From right to left, Hamed Nikpay, Professor Lotfi Zadeh, and his friend Kimmy, today at Alborz Restaurant, Berkeley.
Over the past 72 hours, I have learned that life can be full of small and big surprises, chance meetings and pleasant renewals. I was sitting at my desk contemplating what to do for lunch today, when I received a call from my friend Hamed, who was in-between classes (he teaches music in Berkeley's Persian Center), wondering whether I wanted to go to lunch. Visiting Hamed always cheers me up, as seldom have I met artistically-gifted people who are so down-to-earth and approachable. He met me outside my office and we started walking to our usual eating place, Alborz, to grab a bite, talking to each other at 1,000 words per second! When we arrived I found my charming friend, Lotfi, having lunch with his scientist friend, Kimmy. All of a sudden I was even happier! Lotfi came over and met Hamed and introduced his friend to us, telling me that having lunch with me soon is on top of his list! We shall see about that, but in the meantime, who can resist the charm of this man, so I believe him! He looked dapper and energetic as usual. Hamed and I talked about life and friends and music and I can't remember what. As they were leaving, I asked them to pose for a picture for me. I couldn't resist sharing the photograph and the memory with you. Life continues to be good.
P.S. I have previously talked about Lotfi here, here, and here, and about Hamed Nikpay, here and here.


Shahrzad said...

Nazy Khanoom it's a bless to have good friends.
Their happiness is so obvious from the picture : )

masoud said...

چو روی دوستان باغست و بستان
بروی دوستان بین بوستان را
چو می دانی که دوران را بقا نیست
غنیمت دان حضور دوستان را

سلام نازی خانم
همیشه خوش باش و با دوستان باش
در عوض حزن دیروز،امروز مهمانتان می کنم به غزلی از خواجو

باز چون بلبل بصد دستان ببستان آمدیم
باز چون مرغان شبگیری خوش الحان آمدیم
گر به دامن دوستان گل میبرنداز بوستان
مابکام دوستان با گل ببستان آمدیم
آستین افشان برون رفتیم چون سرواز چمن
دوستان دستی که دیگرپای کوبان آمدیم
همچوگل یکسال اگر کردیم غربت اختیار
مژده بلبل را که دیگرباگلستان آمدیم
ازمیان بوستان چون بیداگر لرزان شدیم
برکنار چشمه چون سرو خرامان آمدیم
چشم روشن گشته ایم اکنونکه بعدازمدتی
از چه کنعان بسوی ماه کنعان آمدیم
جان ما گر مابرفتیم از سرپیمان نرفت
ساقیاپیمانه ده چون مابه پیمان آمدیم
گرپریشان رفته ایم اکنون توخاطرجمعدار
کاین زمان بر بوی آنزلف پریشان آمدیم
صبر در کرمان بسی کردیم خواجو وز وطن
رخت بربستیم و دیگر سوی کرمان آمدیم

کسی از دوستان اهل کرمان هست؟

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

من فکر مي کنم که اين ما هستيم که به رابطه هايمان رنگ مي دهيم و اين رنگ درون ماست... و نازي جان رنگ دل ات بزرگ است و سخاوتمندانه... خوشا رنگ از دل ات گرفتن

Marzieh said...

ناز ی عزیز و مهربان
اومدم بگم که به یادت هستم ولی وقت نکردم پست قشنگتو بخونم و چیزی در آن باره بنویسم... فعلا سلامی و عرض ادبی تا بعد! خدا نگهدارت باد

مانا said...

دوستان خوب موهبتند.چقدر هالیه که قدرشان را میدانید

ا. ش. said...

هم‌پیش‌آیی‌ها سبب قوع هم‌بستگی‌ها می‌شوند.
Coincidences bring about the correlations!

Anonymous said...

شب ِ بارونی ِ تهرون، شب نمناک ِ ترانه س!
شب ِ رگبار ِ عزیز ِ خاطرات ِ عاشقانه س!
پرسه ی من ُ تو با هم، تو محله های شمرون!
نقره ریز ِ خنده ی تو، زیر ِ قطره های بارون!
کوچه های تنگ ِ تجریش، پرسه های خیس ِ دربند!
رو لب ِ تو زنده می شد، خط ِ جاویی ِ لبخند!
می دویدیم زیر ِ بارون، زنده گی تو مُشتِ ما بود!
هر نگاه ِ تو شروع ِ یکی از ترانه ها بود!

نازی کاویانی عزیزم
استاد خوبم
بغض من ترکید ودلم باز شکست و سیلی خوردم وبرق از سرم پرید ودل بریدم .
خانم داریم می ایمم ینگه دنیا
البته کانادا
چند وقت دیگر
وبلاگم رو حذف کردم
خواست بگم که خیلی دوستتون دارم
خدا می دونه چقدر برام عزیزید
برای همه چیز ممنونم
شاگرد شما که خیلی دوشتتون داره

Nazy said...

Salam Shahrzad Jan:

Yes, good friends are a gift through and through. I am so lucky to have so many special friends all over the world, yourself included. Friends are our partners in joy and our rocks in our sadness. (I made them smile for me!). Be happy Shahrzad Joonam.

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Thank you so much for those beautiful poems. I really enjoyed the Khajouye Kermani poem. Yes, we do have a bona fide Kermani in our midst. It is Ala Hazrat Haj Agha. I tease him all the time because when he is happy and telling a good story, sometimes I can sense his sweet Kermani accent! Kermani's are great, warm, hospitable, and so generous. Thanks again for everything.

Nazy said...

Salam Neda Jan:

Thank you for your kind comment. I could never take credit for my friends, except to pride myself in having them as friends.

