Mi Gilan

Mastan Ensemble perform a Gilaki song, Leili, at a 2007 concert.  I played this music to cheer myself up tonight.  I then decided to post it here, hoping that it would do the same thing for you!  Though I'm not a Gilak (or a "Gilandokht"), I love Gilaki music, and my many happy memories of beautiful Gilan are all intertwined with this uplifting music.  As Master Hossein Alizadeh explained to us one time, Iranian folkloric music is upbeat and uplifting because people used to sing these songs to themselves while performing agricultural work on their farms and rice paddies, so this is "movement music."  Of course, there is also a melancholic side to Iranian folk music which signifies the farmers' "rest music," he explained, when people returned home and played a Ney (Persian flute) to relax and regroup for another day of work.  Enjoy the uplifting music and "move" to it if you want!  Have a happy Wednesday y'all!   


mo said...

Nazy joon,

what a wonderful song. I can't seem to stop listening to it.

Hope all is well,

احسان said...

As I got home from a long Friday work Maryam played this music for me. It cheered me up too. Thanks Nazy Jan.