A Prayer

My objects of prayer today. Click on picture to see what I mean.
Throughout my life, I have been close to people who are dedicated to their religious beliefs. Some pray five times a day, some never miss their Sunday Mass, some attend Friday prayers, and some observe Sabbath regularly. A long time ago I decided none of the routine rituals suited me. Finding regular and group prayers inconvenient and restrictive, I found my own brand of prayer. I look at the nature and find reasons for prayers there. Sometimes I see patterns in the clouds, sometimes the formation of rocks on a moutain, sometimes how the foamy waves of the ocean ride one atop another to shore; there is always something in the nature for me to ponder the order of our universe and to pray. These flowers were my inspiration to pray today. These tiny flowers were so perfectly arranged, so beautifully vibrant, they made me remember God. There was a prayer for every perfect petal of each perfect flower. I prayed for peace, for understanding, for freedom, for health, for love, and for happiness for all the people I know, and all those I don't. I prayed that there be no wars, no unresolved conflicts, no untimely deaths, no disease, no injustice, and no sadness for all. I prayed for open doors, for open smiles, and for open hearts. As I looked at the uncanny order of those tiny flowers and their simple yet miraculous beauty, I prayed for you.


shobeir said...

order of our universe ...
U may know that how important to Cosmic dimensionists(!) , order is...
I think the following verses are in support of your decision and your post:
هیچ آدابی و ترتیبی مجو
هرچه می‌خواهد دل تنگت بگو
برگ درختان سبز در نظر هوشیار
هر ورقش دفتری است معرفت کردگار

شاد زیید

Maryam said...

You see, you made my day again!
I owe you a lot so far :)
Wish we could meet.

ا. ش said...

هر کسی را سیرتی بنهاده‌ام
هر کسی را اصطلاحی داده‌ام
من نکردم امر تا سودی کنم
بلک تا بر بندگان جودی کنم
ما زبان را ننگریم و قال را
ما روان را بنگریم و حال را
چند از این الفاظ و اِضمار و مَجاز
سوز خواهم سوز با آن سوز ساز
آتشی از عشق در جان برفروز
سر بسر فکر و عبارت را بسوز
موسیا آداب دانان دیگرند
سوخته جان و روانان دیگرند
ملّت عشق از همه دین‌ها جداست
عاشقان را ملّت و مذهب خداست

مثنوی معنوی

Mehran said...

من حاضرم تمام زندگي ام رو بدهم ولي بتونم يك روز دربين اين ملت عشق ساكن بشم

ملّت عشق از همه دین‌ها جداست
عاشقان را ملّت و مذهب خداست

ب. آزاد said...

چه تدبیر ای مسلمانان که من خود را نمی دانم
نه ترسا و یهودیم نه گبرم نه مسلمانم
نه شرقیم نه غربیم نه بریم نه بحریم
نه ارکان طبیعیم نه از افلاک گردانم
نه از خاکم نه از بادم نه از آبم نه از آتش
نه از عرشم نه از فرشم نه از کونم نه از کانم
نه از دنیی نه از عقبی نه از جنت نه از دوزخ
نه از آدم نه از حوا نه از فردوس رضوانم
مکانم لامکان باشد نشانم بی نشان باشد
نه تن باشد نه جان باشد که من از جان جانانم
دوئی از خود برون کردم یکی دیدم دو عالم را
یکی جویم یکی گویم یکی دانم یکی خوانم
ز جام عشق سر مستم دو عالم رفت از دستم
بجز رندی و قلاشی نباشد هیچ سامانم
اگر در عمر خود روزی دمی بی او برآوردم
از آن وقت و از آن ساعت ز عمر خود پشیمانم


jeerjeerak said...

Nazy Jan, i so much admire your way of finding beauty, peace and faith in the very things that i may simply pass by without a second glance.

Nazy said...

Cosmic Dimensionist Shobeir:

Thank you. No, I didn't know. But I'm glad you told me and now I know! Thank you so much for your beautiful poetic message. You rule! Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

Maryam Maryam, you came back! You owe me nothing my friend! Thank you for making MY day! Your wish is my wish. Where are you? We can work on a meeting someday somewhere. I now fully believe that meetings can and do happen between people who share beliefs. These meetings we are having now only show that there will be more. Be good doostam.

Daisy said...

After a week of living without Internet and feeling desperate about being disconnected from the world and my source of information, I am back.

Today coming down with cold and not feeling any good about my life, I am reading your blog. Thank you for reminding me about beautiful world I am living in and that I should be more hopeful and grateful. I should pray more,,,, I feel a lot better now.

Nazy said...

Generous Alef Shin:

Thank you. I am touched beyond words. That is such a beautiful poem, and reading it made me feel so peaceful and happy.

Thos who believe in God find him in their hearts, capable of understanding any langugage, and available at any time. Thank you again. You are a very kind and thoughtful man.

Nazy said...

Mehran Jan. You yourself are a member of the "nation of love."

Nazy said...

Dear B. Azad:

I am delighted to see you here. I have certainly run into your thoughtful comments in other places, and it makes me happy to see you here now. Thank you so very much for the fantastic Molana poem. I am amazed. Come again my friend.

Nazy said...

Jeerjeerak Jan: Thank you. You yourself are a young woman full of feeling and "observations." I haven't read anything you wrote which I didn't like! Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

Beautiful Daisy: I'm glad you're back on the internet! Sorry you haven't been feeling well. It is always a pleasure hearing from you my young friend. I hope you feel better during the weekend and that you will write again soon. Prayers and hope are one and the same in my book. Get well soon.

! said...

خوب ظاهرا همه ی بعد کیهانی اینجا جمعند ..!!
ولا نمی دونم ادامه ی راه ا.ش و شبیر و ب.آزاد رو برم و حتی شاید مهران عزیز رو یا ...
داشتم چندی پیش دیوان منصور حلاج رو ورقی میزدم به شعر جالبی برخوردم الان دوست دارم اونو بنویسم ...
ای بدرگاه تو نیاز همه
روی تو قبله ی نماز همه

پرده از روی خویشتن برگیر
تا حقیقت شود مجاز همه

گاه گاهی دل مرا بنواز
ای شهنشاه دلنواز همه

ما غباری ز خاکپای توایم
از پی تست ترک تاز همه

گرچه بیچاره ایم، باکی نیست
کرم تست چاره ساز همه

نازنینا ز بی نیازی تست
با چنان ناز تو نیاز همه

عاشقان گرچه رازدارانند
زین سخن فاش گفت راز همه

که جهان مظهر است و ظاهر دوست
همه عالم پر از تجلی اوست

Nazy said...

Universal Farshad: Yes, andak andak jame mastan miresand. Thank you for joining us and thank you for your magnificient poem contribution. Beautiful and meaningful. It always makes me so happy to hear from you.

serendip said...

I think you'd like this. Native American view of spirituality:


! said...

you are kind ...

! said...

Serendip jan :
your link does not work ...
but I love greensprite site ...
it is perfect ...

serendip said...

Sorry, ! .Try this one


Nazy said...

Serendip-e Aziz: Thanks so much for the link. You are truly gifted.

! said...

Serendip aziz
thanks for your new link it is working and also very nice ...