Friday Thoughts

I bring another week to an end, a week full of mixed feelings, longings, good news and bad. As of this week, we will have a new "driver in training" in our household. My younger son passed his written test this week and a new round of anxiety-filled driving lessons will start with him! To his credit, he seems to be a lot more cautious than his older brother who in three months, has had a major accident and several fender benders! We shall see. Looks like I might be able to take a trip to go see my friends at the end of this month. A Decemer wedding is being planned in my family and I'm getting excited about that. This month I also hope to be able to see a blogger friend who might be coming to our parts. Work has been exciting, too, with a huge new project on the horizon, which will keep me engaged for about two years. I'm really enthusiastic about that.

This week I went to listen to a retired British diplomat in Berkeley's Graduate School of Public Policy. Berkeley's GSPP is very reputable and students attending this school will be delivered to jobs in politics and public service. Her name is Honorable Shirley Williams and a Liberal Democrat, she has served as Member of Parliament, a cabinet member, a member of the House of Lords, and most recently as an advisor to Gordon Brown on NPT. She shared her experiences in British politics as a woman, and her reflections on what is happening in the world these days. All of her talk was very interesting, but the most profound thing she said was that the world is at a turning point and the next eight years will be pivotal years in determining the shape and state of our world for this century.

I leave you wih a short clip of a sweet Mazandarani folk song. I hope you have a good weekend, full of relaxation, love, and hope. Go for walks in the nature, look at the leaves and for each beautifully shaped and colored leaf, think of a reason to thank God, if you believe. If you don't, just remember the universal order into which we are born, and marvel at its complexity. Be super good to those who matter most to you, hug them, celebrate them, and confess your love for them. Be good ya'll.


saat-sheni said...

Nazy jan, I was surfing the net and wondering where everybody is! The blogsphere seems so quiet at Friday nights. Then I saw your new post and listened to the lovely music, and thought I should leave you a comment to thank you and also let you know that I actually come and visit you and read your blog, but silently.
Have a great weekend Nazy joon and good luck with training Shayan!

Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jan,

You said you were going on a trip by the end of this month. I hope you're referring to Vancouver trip :)

Have a wonderful weekend

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Sheni-e Azizam! You are so kind to come visit and very sweet to leave this comment! Yes, since you told me you come and visit me regularly, I believed you, and I wasn't expecting a comment, which was a fabulous surprise! Thank you.

Yes, I know about Friday nights. I think it's because in these parts people go out on Friday nights to celebrate the week's end, and in Iran, it is already Saturday morning and people have to go to work!

I hope you are having a great weekend, too, though I know it isn't easy when you are missing some "key ingredients" of what it takes to have a great weekend! Do your best Sheni Jan. Incidentally, what news of one of your "key ingredients?"

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan: It looks like I will be going to Toronto this time, and then to Europe from there. I so want to see you. I will work on planning a trip to Vancouver, and you should promise to plan one for our parts. We will get together somewhere soon, I am sure. Are you going home for the Canadian Thanksgiving next week? I wish you a safe journey and a fabulous time with your family.

Siah said...

HI Nazy Jaan,

I'm sorry about any miscommunication that might have happened because of my note there,

actually I cannot live without leaving you comments (because I actually get something back) so I will still leave comments here if you don't mind. but I'll be more sweet in my comments to other people not to embarrass myself later on. I'll try to leave more inspirational comments for others like you do. I like it and I enjoy your comments alot why not I do the same thing for others.

Thanks for the comment, putting fruit peels (Especially golaby) in the pot turned out not such a good idea coz it brings all the pashe's and moorche's who love sweet things to the goldoon. but it for sure is a great fertilizer for the flowers

and just to make it clear, Rahi Mo'ayeri doesn't have such a peom. But I'm sure he has experienced all the moments in that poem too.

jeerjeerak said...

Nazy joonam, your Mazandarani music reminded me of this other mazandarani dance clip i ran into quite a while ago.
These people burn all the calories of the wedding feast right there, isn't it great?;)

Anonymous said...

nazy jan
thanks for this amazing video, I was looking for original lyrics of this Mazani song ( not the ridicules one , AMALE DASTE DASTE !!!) and you showed it,
I hope a great weekend for you and your gentlemen, say my best to them
have fun my friend

Nazy said...

Siah Jan, Thanks for coming back! You can do as you please with others! But please do come and visit me and leave your intelligent comments for me.

Sorry about the attack of the ants! Be careful with them because they are hard to manage once the locate you (Ehsan had some complicated scenario happening to him recently, all caused by ants. http://ttfarsi.blogspot.com/2007/08/blog-post_30.html).

Looking at your plant, I am impressed with your green thumb! And that was a really sweet poem, EdGol Jan, A.K.A Rahi. Have a good weekend.

Nazy said...

Jeerjeerak Jan:

Thank you for sharing that video clip with me! Indeed, those young men are doing a complete aerobic workout, it appears! I went to Leva’s sister’s wedding in Sacramento not too long ago, and they had gorgeous Mazandarani music and amazing dancing by young and beautiful Saravi’s there. It was hard to keep still!

Now, get this! You know how in that dance music in the video clip you recommended, the guy keeps saying :”Parissa Janam?” Take a look at this other video clip, and see that the song may have originally been “Khadijeh Janam,” and there is a Mazandarani lady, looking very much like a Khadijeh Jan, performing an elaborate folkloric dance to the song, with a lighted lantern on her head. At about the 4th minute, two young women also join the dance floor, which in the case of Caspian Sea provinces, is all outdoors, where everything else related to the wedding ceremony also takes place. I like the music and the dance is perfect to watch, but at 6 minutes long (too long), the singer is lost about what to do, so he engages in some agricultural activities towards the end, which is a little confusing! This is fun to watch! Enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG5n4tLqlZ8

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

Congratulations to our new driver; May he always drive safe and sound.

Oh! Jirjirak willbe there! I always check her blog.

I am going to be there in about 2 weeks. Oh I miss all of you guys.

Have the best weekend ever,

Nazy said...

Salam Bayram Jan! Thank you for your kind comment. Two of my Persian music lyric books are out on loan to someone. As soon as I get them back I will look for you, though I think betwee us and some help from our friends, we should be able to extract the lyrics for you. Be good Aghaye Bayramali, and since you made the promise, you might as well go and get that limousine I saw you promise someone on your last post!

Nazy said...

Tameshk Jan, how exciting! Come right over, and we can attempt for you to see Jeerjeerak on the one evening we will all visit together before I leave on my trip. Tomorrow I want to try baking your Fresh Pear Cake, the one you (tried to) teach me how to make on Tameshk in Kitchen! (http://tameshk7.blogspot.com/). I will be sure to let you know how it goes! Can't wait to see you.