Berkeleyans Protest the War & Iran Attack Plans

The protestors posed for me! Click on photos for a more detailed view.
My boss and I were walking on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley this afternoon when we saw this group of protestors getting ready to protest the Iraq war, as well as plans to attack Iran. They were representatives of an organization named CODEPINK, initiated by American women. They were standing outside US Marine Corps' recruitment office in Berkeley, protesting recruitment efforts going on at colleges and particularly at Berkeley. They had a sign which encouraged drivers passing by to honk their horns in support of their protest. It was very noisy. Visit this organization's website, and learn more about them.


serendip said...

Good round up of pictures and news in Berkeley.

Nazy said...

Yes, Serendip, as you know, around this city there is never a dull moment! I swear I carry my camera at all times and just snap pictures, making myself appear like some reporter! Be good doostam and Bon Voyage. Enjoy yourself and forget about everything else for a few days. You deserve it more than anybody else in this world!