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View of San Francisco Bay from Oakland Hills, getting ready for rain.
I read today that there will be a nationwide celebration of Hafez in Iran on Mehr 20th. Hafez is every Iranian's poet. Everyone reads him and believes that Hafez has talked to him/her directly. Every Iranian lives with Hafez and heeds his advice. A poet whose poetry never ages, and for seven hundred years has provided lovers and those in need of advice a poetic way of expression. I live with Hafez. I have a small collection of twelve Hafez books, from a small, travel-sized one to beautiful calligraphy versions. In honor of the upcoming celebration, here's your Hafez invitation. Share your favorite Hafez poetry, or, if you feel like it, please open a Faal for us. I have already made my wish and I'm waiting to hear from you.
پیش ازاینت بیش ازاین اندیشه‌ی عشّاق بود مهرورزی تو با ما شهرهٔ آفاق بود یاد باد آن صحبت شبها که با نوشین‌لبان بحث سرّ عشق و ذکر حلقهٔ عشّاق بود پیش ازین کاین سقف سبز و طاق مینا برکشند منظر چشم مرا ابروی جانان طاق بود سایهٔ معشوق اگر افتاد بر عاشق چه شد ما به او محتاج بودیم او به ما مشتاق بود حسن مهرویان مجلس گرچه دل می‌برد و دین بحث ما در لطف طبع و خوبی اخلاق بود شعر حافظ در زمان آدم اندر باغ خلد دفتر نسرین و گل رازینت اوراق بود


Anonymous said...

They say California has the best land Oklahoma has the best sky

Now I doubt it

Edward A. Golabdooz

Nazy said...

Salam Edward Jan. Sabr kon! I pushed publish by mistake and my post isn't complete yet! I'm still writing it! I'll reply then! Be good my friend.

Nazy said...

Dear Mr. Edward A. Golabdooz:

O.K. I'm ready now! Thank you for your kind comment. I do believe you have an awesome sky in Oklahoma. In fact I believe Oklahoma now has beautiful land, too, since you have been living in those parts, as it is the hearts of people walking the land that makes it beautiful, and you alone are reason enough for Oklahoma's beauty now. I have my post fully published now, so please consider yourself invited to our Hafez celebration, dear Edward.

Sincerely Yours,

Hafez Lover in Berkeley

saat-sheni said...

Salam Nazy jan,
It seems like Mr. Golabdooz doen't let anyone else to be the first commenter!
Anyway, here is my "faal":

چو برشکست صبا زلف عنبر افشانش
به هر شکسته که پیوست تازه شد جانش
کجاست همنفسی تا به شرح عرضه دهم
که دل چه می‌کشد از روزگار هجرانش
زمانه از ورق گل مثال روی تو بست
ولی ز شرم تو در غنچه کرد پنهانش
تو خفته‌ای و نشد عشق را کرانه پدید
تبارک الله از این ره که نیست پایانش
جمال کعبه مگر عذر رهروان خواهد
که جان زنده دلان سوخت در بیابانش
بدین شکسته‌ی بیت الحزن که می‌آرد
نشان یوسف دل از چه زنخدانش
بگیرم آن سر زلف و به دست خواجه دهم
که سوخت حافظ بیدل ز مکر و دستانش

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

دوستان وقت گل آن به که بعشرت کوشیم
سخن پیر مغان است و بجان بنیوشیم
نیست در کس کرم و وقت طرب می گذرد
چاره آن است که سجاده به می بفروشیم
زندگی میکنیم با این بیت دوم این روزها را

Anonymous said...

Nazy jan,
Great post.Thank you.

I did not go for "FAL" but I will write you one of nationalism (Shirazionalism!) & very famous poems of "Hazrate Hafez":

خوشا شيراز و وضع بي مالش
خداوندا نگه دار از زوالش
ز ركن آباد ما صد لوحش الله
كه عمر خضر مي بخشد زلالش
ميان جعفرآباد و مصلا
عبيرآميز مي آيد شمالش
به شيراز آى و فيض روح قدسى
بجوى از مردم صاحب كمالش
كه نام قند مصرى برد آن جا
كه شيرينان ندادند انفعالش
صبا زان لولى شنگول سرمست
چه دارى آگهى چون است حالش
گر آن شيرين پسر خونم بريزد
دلا چون شير مادر كن حلالش
مكن از خواب بيدارم خدا را
كه دارم خلوتى خوش با خيالش
چرا حافظ چو مي ترسيدى از هجر
نكردى شكر ايام وصالش

I wish I could go to Hafezieh today...


