International Peace Day

September 21st, a day of ceasefire, a day of non-violence, a day of inter-cultural cooperation...
See here.


Siah said...

a dance video

Nazy said...

Ah, it was beautiful Siah Jan. Gorgeous. Thank you for your thoughtful present for me!

ب.آزاد said...

Dear Nazy,
Thanks for sharing this video.
However I feel it'll take centuries to have a real day of peace.

Nazy said...

B. Azad-e-Azizam:

I am delighted to see you back! You are right. It took centuries of wars for us to get here, and it might take centuries to try and find peace again, too. However, this effort is inspiring to me, as I have always thought that people mustn't think about "change" as a massive and complicated project. Everyone must start with themselves, in their homes, in their families, to bring change about. This project tries to address "peace" on a personal and international level.

I always tell those who would like to bring change about their lives, too, that they cannot wait for some miracle, some war, some revolution, some "Hakha," and some foreign force to give them hope and a good future for their children. I tell them that they shold start in their homes. Read books, read newspapers, teach their children to read books ad newspapers, care about air pollution, care about trees, care about trash on the sidewalks, care about driving properly, care about not hunking their horns all the time, care bout pedestrians walking the street instead of frightening them to death, care about having good ethics at work, care about children and old people of other families, and to keep having love and hope for the future. As you can see, none of those actions are political. They are good human and social behavior. When a nation has practiced good social behavior, that nation can find good government. Now, to some people, that process might appear really long. I believe that for things to change, it will take a long time, one day at a time, but once changes take place, they will be lasting and meaningful.

Thank you Bee Jan. Come again.

ب.آزاد said...

Dear Nazy,
Thanks for your explanation.
I understand what do you mean. but there won't be any peace around the world. there are many human beings who call themselves men (ensaan) but they are consistantly looking for power and wealth.
They never give up. Yes changes should start from us, you can say this for Iranian, but not for the Somalian survivors, Niarobian orphans, afflicted Afghans and Burmian refugees. These people who seems to possess human rights, don't have the oppurtunity to access to media or any other thing that can bring awareness for them. They are looking for their very first needs like food and the right for living and they fight for it.
They care for nature because nature is part of their existence and life. They have love, kindness and talent but they are deprived of a simple life. They have seen death of a beloved one without being able to do anything. They have been sick and hungry for days, weeks and months. They were trading with the people who were killing them just because of survival. They never had a chance to think about change because they had more serious priorities in their live and it is "living".

By the way, my first name is Behnaz.

Take Care and have a wonderful weekend my dear.

Nazy said...

Dear Behnaz:

You said it beautifully my friend. It is so clear that you feel immense compassion for human race and that is a very welcome take on life on our planet.

I have said this on other occasions here. The real power struggles and wars in our world today are no longer about borders and military might, or ideological differences as many try to portray it. Many wars are started by greedy businessmen who make a living out of death and destruction of others. I accept that. But the real wars today are between the "have's" and "have not's" of this world. The true struggles of the world are for poverty-stricken people of the world to seek a better life, with peace, productivity, and prosperity. Until all people of the world are aware of the hunger, the illiteracy, the hopelessness, and the plight of others, and strive to make a change to alleviate those shortcomings, we will continue to see wars. Our world needs undersanding and sight (basirat).

Fortunately, I am not the only one thinking those thoughts. Some wealthy people in the world are also seeing it and are reaching out to other, less privileged people of the world, helping them improve their living conditions.

The future of humankind is not in the hands of governments, Behnaz Jan. It is in the hands of people of the world. You are right, those who don't have food to eat and a shelter in which to sleep, have no time or energy to think about these things. It is in the hands of "have's" to try and make a change for the better.

I leave you with one final thought about this. What if all the people in the world thought that such a thing is impossible? Wouldn't we all be covered in disappointment and hopelessness? How much can hopelessness achieve? Isn't it better to have hope and feel that we can make a difference, and then try to make that difference? I may not feel myself capable of solving all the world's problems. But I do feel myself capable of feeling, of understanding. On the foundation of feeling and understanding, a lot can be built, I believe. Everyone must try to feel and understand first.

Be good azizam. Thank you for provoking me to think. You are a gem.