The Sun Rises

Nadja, an Iranian dancer in Sweden, performs a dance tribute to Forough Farrokhzad on a song by Jahan based on the poem "The Sun Rises," Aftab Mishavad.
This is one of Forough's most beautiful love poems.  I put a full English translation of that poem by Sholeh Wolpe here last January.  
Seeing this video has had me reading that poem to myself all day.  Here are the first few verses.  You can go here to read the whole beautiful poem in English.  Have a good Tuesday everybody!
Look how sorrow in my eyes
melts to water drop by drop,
how my rebellious shadow falls
captive to the sun.
Look. Sparks ignite me,
flames engulf me,
carry me high,
trap me in the sky.
Look how my universe
now streams with shooting stars.


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
و من خوب بخاطر دارم که همین شعر را برادرش فریدون با چه احساسی می خواند.یاد او هم بخیر وقتی می خواند:
اگر همه قصه ان من یه حماسه هستم
آبشار انتهای رود قدیمی هستم
یا وقتی می خواند:
اگه ماه از آسمون پایین بیاد در بزنه
چون تو مهمون منی
درو وا نمی کنم نه درو وا نمی کنم
سپاس از مروری بر گذشته ها

Esfand` said...

Wow!! Forough Farrokhzad is marvelous!!

Nadja is awesome too !! =) Wow!
Have a great tuesday!!

Parinaz said...

Oh my dear Nazy! I am extremley in love with her poems; and I believe that we won't have such a nice peot in years...

To midamio aaftaab mishavad...

Be happy Nazy-e-aziz.