I call this unnamed picture "Woman with Flowers." From Iranian.com, Photo by Horizon, a very gifted photographer in Tehran.
Someone has to remind me occasionally that life on the internet is not real. Or is it? Are the people we meet on the internet real? Are our relationships with those people behind the blogs limited to a few paragraphs the blogger writes and a few mindless or mindful comments we and others leave there? Do we ever get to meet the essence of the individuals behind the blogs and the comments? I'd like to think that we do. Though we might not be able to see the whole person, or all of that person, the parts that we do see and touch are real.
A sarcastic individual might tell me: "Get a life, lady!," but I would like to confess that I have laughed uncontrollably at some blogger's jokes, I have cried inconsolably at another blogger's woes, I have worried deeply about another blogger's dilemma, and I have spent a whole day thinking about some philosophical post I read somewhere. I get upset when a blogger who feels the blues turns off his or her comments, leaving me without a way to talk to him or her, to leave a greeting or to try to soothe the pain and to bring reminders of happier days, just like I would appreciate if someone did it for me. I am delighted when I read an intelligent comment by a reader, or see that the meaning of my post has found a home in his or her heart. I miss my readers and wonder why they haven't come back. My more experienced blogger friends tell me that one of these days I will grow tired of replying to every single comment, and that I, too, will only reply when a reply is warranted. Today I doubt that very much. Never in my life have I disregarded the greetings, Salam, of an indiviual. When someone talks to me, I answer. So, O.K., suppose that someday I get so many comments, I won't have time to deal with all of them on an individual basis! Until such day, I write to hear from people, and when I do, I reply.
More important than my daily posts, I love the dialogues that take place inside my comments section, where my readers show me their beautiful hearts and brilliant minds. I wrote my post last night, with a mind burdened with thought and a heart full of hope. I write this post tonight to thank all of you for commenting on yesterday's post, but specially Alef Shin, who surprisingly wrote in his perfect English (as opposed to his usual perfect Farsi), telling me that he has seen the love of motion inside my soul. I am grateful for that observation, mostly because until I read that comment, though I was quite aware of it, I had not been able to verbalize that love thoroughly myself. My heart is touched today by the knowledge that I am read and understood, and that is as real as it gets for me. Thank you to all.


Marzieh said...

سلام نازی جون
تو به نظر من یه بلاگر خیلی با
احساسی...نمیتونم به کلمات بیارم فعلا
یه دوست خیلی مهربان دوستت دارم

jeerjeerak said...

Nazy joonam, I didn't get a chance to live my blog life for the past few days, I have to go back and see what's happening in your previous post, but i can say this: you are exceptional in how you deal with your readers. I had never seen anyone like you in this sense. You know, every single time that i opne your blog and see my name in your list, i smile to have occupied a space in your virtual home:)
Lots of love, Jeer.

Marzieh said...

من برای خیلی ها کامنت میذارم
بعضی ها گاهی جواب میدن و خیلی مهربانن و بعضی هرگز یک بار هم جواب سلام من رو ندادند من باز هم سر میزنم نگرانشون میشم و دوستشون دارم ولی تو........... به نوشته های من جون میدی احساس می کنم که خواننده هات رو دوست داری این دوستی رو می بینم می چشم و دوست دارم.برات آرزوی بهترین ها رو دارم.
اگه یه روز اینقدر گرفتار شدی و پر خواننده که نتونستی تک تک حواب بدی نگران نباش
از لا به لای نوشته هات عشق به انسانیت و دوستی هویداست.

نیلوفر said...

I know the photographer . I saw the Abyane pictures in his Computer before and i really loved them but I didn't know he has a website . He is a really nice man .
Thank you for the link . I am so excited :)

نیلوفر said...

I am just going for the blogs which make me feel they are real . And i have to say i love the way you are answering comments . Your weblog is alive Nazy jan.

! said...

سلام نازی جونم
این ا.ش ما رو دست کم نگیرید ها ..
راستی نازی جونم خیلی ممنونم بخاطر تشکرت بابا این حرفها چیه !!

Marzieh said...

عکس این پستت هم خیلی قشنگه
اینقدر زنده که آدم میخواد یکی از گلبرگهارو برداره:)

Alireza Mojjarab said...

Salam Nazy Jaan,

I don't think this blog life is different than the real life. In fact it is part of the reality.

I always liked that you reply your comments positively. it doesn't work for everyone but I believe it suites you well :)

ا. ش. said...

Yes! I appreciate the love of motion inside your great soul. And not only motion, but also the moment your soul is in motion. Unfortunately, I could not write my previous comment in Persian, because I intended to emphasize on all three words "movement, motion and moment" which sound coherent and meaningful only in Germanic (Gothic) languages including English. In Persian, this triple link of concept is broken, but I am working to identify an appropriate connection in Persian too.
نازی عزیز از حسن توجه شما نیز بسیار ممنونم. لطف شما همیشه شامل حال این حقیر و "بعد کیهانی" بوده و من از این بابت واقعاً از شما سپاس گزارم. زیبایی در درجه ی نخست به خود شما و نگاهتان برمی گردد. خداوند به شما سلامتی و توان کافی بدهد تا همیشه از نوشته های زیبایتان بهره ببریم. من هم هرگاه چیزی درخور فضای شما در ذهن داشته باشم قطعاً از بیانش دریغ نخواهم کرد. ضمن آن که داشتن این همه خواننده ی خوب (که من کمترین آن ها هستم) جداً چه نعمتی است!ء

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

رندان سلامت می​کنند جان را غلامت می​کنند
مستی ز جامت می​کنند مستان سلامت می​ کنند
شنيدن اين همه سلام و داشتن اين همه انرژي براي جواب دادن به تک تک شون
رو نمي دونم چه اسمي مي شه روش گذاشت اما هر اسمي که باشه ، خيلي بزرگه
من مي خواستم يه پست براي اين موضوع بزارم که حالا بهتره اينجا بنويسم و اون اينه که هيچ وقت اون روزي رو که اولين کامنت رو در بلاگ من گذاشتي ، فراموش نمي کنم و هنوز هم هر وقت ميايي و مي نويسي همون لبخند رو لبام مي شينه با ديدن اسم ات
جزييات رو در مرا زندگي کن مي نويسم ، اما نه حالا

Anonymous said...



