Confessing and Accomplishing Kookoo Sabzi

A member of the Mehregan Chorus performs at Fajr Music Festival, Tehran, December 2007. I so wished I could hear them sing.

I am feeling so light and relieved today. Those of you who have been reading me longer know that since July I have been talking about writing a story about an Iranian dance artist. I was working on my project happily, if a bit sluggishly, when two months ago I lost all my files, notes, links, and interviews in an unfortunate crash, unable to retrieve my files. I was so overwhelmed with grief and so embarrassed to call the artist again and to re-interview him. Finally, through a set of events, I did make contact with him again (he is a very gracious man) and we have renewed our commitment to do the story. I am so relieved to have finally confessed the problem to him. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders all of a sudden. We all know that it is really good to come clean when we have a problem, but somehow actually doing it can become a dilemma sometimes. Anyhow, I feel great about that. I will be working on it, brining you a fabulous story about an Iranian who has brought so much fame and honor to Iran and Iranians, but about whom very little has been known in the Iranian community over the past three decades. You will really really like this story, I promise.
I don't know if I mentioned that my sons' friend, Iden is living with us this semester, so until further notice, I have three sons in my house! Today Iden and I were alone in the house. I heard him talk his sweet Azari to his mother in Iran on the phone, and I remembered the days my son was living away from me in Europe and then in the US, when I was missing him and worrying about him all the time. Anyhow, all this past week I was feeling weak, so I hadn't gone grocery shopping, and a house that has three young men living in it becomes devoid of food very quickly. Looking in the refrigerator, I found some items with which to make a salad and some kookoo sabzi today, and Iden and I had lunch together. It makes me happy that he was studying math all day. I have never seen my kids study like this, and it's a wonder to me how they pass their courses, but they do. I washed the dishes and cleaned the counters and looking back at the clean kitchen after several days' neglect, I thought to myself that when I'm tuned in to my environment, like I was all day today, there is so much more to see and about which to feel happy and accomplished. Even the simplest, silliest of things can become a reason to feel happy and satisfied.
I'm around this evening, working on my "relationships" piece. I'll be online until I pass out, so perhaps we can chat "online" if you care to leave comments tonight. Be good y'all.


Anonymous said...

خوشحالم که خوبی و می بینمت که نشستی اون جا و می خونی و می نویسی دوست دانشمندمن
شب خوبی داشته باشی و یک شنبه بهتری.هنوز هم پستت رو نخوندم باید یاسی خانوم را حمام کنم با اون موهای بلند ...ولی خدمت میرسم
فعلا بای

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Marzieh-ye Azizam:

Ha Ha, Daneshmand? Hardly, my dear! How wonderful to wash your little girl's hair! Having had two boys and no girls, I did miss being able to fuss over a little girl with barrets and fun clothes, though I did steal some fun moments with my nieces, something which continues to this day. My nieces (all 8 of them) are gorgeous and a lot of fun. At least 3 of them are among my best friends in the world. Enjoy the mother-daughter time together Marzieh Jan. Come back when she goes to bed. "See" you!

Leva said...

Salam Nazy janam,
I worked half a day online today from home, took a nap and went to CalExpo with Vahid. He brought me lunch to bed, while I was working. I worked all morning but get out of my bed at around 4Pm!
Anyhow, we are in his uncle place tonight for dinner and I m in their little son room now and leave you this comment DOZDAKI. I m so full and i can not have one more bite, so I escaped!
By the way, I do have a great picture of one of your delicious Kookoo Sabzy. Do you want it for your next post? ( cheshmak!)

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Joon-e-Del Leva:

(Perhaps I better call you "Levaye Badjens" instead of Joon-e-Del?)

Sounds like someone received the royal treatment today! I'm glad you are having a good time with your family.

I have missed you guys so much. Well, that was until you just tried to blackmail me with that photo!

I came to visit your blogs tonight and you had closed the comments section. How can you and Mehran do that? Maybe I have something to say sometimes?! Ha Ha! I have something to say all the time, you would counter!

Enjoy your evening and your weekend my sweet friend. My best to Vahid (he would never let you use that photo against me!).

Helaleh said...

Nazy joon, I can not wait to read your piece about relationships. I know it's going to be something! :)Can I see a draft?;) ...

Nazy said...

