I watched the horse
Dressed in travel gear
Impatient to take off
The nomad ready
To begin his journey
He needs nothing
No one to bid farewell
No worries about a home
Which was but a tent
Already waiting on the horse
No fears
No worries
No love left behind
And what there was
He didn’t claim
The horse shifts
Impatient for greener turfs
The nomad jumps on his horse
Waiving goodbye
Greeting the road ahead
Looking forward
And never back
And I think
I could be a nomad, no?
The nomad says I’m free
I could be free, no?
The nomad says I want nothing
I could want nothing, no?
The nomad says I love none
And I bid him Godspeed
For I love much and many
Even the nomad, but
A horse,
A road,
A tent,
Could take me far not
For I am anchored by love.
Kooch is the seasonal travels of a nomadic tribe to areas with better climate.
Photo from Getty Images by AFP.

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Anonymous said...

Oh My God!

That's beautiful Nazy Joon! You are sounding better and better in your poetry, sounding so natural. This is really a beautiful poem. Thanks.