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I have a new post in my blog on Iranian.com. It's entitled Googling Iranian Style. Shobeir's post about people finding his blog searching for "Shajarian's Wife's Photo" reminded me that I had to finish this piece! Thanks Shobeir. P.S. Serendip reports that with all the serious material she posts on her blog, the most frequently searched and accessed post on her blog is the one covering Sofreh Aghd (the Iranian wedding ceremony spread)! I'm glad we don't take ourselves too seriously. I find all this delightfully funny! P.P.S. Do other bloggers have stories they might wish to share?


Siah said...

I looked up the search terms on my counter for the past month here they are

یه حبه حرف
فال روزانه
الگوریتم مورچه
الگوریتم ژنتیک
جان هالند

I feel a little proud of the outcome of my blogging :) of course there were some search term related to sexual fantasies but they fall behind the above terms

! said...

نازی عزیز ..
من واقعا از ایده های نو خوشم میاد ...

یه مطلب عجیب ...
امروز من صیح ساعت 7 بلند شدم و رفتم بیرون جایی کاری داشتم در راه بازگشت تنبلیم اومد ماشینم رو بگذارم توی پارکینگ ...
همسایه زنگ زد که فرشاد خان در باک بنزین رو نبستی !!!
رفتم دیدم بله ..
پیرو طرح سهمیه بندی بنزین ، بنزین ماشین اینجانب به سرقت رفته !!!

Pardis said...

Nazy jan,
I read your article. The search keywords were surprising!
But I am sure about something: no matter based on what keyword people find your blog, since they see your blog and read your articles, they will love your writings. Your writings are great.


P.S, Nazy jan, about the previous post, yes dear, I have several corners here too. one at the office and a few at home. My daydreaming happens in all my corners (:))!) but mostly at home.

jeerjeerak said...

Okay, dumb question: How do you figure out what people searched to get into your blog?

shobeir said...

LOL, Dear nazi I've nothing to share except: عکس محبوبه‌ي آندره ژید

I'm not sure but I may start again...!
shad zzid

Leva said...

Are you sure you wanna know about mine?
Ok. I will compy and paste from my Google Analytic page:
2. جنده
3. فرزاد حسنی
4. www.balootak.com
5. آگهی ترحیم
6. mouhebat sobhani
7. رزومه
8. فرزاد حسني
9. آگهي ترحيم
10. بارداری

I have no idea about number 6.
And i m glad at least some people reach me by searchin Resume!

mehran said...

I don't have google analize, i should instal one i guess

Nazy said...

Siah Jan. I knew you have stories to tell, too! Someone by the name of mohajaf left the following comment on my post in Iranian.com:

"Farsi search engines are rather dumb and there is very little web
content in Farsi. In fact, most of the Farsi web content seems to be
produced by weblogs. In a web-content-rich language such as English, blogs are usually considered noise for search engines, when they appear as
the result of searches that do not specifically target blogs. In Farsi, the noise completely overwhelms the non-blog search results. Add to this the naivete of some of the Iranian users who are new to this whole thing. Quite frequently, my blog comes up in the search engine for some phrase that I do not even have there the way the user intended. Still the user clicks on my link, hence increasing the rank of my blog URL in that search engine for the irrelevant phrase.

Once somebody had searched "doorbin-e makhfi dar sona-ye zananeh" (hiden camera
in ladies bath house). The phrase or any meaningful part of it does not exist in my blog. Still, my link came up in the third page of Jamasp SE. Third page, and yet the searcher had a determination and a drive strong enough to get there and click on the link."

Be good Siah.

Nazy said...

Universal Dimension Jan:

I know you can't get into Iranian.com, so I will forward the post to you.

I'm sorry your fuel tank was burglarized! I'm sorry for your loss, but this is really funny! I hope you recover soon. Be happy Uni-Far.

Nazy said...

Pardis Jan:

Thanks for coming and for taking the trouble to read my other post. You are really too kind to me. I think it helps to have a sense of humor about life. Depending on how painful the situation is, it might take a little while, but I will eventually figure out some funny angle about the situation which would enable me to laugh about it! Blogging is really a piece of cake, with almost no pains at all, so it becomes funny very quickly! Be good azizm.

Nazy said...

Jeer Jan. Most blogs and websites have a "meter" installed to keep track of traffic statistics on their sites. These small software pieces can tell you how many people come to visit you. Some of them tell you where people come from and how they came to see you, i.e. by which site's referral, or by what word search. I use Sitemeter, though I am not really good about understanding the reports! You can check them out: http://www.sitemeter.com/ . There are other options, too, but I don't know about them. Have fun!

Nazy said...

Shobeir! I would be really delighted to see you blogging again soon. Though I respect your choice, as I do Siah's (Edward's), I think those who have things to say will have to find a way to say them, pure and simple. Your blog is so delightful! I come and listen to your music and read your poetry choices and enjoy your fresh look on the world. The choice is yours, but when you are willing, I will be your audience for sure. Be good.

Nazy said...

Leva, you crack me up! Oh my! I see you have both Farsi and English searchers! That's so funny. I laugh because here I am, trying to do some good "cultural" work, and I get people looking for Khastegari and Roza Montazami! Thanks for your eye-opening contribution my friend!

Nazy said...

Mehran Jan, The statistical information is useful, but the comic features of the meter make it worth the trouble! Don't miss out! I'm sure as you are an older blogger with a lot more content and in three different languages in your blog, you will get even funnier referrals than we do! Let me know how it goes.

! said...

thanks ...
no problem ...
there is not much to feel pity ...
I just got a surprise at laughable decision of Iranian Gover.

Nazy said...

Uni-Far: I heard some funny jokes about fuel rationing in Iran. I'm glad people are making light of a situation which has so complicated their lives. Sparkle my friend.

! said...

من هر دفعه که میام نازی عزیز از 10 پست جلو تر تمام کامنت ها رو چک میکنم ولی نمی دونم چرا این یکی رو از دست داده بودم ...
راست می گی جوک ها زیاده و مردم هم اصلا سخت نمی گیرند حالا که فعلا داریم سهمیه ی تعیین شده برای 6 ماه اول رو تو دو ماه مصرف می کنیم ببینیم چی میشه !!!