Sahar Shod

"...fahmidam keh sahar shod."
Painting by Hanibal Alkhas*
My friend, the Playboy, calls me long distance to wish me a happy birthday, and tells me that he is in love, again. As usual, I ask him to tell me about her. He says she is the kindest, sweetest angel he has ever met. This is significant, because for the first time in all the years I have known him, he doesn't tell me that she is "sexy, drop-dead-gorgeous, or beeeauuuuutifuuuul." He calls her a "sweet angel." I'm skeptical. I ask him: "Is she pretty?" and he says simply: "She is to me." I have seen my friend "in love" numerous times. Each time, within the distance of our two visits or phone calls, he has fallen out of love with the woman, and when I ask him about the last one he had told me about, he has a hard time remembering which one! Years ago I got tired of giving him advice about women, as he continually insists he knows everything there is to know about us. In fact I know that he knows nothing about women, at least not until this time. I ask him: "How do you know you're really in love this time?" He says: "Because all day long, whatever happens, I want to go call her and tell her about it." Something about that honest statement tugs at my heart. I so want to believe that my friend has found true love this time. Happy for inexplicable reasons, for the first time in the years I have known him I write this one's name in my diary to be sure to ask about her the next time he calls. I write: "Shideh, The Angel."
*Read more about Hanibal Alkhas, and see his paintings here. I have two small paintings by him in my office. Here's my post where I showed the pictures.


Ehsan said...

Happy birthdays dear Nazy and I wish you many many happy successfull prosperous years.

I cross my fingers for your friend.

Thanks for the Alkhas link and I am so jealous of you for having those paintings.

! said...

happy birthday again !
می دونی نازی جان من تا به حال افراد زیادی رو دیدم که مدام عاشق میشن بعضی اوقات حتی خیلی بیش از اونی که انتظارش رو داشته باشیم
من جدا نمی دونم که اینگونه عشق ها واقعا عشقه یا ...
می دونی نازی عزیز من دوستی دارم که حداقل سالی دو عشق جدید رو داره و معتقده باید مرتب عشق ها عوض بشن !
می دونی نازی جان جالبه بدونی که هر وقت هم ازش می پرسی که این یکی چطوره همیشه میگه مهربون ترین و پاک ترین و .. آدم روی زمینه
میدونی برای وی اون افراد این مشخصه رو دارن ...
نازی عزیز به نظر من عشق یکتاست و پایا و برای من عشق های مختلفی که برای همشون هم یک مشخصه یا خاصیت یا بینش و عمل ، چه شعر گفتن باشه ، چه نامه نویسی و ... توجیه پذیر نیست

نازی عزیزم
من قائل به عشق افلاطونی هستم و معتقدم عشق هر فرد ، فردی است یکتا
شاید هم من زیادی ائیده آلیست یا سختی نکشیده باشم نمیدانم
شاید هم هستم

شعری از اخوان
دیوان عاشقانه ها و کبود

آری ، تو آنکه دل طلبد ، آنی
دیری ست کآن کبوتر خون آلود
جویای برج گم شده ی جادو
پرواز کرده است

نازی عزیزم این شعر رو با تمام وجود نوشتم

Maryam said...

My dear sweet unseen friend,

Happy Birthday.
From the other end of the world MAryAM wishes you everlasting peace and happiness.

nimshab said...

Charming charming story! I know that urge one feels to tell "the love" all that happens all the time. Frankly my dear, I have missed that feeling!

Nazy said...

Thank you Ehsan Jan. Come into Berkeley sometime and come visit me and the Alkhas sketches! They are actually really small, but precious and dear to me just the same. Be good and my best to Maryam.

Nazy said...

Farshad Jan. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and the sweet poem. It is beautiful. I have known so many people who let love slip through their fingers and lived an empty life afterwards. My friend Mandana says those who keep changing partners leave a small piece of themselves behind in each of those abandoned relationships. If they keep doing it too frequently, soon there will be nothing left of them! She is a smart woman, my friend Mandana. Be happy my friend.

Nazy said...

Dear Beautiful MarYam:

Thank you very much for your kind wishes. I'm glad you came and said something again. Do you have a blog? Your ID on the comment says you do, and I keep trying to see your blog, but I can't. That's a mystery to me! Let me know if you do as I want to come visit you. Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

Nimeh Shab Jan: Thank you. I know exactly how that feeling goes, as I experienced it fleetingly but in a very real way. I miss it, too. I'm happy for my friend. I think this might be "the one" for him. Time will tell. Love is one thing and commitment is another to many people. Have a good weekend my lovely friend.

! said...

چه جالب نازی جان اتفاقا من هم همچین نظری رو دارم ...

Nazy said...

Thanks Uni-Far!

! said...