At the Seminar

We are here. We did five blog presentations already, and now Sima Shakshari of Farangopolis is giving her presentation. I'm glad I'm done with my reading! Take a look at http://parsarts.com / who are live-blogging the event. Here's my picture of (from right) Omid Memarian, Arash Aramesh of Berkeley Forum, and Jahanshah Javid of Iranian.com. I will write again soon, if I can.


Nastaran said...

Good luck to you and others, waiting to hear more about the gathering.

Nazy said...

Nastaran Jan: It is a pleasure to be visited by another blogger! I hope you have been looking at the photographs. It has been a very successful event, I think. I'll know for sure very soon.

First chance I get, will come and visit your blog. Thank you so much for coming to visit and for leaving this warm comment!

Vahid said...

Hi Nazy jan:
It was a great night and we had heck of fun!!!!! By the way, not sure about tommorow night! We'll see though :P,,,,

Take Care

Nazy said...

Vahid Jan: I am honored you came again and left me a comment! Thank you for coming to the Seminar and for patiently sitting through all the presentations. It is always a pleasure to see you. I will call you tomorrow to see what your plans are.