Lotfi Zadeh is the inventor of fuzzy logic, a man whose entire life to this day at 86 years of age has been dedicated to science and learning and teaching, enabling many inventions without ever taking a cent for his tireless work and his brilliant mind. His life with his lovely wife, Faye, is so simple and so austere. You would never know that many people in the world became millionaires using his concepts.

A young man, Hamed Nikpay, is a brilliant musician who can play many instruments, with a heavenly voice, and many scores of composition to his credit, filling a large theatre in San Francisco recently with hundreds of fans and people who had come to hear him sing.

My friends, whether they are world renowned scientists or emerging artists, or bloggers, or poets, or writers, or homemakers and taxi drivers and saraidars, are the joys and gems of my humble life, an artless, science-less, average woman. YOU give me color, Neda Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Marzieh-ye Azizam:

It's always a joy to hear from you, whether or not you read my stuff! Have a good evening my night-owl friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Mana Jan:

And among those good friends is "YOU!" I am a very very fortunate woman in many many ways. Be good unforgettable Mana.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Alef Shin-e Aziz:

Ha Ha! You have no idea how true and how appropriate that statement has been in my life recently! Surprises and surprises have come my way, opening my eyes to things and people who had always been around, it seems, but whom I had never really seen and touched before. Coincidences have indeed turned into correlations! And you are truly brilliant! I bet you are smiling as you are reading this, somehow knowing exactly what I mean! Take care and stay warm in chilly Tehran, Alef Shin Jan.

Nazy said...

Parsa, Parsa, Salam!

I am so glad to hear from you my friend! A new life in a new part of the world, how exciting! I am so very happy for you my young friend. I hope everything goes well for you and that you attain everything you deserve, which is a lot, in life. I am really delighted for you. Don't erase your weblog. Keep writing in it. But now perhaps you will write happier posts and you will look to your brilliant future with more hope. I wish you the very best in life. Please come back again soon.

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

نازي عزيز
من به آقاي لطفي زاده با خواندن اين کامنت ، ارادت پيدا کردم
من راجع به منطق فازي خوندم ، اما نمي دونم که آيا منظور شما هم همون مبحث هست يا نه که اين منطق فازي دنياي بسيار جالبي براي من بود
بهر حال اگر برايت زحمتي نبود براي ما راجع به اين منطق بيشتر بنويس

Nazy said...

Salam Neda Jan:

Yes, he is the same Professor Zadeh who developed the fuzzy theory. I cannot address your question, because I am not at all qualified to do so. You probably already know more about it than I do. Did you look at the links to the stuff I had written about him before in this post? I don't know much about his science, but I do love his character, his charm, and his jokes, a couple of which I wrote in those earlier posts! Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Perhaps one of our many engineer and scientist friends can answer that question. Take care azizam.

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

"an artless, science-less, average woman" !!!!!!!!!!!
NO NO ; I don' agree with ...

Nazy said...

Ha Ha Neda Jan. Thank you, but it's true! I have to live with my limited capabilities everyday, so I should know! I'm so glad you and I are talking almost online! This is so much fun. Be good azizam.

Ahmad said...

I am so amazed to see Prof. Zadeh's picture in you blog and know that you are friend. I checked the other posts you'd written about him and I'm delighted to learn about his personality. Thank you very much for letting your readers know about this legend.

ا. ش. said...

نازی عزیز به سلامت باشند! چه زیبا با جمله رابطه برقرار کردید! البته عبارتی که برای شما نوشتم از من نیست، از فیلسوف فیزیک برجسته
van Fraassen
است. آیا شما نوشته ی "پیوستگی یا وابستگی" مرا خوانده اید؟

Nazy said...

Sensitive Ahmad:

I am delighted to see you back! Finally I did something to get you to talk to me again, it seems!

Yes, Lotfi is my friend and I am happy to know that you know him. Where do you live? If you are ever in these parts, perhaps we could go visit "the legend!" He truly is a remarkable man with an awesome amount of energy and joy of life. I think everyone is a little blessed because of Lotfi. Please come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Alef Shin-e-Aziz:

Thank you. Yes, I had read that beautiful piece you had written and I read it again tonight. It makes good sense to me. Here's the part of your article which is most fascinating to me, as a question about the subject has been with me recently:

بايد به کنه نگرش خود رجوع
کنيم، اين که به چه و چگونه م ینگريم: نگاه انسان در دوستی همواره بايد به سوی پيوستگی باشد. آن رابط های که
با مبادل هی پيام بين دو فرد در يک مراوده ی دوستانه برقرار م یگردد، در اصل و ريش هی معنايی و فلسفی خود با
بستگی متفاوت است و لزوماً به آن نم یانجامد، بلکه در سرشت آن پيوستگی وجود دارد. اين نگاه ماست که با
فرآوری اطلاعات کاذب ارتباط را به سمت وابستگی پيش م یبرد، ارتباطی که به نشان هها فروکاسته م یشود. در
حالی که نگاه مبتنی بر مهر، فرآوری و پيوستن مهر را در دوستی به دنبال خواهد داشت.

As usual, it is most rewarding to engage in any discussion with you, as I learn and if I'm lucky, I can even apply what I have learned to my life!

Still, I can see you smiling at me for how you caught me in the middle of my "surprise" state, knowing that I needed this lesson and this was a "teachable moment" for me! Good going and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

ا. ش. said...

از توجهت سپاس گزارم نازی عزیز. وقتی نوشته ی اخیرت را در بالا می خواندم به این فکر می کردم که خداوند اینک فرشته های بخشش و رحمتش را نه در پیرامون شما، بلکه به سوی قلب شما گسیل داشته است؛ گاهی قلمی را قلبی می نگارد. با سپاس دوباره.ء