A Chance To Love

A traditional coffee shop, ghahveh khooneh, in Karaj. Photo by Faranak Ravon, Iranian.com. A salute to my memories!
I took off my shoes and climbed on top of the wooden bed covered with rugs. I sat in the corner, where a huge carpet pillow, Mokhaddeh, was invitingly waiting for me. I couldn't fold my feet under, something I never learned to do. So I sat with my legs pointing forward. We asked for the village breakfast of fresh eggs, bread, cheese, and hot tea served in transparent short cups, estekan. The clean plastic spread, Sofreh, held the most delicious feast on the earth for me. The two of us sat there, under those shady trees in the summer's early morning breeze, listenning to the river beneath go by, having our breakfast and talking, laughing, and talking some more. Today, if anyone asks me where I think is the most romantic place in the world, I would say a small coffeeshop just outside of Tehran on Chaloos Road, where they served a delicious breakfast and a chance to love.


Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

What a beautifully poignant post. I particularly loved "where they served a delicious breakfast and a chance to love".

Also, glad to hear that you and Ray are getting along so fabulously. There's nothing like a purring lap cat to soothe away the day's stress.

Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jon,

Maybe it isn't the place that is very romantic, maybe it is the special person that you're with that makes any place a romantic place. Having said that, I totally understand how Chaloos Road can be memorable place and the fresh bread and breakfast you eat there can be so delicious.

I sense a lot of sadness in this post. Well that was what I felt when I read it but it's a very lovely post. Specially I loved the picture of ghalyon. My grandfather loves ghalyon. I used to try it when he prepared one for himself using the leftover charcoal from the BBQ (kabab). That was the only time that my parents didn't object smoking. Of course, I would started coughing as soon as I had the first puff:) I still believe that my grandfather loves BBQ because he knows that he will have ghalyon after the meal.
Good times!! [Sigh]

Anonymous said...

Nice post Nazy jan. Beautiful description. It somehow reminded me of this poem:
I remember this poem when I miss home.
Best wishes,
این خانه قشنگ است ولی خانه من نیست
این خاک چه زیباست ولی خاک وطن نیست

آن دختـــــــــــر چشم آبی گیسوی طلایی
طناز سیه چشــــــــــم چو معشوقه من نیست
آن کشور نو آن وطــــن دانش و صنعت
هرگز به دل انگیــــــــــزی ایران کهن نیست
در مشهد و یزد و قم و سمنان و لرستان
لطفی است که در کلگری و نیس و پکن نیست
در دامن بحر خزر و ساحل گیلان موجی است
که در ساحل دریای عدن نیست
در پیکر گلهای دلاویز شمیران
عطری است که در نافه ی آهوی ختن نیست
آواره ام و خسته و سرگشته و حیران
هرجا که روم هیچ کجا خانه من نیست
آوارگی وخانه به دوشی چه بلایست
دردی است که همتاش در این دیر کهن نیست
من بهر که خوانم غزل سعدی و حافظ
در شهر غریبی که در او فهم سخن نیست
هرکس که زند طعنه به ایرانی و ایران
بی شبه که مغزش به سر و روح به تن نیست
پاریس قشنگ است ولی نیست چوتهران
لندن به دلاویزی شیراز کهن نیست
هر چند که سرسبز بود دامنه آلپ
چون دامن البرز پر از چین وشکن نیست
این کوه بلند است ولی نیست دماوند
این رود چه زیباست ولی رود تجن نیست
این شهرعظیم است ولی شهرغریب است
این خانه قشنگ است ولی خانه من نیست

دکتر خسرو فرشید ورد

Nazy said...

Dear Sweet Hyacinth:

Thank you so much for coming back to visit and for leaving me that kind comment.

Many people might look for love in what they perceive as a "romantic" setup. Candlelit rooms, exotic places, and expensive celebrations come to mind. I think love can be found in the most austere and simple setups, if only we look for it.

Ray and I are getting along famously! I'm about to post a picture of him in a few minutes. See for yourself just how sweet he is!

Have a lovely Sunday my friend!

Nazy said...

Dear Daisy:

Of course it all has to do with the person with whom we are doing things!

In a way, it was a sad post. But that's all I'm able to say about it right now, as the feeling lingers.

Loved the story about your grandfather! Heeh! I think I may know a couple of peple just like him! I hope he enjoys hes ghalyoon in good health, surrounded by his loving family.

Love you girl.


Nazy said...

Pardis, Pardis, Pardis!

Where have you been?!! Heech maaloom hast kojaee baba? I have missed you silly! Please come back and visit me again. I cannot tell you how much I have missed you!

Thank you so very much for sharing the beautiful, beautiful poem with me. I have had a very special relationship with that poem for a few years. It speaks my heart.

Thanks for sharing and please promise to come back, for you are adored in these parts (by me, to be sure!)!

Faranak Ravon said...

Nazy joon,
Believe it or not, this place was indeed on Jaadeye Chaaloos :)
(restoorane Laleh)