Autumn's Surprise Arrival

Autumn is upon us in the San Francisco Bay Area. An Autumn child myself, I have always looked forward to the time of year in September (Shahrivar), when all of a sudden nighttime and early mornings turn cooler, promising the upcoming change of seasons. Quite indeliberately, I tune into the leaves on the trees, checking them for color and texture changes around this time of the year. No sight in nature is more beautiful to me than the way tree leaves change colors and turn into fiery reds, deep yellows, and bright oranges in the middle of evergreens. Foliage is the most profound change in nature for me. This year, however, Autumn has crept up behind me and has surprised me. I feel as though I'm not ready for it. I wish the cold, nippy air of Berkeley away, wishing for the warmer air to linger a bit longer. I think I was robbed of Summer this year, busy with all that comprises my complicated life these days. Well, enough moaning. It is here and it will stay in the Bay Area for about two months when we are delivered into this area's windy and cold Winter. In a few days, I will decorate my house with my Fall decorations, gearing up for the new season, for My Season. (Photo credit here.)


Tameshk said...


My Dearest Nazy
I love Autumn too and this photo is very Autumn-ish indeed.

I don't think I will make it this time to come to Iranians On Internet . Nonetheless I am looking forward to the next year's session.

Nazy said...

Tameshk Jan. Cheh heif! I wished you could be there. We will miss you. I need Hossein's contact information, then, to make sure he comes to dinner on Sunday night. We will miss you every second beautiful Tameshk.

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. Happy Avval-e Mehr to you my studious friend.