Blissful Saturday

My older son is visiting from Santa Cruz this weekend. He took me out to lunch for my birthday today. We talked about food, music, politics, and relationships. It is really an amazing feeling to talk to my son as an adult. He is brilliant, funny, and full of optimism. Too bad my younger son was at work and couldn't join us. It was a beautiful day. We drove around our neighborhood, spotting signs of autumn on trees and shrubberies nearby, listening to music.
It was even fun getting my car, Golgoon washed! My poor car really needed the attention and it was so good to finally have it washed on a warm October Saturday afternoon, as my son and I were chatting away. A lovely day, indeed.
I will go to Sacramento tomorrow to visit with family and to say goodbye to my sister who was visiting from Tehran. Here's a wonderful videoclip of a very uplifting Kurdish piece of music performed by my beautiful and very good friend, Rojan, and the Tahmoures Pournazeri group. I hope you enjoy it. Have a good Sunday everybody!


Anonymous said...

نازی عزیزم تولدت با تاخیر مبارک
دنیا با بودن جای بهتری است برای زندگی


Anonymous said...

با بودن تو عزیز!

Mehdi said...

Happy your belated birthday Nazy!

نیلوفر said...

Happy happy birthday Nazy joon :)