As Is

Pistachio Harvest in Khorasan's Torbat Heydarieh
I really like the way days become shorter on this side of the year, giving way to longer evenings and nights. Evenings and nights are my patch of time in which to think, to do things, and to feel peaceful. My days at work are now filled with meetings and assignments. I never know where the day goes, and before I know it, it's time to head home. This evening my younger son and I went driving. He seems to be a natural, cautious and attentive. I think he will be ready to take the test soon. Dinner served, dishes washed, and everybody winding down, it feels good to know that the night will be long, where I can think and write.
I am working on a long overdue piece on a fabulous Iranian artist, lost to most of us for years. He was born to a family of artists, and was raised to grow and be one of the most famous talents of his time in America. His is a story which will mesmerize you, I'm sure. I just hope that I can write it well to do his remarkable story justice.
As I sit here, getting ready to start writing, a thought hangs warmly on my mind. Too often, we look for happiness in things other than the ones we have, places other than the ones we have visited, and people we have never met. It is interesting to have new experiences. It is exciting to acquire new things. However, it is infinitely rewarding to occasionally stop and look at our achievements as represented in the life we have. I believe happiness is here and now, wherever we are, with whatever we have, and around whomever we already know. It feels good sometimes to stop and appreciate all for which we tried hard on days gone by. Tonight I am loving my life as is.


jeerjeerak said...

Can you find fresh pistachio in california??? This is the one thing i miss the most, the one thing i haven't had for 4 years now and the one thing my mom can't airmail to me here!

Nazy said...

Hee Hee Jeer Jan!

I have never seen fresh ones like we used to see in Tehran, here. However, California has a thriving pistachio industry. Of course the variety grown here is a lot smaller than the ones in Iran, and they don't look nor taste as good. I will ask our maghazeh irooni guys whether they can find them fresh and report back to you! Over the years, a lot has been done to improve the quality of pistachios here. For the longest time, California pistachios were dyed pink, mostly to cover the blemishes inherent to their shells! With the blemishes resolved, they are no longer dyed pink.

I still believe the best place to eat pistachios is at Tehran's Tavazo Store on Vali-e-Asr and Parkway, where Haj Jalil Tavazo would hand you a fistful of freshly roasted and still hot "kalleh ghoochi" pistachios with a wink and a warm smile! Next you will have to pay an awful amount of money to buy the remaining kilogram you need, but the gesture, the smells, and the hustle and bustle of that shop are unique experiences I cherish! Be good azizam.

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

aaaaakhey, kash mishod vase jeerjeer peste beferestam va vase shoma ham khoshkbar e tavazoe...:(
Nazy jan; zendegi anchenan ke shoma zendegiyash mikonid; sotudanist.

Anonymous said...

nazy jan
as you said, California is one of the biggest producers of pistachios in the world. but it doesn't taste like Iranian pistachios . regarding jeerjeerak's question , I saw fresh one in one of Iranian store last week, I 'll check it out and buy for her as a Californian SOGHATY!!!because of this things Golden state is called 2nd homeland for Iranian!!!!!! ;) Tavazo has good pistachio , but I prefer an other shop where its name is AYOOB
and last thing, congratulation for pinging :)))
truly yours

مانا said...

نازی جون.البته من برعکس شما روزهای
بلند را بیشتر دوست دارم
مطمئنم با قلم زیبایتان راجع به هر کس که بنویسید به دل همگان می نشیند
وخوشحالم براتون که شادی توی زندگیتون موج میزنه.شاد شاد شاد باشی

Nazy said...

Nedaye Azizam: Thank you for your kind comment and for your sweet offer! Looks like Bayramali will be working on the fresh pistachio project for Jeerjeerak. I believe Haj Jalil Tavazo's pistachios must be eaten fresh and piping hot in Tehran for them to taste as delicious as they are! When I'm in Tehran, you and I can go visit his shop and get sick eating all the good things we can eat there! I do believe he will remember me. Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

Salam Bayram Jan! I'm so glad I finally managed to rise on the link lists, so thank you for your congratulatory comment! I can't believe anything about Ayoub being better than Tavazo, until I have had a chance to test it myself! So, you will have to share all the goodies you brought back with you so I can judge! (khoraki hato roo kon Bayramali!). Be good.

Nazy said...

Beautiful Mana:

Spring and summer are the pretty and light seasons. They are times to get together with others, to travel, and to have fun. Autumn and winter bear months I enjoy being by myself and thinking, because they have longer nights and I am a night owl! I am not very talkative or engaged in the mornings, gradually waking up and improving in mood as the day goes on, feeling my best after 9:00 p.m.! This is definitely my time of the year. Be good azizam.

nimshab said...

ُsuch a relaxing text, thanks for sharing your thoughts Nazy joon.