Pottery, Pears, and Poetry

Farrokh Shehabi's Ceramics Studio in Berkeley
Artistic Hospitality
Not too long ago, I went to see an Iranian artist in Berkeley who specializes in creation of ceramic pottery. I was delightfully surprised by what I found! Farrokh Shehabi is one of the warmest Iranians I have ever met. Of course he is an artist and his beautiful creations are pretty famous in our area and beyond, and I enjoyed watching him finish his work on a piece he was developing. But talking about poetry really endeared him to me! At the entrance to his workshop in Berkeley, he has posted a piece of a Sohrab Sepehri poem (Be soraghe man agar miaeed.....), which prompted a long chat about poetry. The stories this interesting man told me will each be a separate piece of writing, like his friendship with the late Sadegh Choobak who lived in our area for the last decades of his life, or his lifetime friendship with Nader Naderpour, the poet. I also discovered he has a ranch and a fruit orchard where he and his wife spend part of their time. He was very hospitable, serving me tea, fruit from his orchard, and as we talked too much and for too long, a nice supper! My pictures and story about him are incomplete and I will have to go see him again soon to finish it and to write about it. I think it is always nice to be invited to an Iranian's home and be well-received. It is absolutely exhilarating when you walk into an Iranian's corner and find art, intelligence, poetry, and hospitality. I will write about this soon.


Tameshk said...

Dearest Nazy

Pottery, Pears, Poetry and A Persian Princess's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Nazy Joonam!
Wish you the best and hope to see you soon.


Nazy said...

Thank you sweet Tameshk. I spent a peaceful day, feeling rich and special in my great, mostly intangible, posessions. I can't wait to see you again my sensitive artist friend!

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

so ingenious as always!

nimshab said...

How much I long for a poetry night! Is there any around Nazy joon? Do you know?

nimshab said...

wow! Happy Birthday Nazy joon! Wish you another hundred years of healthy and happy life :) kisses and hugs.

! said...

نازی عزیز سلام
حال شما خوبه ؟
غیبتی کبری داری
این سرامیک و سفال کاری ها به تازگی خیلی مرسوم شده تازگی هر جا میزی پر شده از ظروفی از این دست
من از این هنز مدرن فکر میکنم که خوشم میاد
به نظر من بعضی از این کارها روح جالبی داره و باعث شادی و نشاط جالب و زیادی میشه
BE good

مریم ط. said...

سلام خانم نازی عزیز،
مثل همیشه از خواندن نوشته های شما لذت بردم... تولدتون مبارک!

برای شما دیوان حافظ باز کردم ...

کنون که در چمن آمد گل از عدم به وجود
بنفشه در قدم او نهاد سر به سجود

بنوش جام صبوحی به ناله ی دف و چنگ
ببوس غبغب ساقی به نغمه ی نی و عود

به باغ تازه کن آیین دین زردشتی
کنون که لاله برافروخت آتش نمرود

ز دست شاهد نازک عذار عیسی دم
شراب نوش و رها کن حدیث عاد و ثمود

جهان چو خلد برین شد به دور سوسن و گل
ولی چه سود که در وی نه ممکن است خلود

شد از بروج ریاحین چو آسمان روشن
زمین به اختر میمون و طالع مسعود

چو گل سوار شود بر هوا سلیمان وار
سحر که مرغ درآید به نغمه ی داوود

به دور گل منشین بی شراب و شاهد و چنگ
که همچو دور بقا هفته ای بود معدود

بخواه جام لبالب به یاد آصف عهد
وزیر ملک سلیمان عماددین محمود

بود که مجلس حافظ به یمن تربیتش
هر آنچه می طلبد جمله باشدش موجود

پاینده باشید

Nazy said...

Thank you Neda Jan! It was so fun talking to you. Thank you for your good wishes and easy conversation. You are a special young woman, indeed. Be happy azizam.

Nazy said...

Salam Nimeh Shab Jan: Thank you for your kind comments and good wishes. I don't know of any poetry nights in the area. Berkeley Persian Center used to have them on Tuesday nights with senior Iranians, but they seem to have stopped. Next time you and I get together, we can talk about starting our own poetry nights! When I went to my friend, Nazy's house the other night, the best part of the evening was when she read Molana, Forough, and Hafez for each of us! I'll drag her along to be sure! Take care sweet Leila.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Farshad-e-Aziz:

Hee hee, I am right here! I write a post every day. My friends think I am a "hyper" blogger! I have been really busy at work and getting ready to take a few days off.

Mr. Shehabi says that clay (he calls it "gel") is addictive! He says once you get your hands on it, you want to play with it and make things all the time. Maybe next time I'll try it too, and I will make you a plate to put on your desk! Just kidding. Any form of artistic expression is fine with me. Mr. Shehabi's ceramics are very popular and many people go to visit him around this time of the year to buy their Christmas presents. Be good Farshad Jan.

Nazy said...

Maryam Jan, what a wonderful Faal you opened for me! I am truly touched. It is a perfect poem with a very hopeful message for me. Thank you my gifted and sensitive friend. I really appreciate your kindness. Take care azizam.

Shobeir said...

Dear Nazy; I am surprised, as it seems I can post u a comment!(at last!)
I am dying to read u'r next post about him...
He seems to be really intresting...

Nazy said...

Salam Shobeir Jan! It's great to hear from you again. Farrokh is an interesting artist and a good man. I will write about him in the second week of November, after I return from my trip. I might have to write the piece on Iranian.com, as I will have more flexibility with text and photos there, but I will put the link here to be sure. Be good aziz.

! said...

من یادم رفت بگم
happy birth day

Nazy said...

Thank you Universal Farshad! You are so sweet.