Nazy said...

Salam Bar Marzieh Azizam:

1. Thank you. You are very kind. I, too, visit many blogs and always try to say something related and intelligent, seldom expecting to hear back. When I do hear back, I feel good in having been acknowledged. That's all. I'll keep that one, too, until I grow tired of it. I think the best part of blogging is the interaction with readers.

2. I'm glad you liked Horizon's photograph. I agree, it is remarkable.

3. Thank you for the link. I visited and listened for a while. Thank you for thinking of me. Be good and happy azizam.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Romantic Jeerjeerak! I am still buzzed with that music videoclip you posted last night! I think YOU are the exceptional one, my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Niloufar Jan:

Thank you my friend. How exciting that you know that artist. It's so good to know that in addition to being a good artist, he is a nice man, too. The combination of art and knowledge and a good heart is unfortunately not as common as we would like it to be, I'm afraid. Whenever I meet artists, if I find that good heart in them, I make it a point on reporting on it. Be good Niloufar Jan.

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan:

Your Alef Shin is a remarkable individual. Rest assured, his true essence is felt and appreciated by many, and I will never take him for granted! Take good care of yourself in that ice and snow!

Nazy said...

Dear Alireza:

Thank you for your comment and for your compliment. Hee Hee, I think what you say might be true because of my age! People don't like to be addressed too warmly by people their own age, perhaps thinking that they are being patronized (matronized?!!), but accept it better from someone a lot older! I can say with conviction that I do care a lot about people, and have no reservations about showing it. I can only hope that it is received in the spirit in which it is given. Thank you again.

Nazy said...

Salam Alef Shin Jan:

You are so kind. Thank you very much. I think blogging will not be nearly as much fun or as rewarding if intelligent and kind readers didn't come to read and to comment. I have learned so much from you and your students over the past several months.

When I read a post from my blogs at the Internet gathering in San Francisco a few months ago, in the following Question Answer period I was asked how I had managed to get so many intelligent and educated readers to come and participate in the discussions (you know, in blogging life, mine is considered a very young and as yet "immature" blog). I said I think the reason might be that I get so stimulated to read those comments and I react in a way that brings those readers back. You and your group are certainly among the people the audience were referencing. Thank you for the gifts of thought and compassion whenever you come to visit. Cosmic (Universal) Dimension is certainly a very interesting spot on the cyberspace for me. Though I don't feel qualified to participate in all the dialogues, I do enjoy reading all of them. Take care and be happy Alef Shin Jan.

Nazy said...

Dear Winter Neda:

Thank you for your kind comment. It is always a pleasure to see you around here, with your poetic and intelligent comments. The pleasure of visiting your sweet and happy blog is all mine. I hope you are starting a good weekend in Tehran.

Daisy said...

Salam NAzy jan,

Although I haven't left you comments as much as I used too lately (because of the Holidays), reading your blog is the second thing I do everyday after checking my e-mails (and leave comments later on). I come back every time eagerly to read your new posts and also to see what your replay to my previous comment was.
I believe life on the internet is real for all those beautiful reasons you mentioned. I also believe that the new friendships which shaped from these blogs are real. Meeting people in person and talking to them is the traditional way of making new friends which is still good and I love it but there is also a modern way as well.
The outcome, friendship, is the same whether you meet people in person or on-line. The internet has affected all aspect of our lives so I think we should not be surprise by its influence on our relationships. I feel like I talk to you more often than I talk to some of my best friends overseas.

Bottom line is that I don't what to imagine the day you stop responding to the comments because it is one of the most exciting thing about your blog. You are such a people person and this is a wonderful quality that isn't easy to find in people. I feel fortunate to find “From Berkeley”.

Nazy said...

Sweet Daisy:

Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. I enjoyed reading your take on this internet living. Thank you also for your kindness to me. I think myself pretty fortunate in finding you, Daisy, the girl who had hopefully planted seeds in her backyard when I first met her last year. I hope your garden is always green and that all your seeds flourish and enrich your life. Be happy azizam.

masoud said...

سلام نازی خانم
این تصویر مال هر که هست،باشد.آن دست،دست توست که گل را پیشکش کرده ای و از اتفاق گل کاغذی(؟) هم هست.زندگی جلوه همین رابطه هاست.خصوصا ارتباط کلامی و بطور اخص کلام مکتوب.یادت باشد:کلمه نزد خدا و کلمه خداست.هر کلمه به مثابه معلولیست که از هستی علت خود خبر می دهد و تو به نیکوترین وجه هستی خودرا عرضه می داری
به پاس مهربانی ها،میهمان نوازی ها،همدردیها و همرنگی هایت همه بر می خیزیم و یکصدا سلامت می کنیم
که سلام کلمه خداست

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Masoud:

Thank you very much for your comment and for your compliments. Your words about "kalameh" and "salam" are beautiful and heartwarming. What is a beautiful house without the excitement and hustle and bustle and noise and laughter of guests in it? Nothing, an empty room. I am honored to have guests such as yourself, reading, thinking, saying, laughing, and making me laugh. Thank you for your friendship.