! said...

حافظ جرء محبوب ترین شعرای هر ایرانی است من فکر میکنم
من که تا مدتها فقط حافظ می خواندم و بس!

Chakameh Azimpour said...

Hello There. I often read your blog and enjoy your posts. But I never leave a comment. my usual is to think about what I read and try to take the best out of it. Hardly feel like leave a comment of one or two lines, that mostly is misunderstood.
But I just came across this comment of yours in another blog: "there are bits of my life I don’t want advertised to an audience who, I am aware, marches through my blog, but remains largely unknown to me.", and thought you have the right to know who are the ones whom IP addresses you see often. So, here I am introducing myself, saying hello, and wishing you good and happy time :-)

Anonymous said...

دیشب به سیل اشک ره خواب میزدم
نقشی به یاد خط تو بر آب می زدم

ابروی یار در نظرو خرقه سوخته
جامی به یاد گوشه ی محراب می زدم

هر مرغ فکر کز سر شاخ سخن بجست
بازش ز طره ی تو به محراب می زدم

روی نگار در نظرم جلوه می نمود
وز دور بوسه بر رخ مهتاب می زدم

چشمم به روی ساقی وگوشم به قول چنگ
فالی به گوش و چشم در این باب می زدم

نقش خیال روی تو تا وقت صبحدم
بر کارگاه دیده ی بی خواب می زدم

ساقی به صوت این غزلم کاسه می گرفت
می گفتم این سرود و می ناب می زدم

خوش بود وقت حافظ و فال مراد و کام
بر نام عمر و دولت احباب می زدم
Here is my FAAl nazy jan,and also I love it with BANAN voice. that is a masterpiece

Nazy said...

Salam Sheni Jan. Thank you so very much for your kind and prompt reply! So, O.K. I read your Faal with the wish I had made. It is amazing! Amazing! I will say no more. Thank you, thank you my young friend!

Nazy said...

Salam Neda Jan:

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. What did I tell you? He talks to every one of us directly and meaningfully! What a phenomenon Hafez is!

As you probably already know, Hafez lived during some of the darkest times of Iranian history. How this man was inspired to write those poems defies belief. He managed to learn and grow and become literate and an accomplished poet, all the while trying to stay safe from the wrath of rulers who had no appreciation for Persian poetry an literature. He talks about the many rulers he has seen in his poetry, celebrating when the really awful rulers were removed, and worrying when the next dictator came along, all the time remembering love and wisdom and hope. That is why he is so special. That is why he has endured time. That is why every Iranian, from illiterate farmers to highly educated scholars, all find something in his words they understand. He is a messenger of hope for our nation.

Be good Neda Jan, and thanks again.

Nazy said...

Beautiful Shirazi Pardis:

Thank you for that poem. It is his most patriotic poem, and even non-Shirazi's can relate to the love he feels for his homeland. A beautiful choice my dear, and thank you. Thank you very much for accepting the invitation. Be good and have a good weekend my friend.

Nazy said...

Uni-Farshad Jan:

Indeed, he has earned his place as the most popular Iranian poet in everyone's heart. Where is your Hafez poem, though? Come on, read one for us!

P.S. Farshad Jan. I have seen your emails and I try to reply as soon as I can. As I tried to explain to you, I didn't quite understand what was expected of me when I received the "light" emails. Was I supposed to react to every letter in that series separately? I did write my own thoughts, but I never heard anything about it. Please write me an email and tell me what to do, as I want to do the right thing but there were no instructions attached! Be good my friend.

Nazy said...