Salam Helaleh Jan:

Hee Hee, you read that comment, huh! I'm working on it. I'll send you an excerpt in a minute and you will see! I want you to come over and talk to me, so that I can have your input in it, too. Just say when! Have a great evening my friend.

Leva said...

Well, Sometimes my posts are getting too personal, but I did open it just for you. it is always great to see your read my PIZOORY blog and it is even better to see your comment. I m waiting for your idea now.
By the way, I do use that photo one day. That photo is nothing, but a reminder of a great person with smile oh her beautiful face all the time and her BINAZIR DASTPOKHT.

Nazy said...

Thank you, leva Joonam! Ha Ha, now you're trying to fix things with me! After all this talk from you and Mehran about that picture, I think I really want to see it sometime, to see if it's worth the bribe you guys are trying to extort out of me! How bad can it be? Just a harmless plate of kookoo sabzi! On second thoughts, forget I just said those things. How much do you want for it?!!

Thanks for opening the comments section. Off I go!

Your dastpokht is absolutely fabulous my dear. I never forget the koofteh and abgoosht and ash reshteh, things that are very hard to make, even for oldler, more experienced cooks. Speaking of experienced cooks, neither one of us can hold a candle to your mother's cooking! She is something else!

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

جان و جهان! دوش کجا بوده​ی
نی غلطم، در دل ما بوده​ای
دوش ز هجر تو جفا دیده​ام
ای که تو سلطان وفا بوده​ای
آه که من دوش چه سان بوده​ام!
آه که تو دوش کرا بوده​ای!
رشک برم کاش قبا بودمی
چونک در آغوش قبا بوده​ای
زهره ندارم که بگویم ترا
بی من بیچاره چرا بوده​ای؟!
یار سبک روح! به وقت گریز
تیزتر از باد صبا بوده​ای
بی​تو مرا رنج و بلا بند کرد
باش که تو بنده بلا بوده​ای
رنگ رخ خوب تو آخر گواست
در حرم لطف خدا بوده​ای
رنگ تو داری، که زرنگ جهان
پاکی، و همرنگ بقا بوده​ای
آینه​ی رنگ تو عکس کسیست
تو ز همه رنگ جدا بوده​ای

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Nedaye Azizam, My Poetic Friend!

How very beautiful and how good it feels to read that poem right about now! How have you been? I have been to visit your blogs but haven't left a mark, yet!

My younger son and I are going through a patch of hard times, and for all intents and purposes, I am keeping a serious face with him. Just as I was reading your poem, with a big smile on my face, he came in and I had a hard time going back to being serious with him. Of course he is wrong in thinking that my "serious stage" with him has passed, but for now he thinks I'm back to being my usual pushover self! Hee Hee. It's so hard to do anything when we blog, let alone being a serious parent!

I hope you are having a good day in Tehran, where last I heard it's snowing again and elementary schools are closed again. Are you at work?

Anonymous said...

خوش به حال آیدین...درست نوشتم اسمشو؟
در این شرایط خاص کجا بهتر از خونه گرم شما
منتظر نوشته جدیدت هستم.
مرضیه ..

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

بله نازي جان سر کار هستم و به خاطر سه روز مسافرت ، اندازه 1 ماه کار عقب افتاده دارم
چقدر خوب که نوشتن اين شعر تونست اين کار و بکنه
شايد يه روزي به پسر گلت گفتم که دليل ادامه ندادن مامانش چي بوده :)
برف امروز هم با روزهاي قبل خيلي فرق ميکنه
محشره ... و حتي مي تونم بگم رويايي
نازي جان کاش اينجا بودي و با هم يه پياده روي طولاني مي کرديم و کلي صحبت مي کرديم

Anonymous said...

راستی چی میریزی توی کو کو سبزی؟
رازشو بگو لطفااااااااا


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
خوب ترین زندگی را بهترین آدمها (اگر بشود تعریفشان کرد) ندارند بلکه از آن کسانیست که خوب زندگی می کنند.وقتی به اطرافت نگاه می کنی و اینهمه دلیل برای خوشحال بودن پیدا می کنی،خوب زندگی می کنی.رمز آرامش نسلهای گذشته شاید در همین باشد،نه اینکه چون کم برخور دار بودند بلکه چون از کم خود راضی و خوشحال بودند.
پست قبلی را بدلیل احتمال سوء برداشت چیزی ننوشتم.
ناگهان پرده برانداخته ای یعنی چه
مست از خانه برون تاخته ای یعنی چه
پست امروزت کاملا مادرانه بود
دیر زی و شاد زی

Nazy said...

