I am so happy for you! I saw your picture and you looked absolutely beautiful that night! How blessed. I wish you the very best and I will be in touch. Thanks for visiting sweet FarNice.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Manaye Mehraban:

I hope you are better and your pains are gone! You are too kind to me, my friend. I love telling stories when I'm in the right mood. I was on a roll for a couple of weeks there, weren't I?! I'll get back to it soon. Take care Unforgettable Mana.

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

What fun! My own poem! Thank you so much my friend. It brought a big smile to my face. "Signs" have a profound meaning in my life, ever since I read the book, Alchemist (Kimiagar). So the poem had an interesting reference in it for me. Thank you.