Sweet, Sweet, Chekameh: I saw your comment earlier today and it made me sit still and think (with a smile) for the longest time! What a fanastic surprise! Thank you for becoming the voice of all those who come and read and never say anything! What a fascinating woman you are to take the trouble to write this comment for me. I am touched beyond words.

I am not sufficiently well-versed with the technology to know about IP's and such. I get a simple report that says I had a couple hundred visitors from different parts of the world, and sometimes even how they came to me (through which blog or which search). That's all. Behind those numbers, I know, there are people. People who come faithfully, but never say anything. It is a natural reaction in me to want to know about them, their lives, their thoughts, their hopes, their fears. I am sure each and every one of them are interesting with a story to tell, but I never see them or hear those stories. Are they men, women, young, old, Iranian, or American? I so want to know about my regular visitor from Rasht. I want to know about the one that comes from Yazd. The ones that come from Canada, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, Holland, and every state in the United States.

Sometimes people write letters to me, because they feel more comfortable talking to me directly and more personally. Each of those letters means the world to me, as I get to see more of the person, and that is really a priceless gift to receive.

I do keep a blog for my own reasons Chekameh Jan. In that sense, even when nobody knew I had a blog in January through March of this year, I kept on writing frequently to relieve myself of the things I needed to say. My audience is my added bonus. They are my surprise gifts, because I never thought there would be this other positive side to blogging, where people would find me and actually read me, and even for a few seconds, think about my messages. Never did I imagine the sense of satisfaction this part of blogging would bring me.

Thank you so very much for making yourself known to me. As I am celebrating this Friday, you were the best gift I have had in a very long time. Thank you for your sensitivity, honesty, and integrity. I am delighted to know you and your name. Please come back and write anytime you feel like it, and don't, likewise. I am honored to know that you are out there and connected to me somehow. Be good Chekameh-ye azizam.

Nazy said...


Thank you so very much for the gift of Faal. It is truly beautiful. Perhaps you can bring the Banan CD tomorrow and we can listen to it on the way. Like Sheni's Faal, this one also has a very specific message for me, and it is a good one. Thank you very much indeed my friend.

nimshab said...

من گاهی با خودم معاشره اشعار حافظ رو میکنم و همیشه دال کم میارم. کمتر پیش میاد این بیت رو بخونم ولی:

وفا کنیم و ملامت کشیم و خوش باشیم
که در طریقت ما کافریست رنجیدن

Ehsan said...

It is funny. I thought I had left you a comment on this post the first night. Turns out I had only imagined it. Anyways, here is one of my favorites:

زلف افشانده و خوی کرده و خندان لب و مست
پیرهن چاک و غزل خوان و صراحی در دست
نرگسش عربده جوی و لبش افسوس کنان
نیمه شب دوش به بالین من آمد بنشست
سر فراگوش من آورد و به آواز حزین
گفت ای عاشق دیرینه من خوابت هست؟
عاشقی را که چنین باده شبگیر دهند
کافر عشق بود گر نشود باده پرست

Nazy said...

Nimeh Shab Jan,

Reading your blog, especially before you had to move it to blogspot, I could see how intertwined you are with Persian poetry. Thank you for your kind comment and fabulous contribution. Happy moving and happy Eid-e-Fetr to you and M. Thanks a million.

Nazy said...

Thank you Ehsan Jan. That, indeed, is a very special selection! Beautiful and revealing and still sweetly ambiguous. I love Hafez. Thank you for imagining that you wrotea comment, and then actually writing it! You are really goofy!

نیما said...

اینجا خیلی سریعتر از آنچه من بتوانم بخوانم و نظر بدهم آپدیت می گردد...

! said...

nazy jan act as you wish my friend ...
آنکه رخسار تو را رنگ گل و نسرین داد
صبر و آرام تواند به من مسکین داد
و آنکه گیسوی تو را رسم تطاول آموخت
هم تواند کرمش داد من غمگین داد
من همان روز ز فرهاد طمع ببریدم
که عنان دل شیدا به لب شیرین داد
گنج زر گر نبود گنج قناعت باقی است
آنکه آن داد به شاهان به گدایان این داد
be good

Nazy said...

Thank you Universal Farshad!

! said...