Salam Marzieh Jan:

Khasteh Nabashi! Yes, his name is pronounced Ay-Din. He is a wonderful young man, and I hope that the three of them will have a good influence on each other. All my life I have hosted my children's friends in our house. I am used to having their friends come and go and occasionally stop to talk to me. Those "traditions" I told you about have given me a whole host of young friends in Iran, who occasionally call just to talk to me, and to tell me how they miss our traditions together.

My ex-husband's grandmother, bless her soul, taught me how to make Kookoo Sabzi. If you already have your herbs ready, it is a piece of cake! The key is to break the eggs one at a time, mix, and break the next egg, add one tablespoon of flour, and some garlic powder in the mix along with salt and pepper. Next, heat up the oil (unfortunately, lots of it), pour the mix and cover, wait for five minutes and lower the heat. Once you turn it over, don't cover it anymore. Voila! Excellent, fool-proof kookoo sabzi everytime! I send her a Fateheh everytime I make Kookoo! If yours turns out well, too, please send her a Fateheh.

Be good Marzieh Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Neda Jan:

What a wonderful description of the snowy Tehran, to be expected of the Winter Festival Lady!

I, too, so wished we could walk in the snow and talk. Someday soon, I hope. Enjoy your beautiful day my friend. We have rain, rain, and more rain tonight. It feels good to be inside and glued to my laptop, just listening to its drum on the roof and against the windows.

Take care azizam.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Masoud:

Thank you for your comment. By now, I would not misunderstand any comment you write for me. Don't ever worry about it.

Masoud Jan. You are a man, a husband, a son, a brother, and a father. In each of those identities, you might have something to say which is a little different from what you say in another role. You might be someone's co-worker, and another's neighbor, a customer to a store, and a provider of service in your business. You are still the same person, but you talk differently in each role.

I, too, am a mother and a woman. I have thoughts and ideas and dreams and fears. I express those feelings occasionally, and I hope I don't shock and dismay, for the simple reason that what I say comes from my heart, and here, in my space, I don't have some of the inhibitions I might have when I am in a family gathering or in a social setup. Bear with me, as I so want to continue to be honest.

By the way, I love that poem. Have you heard Shajarian sing it? Thanks so much for your continued presence and your intelligent contributions. You are a very special man.

Nasim said...

salaam Nazy jan,

I am happy to see that you are feeling much better. I hope you enjoy your weekend. I have enjoyed your recents posts alot. particularly the one about women and relationships with Sima bina singing.

Nazy said...

Salam Nasim Joonam:

I'm so sorry I had to break our lunch date on Friday. I hope you have forgiven me. I can't wait to see you my friend.

Thank you so much for reading and for commenting. I was in a talkative mood! Ha Ha! No regrets. Calling it like I see it is a brand I wear now! Let's break bread and talk next week my friend. Have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

مرسی نازی مهربانم
خدا رحمت کنه همه رفتگانرا
همین امشب براشون فاتحه می فرستم


Nazy said...

And Thank you, Marzieh Joonam. Khoda raftegane to ra ham rahmat koneh. Be good and goodnight to you. I'm going to call t a day now. Happy Sunday!

Narges said...

Salaam Nazy e Aziz,

I liked your writing and attitude toward life very very much .Writing can be a good way of connection and feeling transferring.I have read all your writings on Iranian.com and it is like reshreshing to me.Just wondering how I can improve my writing skill.I am very good reader but not writer!I am gonna start it.In fact,one of my new year's resolutions...
Many thanks,khanumi for all your distribution to iranian community.
Good luck

Nazy said...

Salam Narges Jan:

How honored I am to see a new reader! Welcome and thank you for taking the trouble to read me and to leave a comment.

Your English appears quite good. You said it correctly, my friend. The key to good writing skills is reading regularly, and then practicing writing. As we write more, we get used to expressing ourselves more fluently. My writing has many flaws, I know. I was unsuccessful in enrolling in a "creative writing" class this semester, as the only class offered was filled very quickly. If you live in the US, try finding such a class in your nearby community college. It is a great way to learn to be expressive in writing.

Please come back and visit again Narges Jan. I am delighted to have you as a new friend.