Ready for Autumn

Come in to my house! Befarmaeed! So, O.K. I got sick. I saw it coming, but couldn't stop it. Against my best efforts of getting up, showering, getting dressed and ready to go to work this morning, I realized I couldn't do it. I changed and went back to bed where I slept for more hours than I have been able to recently! It will take a few days for me to overcome the colitis attack, but I'll be alright. Earlier this afternoon, I went out to breath some fresh air and to feel the feeble Autumn sun on myself. It felt good. I managed to take some pictures of the hills, trees, and trails across the road from my house, one of which I wanted to post here. Then, as I returned to the house, I remembered my pumpkins which I recently bought to decorate my house for the Fall, and decided to show them to you instead. I think my pumpkin this year is the most perfect one I have ever had! I'll be sure to show you what it will look like when carved on Halloween. I will also tell you about my "pumpkin projects" during the time we lived in Iran.
My children are being very attentive to me. My younger son is playing Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, and Jethro Tull for me as I write this, and is washing the dishes. Ealier he was complaining that I don't take good care of myself, sounding like a grown-up! I have received wonderful letters from some of my readers, which have made me so happy. Except for my worries about the war machine at work, I feel so peaceful all of a sudden, and this is so welcome. Before long, I will have to gear up for an important project at work, and meet three publication deadlines for pieces in varying stages of development. This day, and this hour, however, will be spent relaxing and feeling peaceful, feeling blissfully free and happy. I wish the same for you.


Ali said...

Nazy jaan salaam,

baraat az samime ghalb aarezooye salaamati daaram. persare golet raast mige ke baayad movaazebe khodet baashi. oon behtar az hameye maa midoone ke cheghadr az khodet kaar mikeshi. albatteh maa ham mitoonim ino befahmim, vali shenidan key bovad maanande didan. be har haal colitis va har naaraahatie jesmie dige hame alaamate in hastan ke daare ye jaayee be aadam feshaar miaad, va baayad jolosh ro gereft.

be ghole haafez:

shokoohe taaje soltaani ke bime jaan dar oo darj ast
kolaahi delkash ast amaa be tarke sar nemiarzad

hamishe salaamat baashi

Nazy said...

Ali Jan:

You honor me with your presence! What a delightful surprise! I know you told me you came to visit, but I had never received a comment from you, and this is fabulous! I'm sorry I have been so enundated with things, I haven't left you comments recently about your tireless work to promote Iranian music.

Yes, you are right. I am receiving signs and signals to slow down and to take it easy. I shall oblige. Your poetry offering is priceless and appropriate! Thank you my artist friend, full of heart.

serendip said...

Sorry Nazy jan to hear you're not feeling well. I am getting ready to leave and meet my nephew for the first time. I can't wait to hold him and squeeze his cheeks...lo

I'm glad your wonderful boys are taking care of you.Relax and enjoy your days reuperating. Did you see your doctor, btw? Heeling thoughts,

hugs and love

Nazy said...

Salam Serendip Jan: I have really missed you! I know you must have been busy with planning your trip. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time with your family, and especially that "butterball" nephew of yours. Bon Voyage.

Leva said...

Nazy janam
What did happen? How do you feel now? I wish you get well soon and I know you are tired. I told you that you need a vacation. Reward yourself and take some days off for your birthday and go somewhere.
You have two amazing young men at home. I smoked with your philosopher the other night and we talked about you, and even I was drunk I saw his passion when we talked about you.
Enjoy your beautiful life with them and I am not surprise when they take care of you. They love you from their hearts even they don’t tell you that everyday.

Anonymous said...

nazy jan
I know you are tierd because of lot of jobs in last week, so just relax and get well soon,
God bless nazy for us :)

Nazy said...

Salam Leva Jan. Thank you for your kind and supportive words. I am much better today. Yes, I really want to take a few days off. I might go to Toronto one weekend in late October to visit old friends. You will know about it if I do my sweet friend. My kids adore you and Vahid.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Bayramali-e Aziz! And God bless YOU for all of us! My spirits are fine, and I'll make sure my body follows! Take care Bayram Jan.

serendip said...

I love Halloween. It's my most favorite holiday. Love the picture. Thanks.

Nazy said...

Thank you sweet Serendip! Yes, Halloween is full of magic and mystery for me, too. When we lived in Iran, I did my best to keep it alive for my children. We would have a costume party, decorations, and what pumpkin we could find to carve. I would then go to my neighbors' houses and leave candy with them, so that when my kids went "trick or treating" to their homes, they would have the appropriate "booty" to give them! I have such sweet pictures of them and their friends who looked forward to Halloween to come to our house. There can never be "too many" celebrations in life, the way I see it. Be good Serendip Jan.