Freed At Last

Ali Farahbakhsh, the Iranian journalist who was in prison for close to a year was just released, according to his sister, Helaleh's post in her blog. I never knew him before his imprisonment. He writes about economy, which most people don't follow with interest, and which also made his arrest and imprisonment so bizarre. I was very sad for a young journalist who was unfairly accused and treated to a long jail term. I wrote something about it in April. His freedom is very good news, indeed. I am glad he goes home to his toddler and wife and to his aging parents. I met his worried sister at the Internet gathering last month. She must be so happy for his freedom, and I am happy, too.


Anonymous said...

سلام گلم

من هم خوشحال شدم
شکر خدا

و امیدوارم که روزی همه از زندان ترس بیرون بیان

به راستی: فردا که بهار آید آزاد و رها هستیم؟؟
کی این فردا میرسه؟

I have no name said...

ره زنان آهنگ را دزدیده اند
تارهای چنگ را دزدیده اند
بانگ نایی هم نمی اید به گوش
از کلیسا زنگ را دزدیده اند
مرضیه ی عزیز
هیج گاه نمی آید
برای کشور جهان سومی مثل ما که همه همه چیزش را به غارت می برند و حکام دست بشانده اند هیچ گاه فردایی قابل تجسم نیست
نازی عزیز
من هم خوشحال شدم
در این کشور هر روز زندگی بر مردم بدبخت سخت تر می شود
هر روز فقیران فقیرتر و ثروتمندان ثروتمندتر میشوند
هر روز با طرحی ، برنامه ای ، ایده ای شرایط برای زندگی غیر قابل تحمل تر می شود و همه ساکتیم
همه ساکتیم و ...

jeerjeerak said...

What a happy way to start a morning Nazy Jan, with a good news. I knew Ali, he was an alumni in my grad school in Iran. He once helped me print my very first economic article in a newspaper there. I'm very happy for him and his family.

rahnavard said...

salam nazy jan. mamnoon az khabare khubet...

rahnavard said...

rasti man nemiduna chi shode vali tunestam biam comment benevisam baraye in ham koshhalam...

Nazy said...

Marziyeh Jan: Thank you so much for coming again and for leaving me this heartfelt comment, sharing in my happiness.

I believe the road to freedom for every nation passes through that nation's will to learn and grow first. A nation must become literate first, inquisitive and interested in knowledge and truth next, and in search of a better life after that, in order for that nation to find its independence, freedom and true happiness. I don't know when that "tomorrow" is, Marziyeh Jan, but I do believe that the beautiful Iranian people have started a long road towards freedom a long time ago. Iranians are on their way. This is a road that takes a long time to travel, because every single Iranian will need to become literate, understanding, and aspiring before Iran can be a better country, worthy of its kind and generous people. Freedom, unfortuntely, has no pills to take overnight and expect to wake up to it the next morning. Nor is it given to nations by others. It is a right, a privilege, and a deserved state achieved only by nations themselves, when they are ready. Yes, I believe most definitely that tomorrow awaits Iran.

Be good aziam.

Nazy said...

Dear Have No Name:

Thank you for coming and for your comment. I have mentioned before that I have a lot of hope for the future of Iran. I know times are hard for everyone, but when compared to the length of history, our lifetimes are miniscule. While we live, we have to continue with hope and responsibility. I believe the road to freedom and prosperity to be an evolutionary one, not a revolutionary one. Be good No Name Jan.

Nazy said...

Jeerjeerak Jan: And what a fabulous comment yours is for me! I am glad to know that you know him and that his release is specially good news to you. I am so relieved he can be with his family now. Be happy sweet Jeer.

Nazy said...

Rahnavard Jan, I am so glad to see you here! I'm delighted you could leave a message this time. I come and read you all the time. I hope your life and your projects are going well, and that you are happy and satisfied with your learnings. You are a very special friend to me. Take care azizam.

you know me said...

Nazy Joon e azizam;

Thank you for all your beautiful words! Ali, my family and I will never forget that you wrote about him during the worst days he had in 209 which was a great help to publicizing his case throughout internet with the writing skill you have. I remember crying with your writing and feeling warm inside. Ali and my family is very thankful to all people who revealed his story while he was behind bars including you. I have saved them and he will be reading them soon. You were definitely a part of his rescue team who helped the good news we heard today take place. Thank you with all and bottom of our hearts. May you be healthy and energetic as you are always!

Nazy said...

Helaleh-ye Azizam: Cheshmet roshan dooste man! What fabulous news and what a wonderful comment! It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I did nothing. Your brave parents and your brother and you are to be celebrated my dear. No, we didn't forget him. It was the least we could do. It was the only thing we could do. Be good my friend and sleep a good sleep tonight after such a long time. You and your family deserve it.