Trick or Treat!

It's Halloween. Every year on this night, children and adults alike get dressed in costumes. Whereas adults usually go to parties and parades, children go "Trick or Treating," which is very similar to the old Iranian custom of "ghashogh zani" on Charshanbeh Soori eve. Homeowners who are ready for their ghouls and goblins, leave welcoming signs on their porches, walk ways, or steps, inviting the youngesters to come to their doors. Once the kids arrive with their baskets, pouches, bags, or other containers, they are given candy.Our house was ready for our young visitors. My son, the Traveler, chose to carve the pumpkin in the shape of the international Peace symbol this year. I must say I was really touched to find it when I came home tonight.
Look at these sweet angels who came "Trick or Treating!" Those smiles are real, because they scored big at my house! Chocolate bars were the order of the day. Happy Halloween everyone!


! said...

نازی عزیرم سلام
جات خالی الان من و ایمان عزیز تو دفتر آقای دکتر نشستیم و وبلاگ شما رو باهم خوندیم
بعد از مدتی مطالعه به یه نکته ی جالب رسیدیم
می دونی این مراسم یعنی رفتن دم در خونه ی همسایه ها از رسوم قدیمی میشه گفت همه ی ملتهایی که از نظر فرهنگی اصالتی دارن
مثلا ما ایرانی ها مراسم قاشق زنی داریم در شب چهارشنبه ی آخر سال (چهارشنبه سوری)
عرب زبان ها در عید سعید فطر یک همچین مراسمی دارند که بچه ها میرن دم در خونه ی همسایه ها و همسایه ها هم با آجیل و شکلات و غیره سبد اونها رو پر می کنن
و اقوام غربی هم که شما بهتر واردید
Be good
به یاد شما هستیم
ایمان و فرشاد

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan. Doostan be jaye ma. I wished I was there with you guys. Yes, many customs seem to transcend nationalities and faiths. Any custom that has to do with being good to our neighbors and extending good wishes to them is a good tradition in my book. My neighbor came to my house and met me for the first time in 8 months. He introduced himself and his daughter and gave me their address down the street. It was sweet. I have such happy memories of ghashogh zani when I was a child. Be good Uni-Far Jan and my best to all my Universal friends.